aphelium (EUW)
: Suspension without reason? can they do that?
Update, after talking with a very helpfull guy on the live support chat they will investigate what happened and answer me via mail. Tomorrow ends my vacation, i wanted to spend my day doing nothing but lolin gtoday T_T
: All tickets are reviewed by real people, _**however**_ , they may respond with a template (if it's a cut and dry answer, and doesn't require explaining) as the amount of tickets they process makes it practically impossible to respond to each one with a personally typed message. So it will be reviewed by a real person, don't worry :).
I'm currently in live chat with support, didn't know there was one!. Way better than waiting for e-mails tbh.
: It should inform you why when you log into the client. You can otherwise log a ticket to support here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en
Your account has been permanently banned, no reason,no nothing. https://gyazo.com/f92fc7c6bf0d67f25e2495a6dda9457c Ty for the support link i'll try contacting them. I just hope i won't get a generic response as happens in most games when you contact them...
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: First, what did they said in the e-mail that you received? Most of times, Riot does not ban people without any reason, but false positive can occur from time to time. Second, to contact Riot directly send a [support ticket.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en)
No email recieved, yet. I'm still waiting.
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Swap (EUW)
: Sorry, we're unable to start your game.
20 minutes entering champ select and getting the same freaking message.... How many times we had this this month already?
: I know that this happen when you close the client and you are still in the lobby. So when you open the client again you enter again in the lobby, but because the leavebuster protection don't let you join a game you are forced to leave the lobby by your own. This is more like a "we are lazzy to put a function who get you out from the looby if you close the client". Of course the client is closed by the "X" button, otherwise the client get you out from the lobby automatically.
No no no. It happened after a bot game ( ya know first win of the day for free), and after everyone left, including me that happens. EVERYTIME, for me at least. I didn't exit the client, i went to the "home page".
: Possibility for getting unbanned for "non-scripting" Riot read this please
Riot also made an statement some time ago allowing it (well it was a henchman but it's still there). Dunno if things have changed but that policy should still be the same. https://gyazo.com/63bb102ff3b06642b5a8e31740417d27
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QneL (EUW)
: it doesnt work anymore since the guy who created stopped updating the program :) already checked this thing :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
It should still work as long as you have the program, since the location of the files didn't change and it still substitutes all the files using an oficial updater. Edit: it works for some champs some of em don't, the creator still works on it tho it takes time to update it since riot doesn't stop changing the files. https://mapskins.com/wooxy/ This should work atm tho you might wanna ask if its legal or not.
: yeah use kýs and nïggër instead one player did this, spamming those tabu words but with slightly different vocals, no punishment
Then riot uptated the blacklist of words and he got fked. Just don't be a jackass and you wont get banned.
QneL (EUW)
: Voice Changer
There is one and is called LVOC. As far as i'm concerned it WAS legal and it should still be. The launcher downloads the voices or text from the original countries and substitutes your client's for those. Ask around to know if it's still legal, if it's not don't use it. Not worth getting banned just cause you wanna hear Ahri's japanese sexy moans. ( Seriously RIOT who the hell dubbed that? did you pay a hentai voice actress or something?)
: and in silver no communication
Pings take less than half a second and you are communicating with em.
: Ah okay. On another note: Funny how the 3 people commenting basically said the exact same things, but I don't agree with your "play bots until lvl 10/15" You'll develop bad habits and expect things to happen that will never happen in a normal game. Bots make terrible decisions and don't build well. They're always a few items behind. If you play too many botgames at the start, you might end up making bad decisions based on that experience. When you're a low level that doesn't matter, because you won't have played enough to think about it that way, but as a lvl 15, some things have become habit, and those habits are difficult to remove if you've done them for 15 levels.
I agree , you should start playing with ppl as soon as you can so you can start paying attention at what other ppl build and build accordingly.
: Poppy Discussion
I've been a Poppy lover since i can remember pre- rework and post. I don't see how she is bad in any aspect, ofc that's if you play her as she is sposed to be played, as a tank. If you try to go bruiser on her you will have a pretty hard time, but just build her with tanky items and she will be unstoppable while still doing quite the dmg thanxks to her %hp dmg. Yes her passive lasts very little, but if you play accordingly and taking that in mind you can still use it get a kill and keep farming. Bad thing about her is that she is very item deppendant, so as i always say: farm , farm farm. Dont engage if its not a safe to do so, wait for ganks and you will be pretty A-ok. Ofc if you see the opportunity to slam someone on a wall be free to do so, but retreat afterwards to evade retaliation. As i said, just play safe, farm your items and be there on the TFs and you will kinda get free elo. Just be sure to communicate with your team since she needs em to be of use.
: Champion background with skin
Well, thats a thing that would be loveley but here is a thing... I'm a lux main, and as such i got her ultimate skin, that skin came with some special icons, that if you "equip" change your background to that champ with that skin (same for udyr sona and ezreal, ultimate skins in general whatever). Here's the thing... those icons are a "reward" let's call it for having that skin, so, what should we do, reward everyone? for now it's a ultimate skin thingy only, tho i admit i'd love to see that implemented, it wouldn't be 100% fair for ppl who bought those ultimates. For now it's a reward. Let's see what rito does in the future about that.
Razioncv (EUNE)
: Flame
Death wishes + racial slurs... Fix what exactly? your freaking brain? It's deserved, Stop. A flamer it's not a victim, a flamer it's a person who makes the game unenjoyable for other people and a penalty is needed. If you deserve it, you get it.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: point , 4 days ago, wasnt to prove game should be 18+ BUt prove that KIDS are more toxic than adults.
In that, my friend, we do agree.
: > [{quoted}](name=aphelium,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5Xzd8uA0,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-13T21:00:16.145+0000) > > Don't worry, if they do it once they'll do it twice, and there is when Riot's hammer strikes harder. > i remember a friend of mine doing that once a week or so( which is not very often as you see). After a month and a half he got a 14 day ban, gues who isn't a D anymore. Well I think once a week is very often and a punishment after doing it six times a hilarious joke. I can understand people saying it can happen once, but I dont see a single reason why you are not banned after at least the third time.
There my friend i agree with you, tho take in mind that afkers usually do other things such as flaming and insulting, which will be also taken in account. That friend of mins JUST afked thats probly why it took so long to get a ban, but its not the normal case. Take this in mind: Afk+flame+ hard insults= ban hammer. And it will be fast af.
: People, please think before you blame someone else
"claps in midlaner" Follow that advice ffs, i really hate when ppl tell me i didnt help when theres a tf or a galio that can instantly go other lanes and i was pinging "danger" and "miss" as they are ultiing. Then ofc i get blamed :D
: no not like that, i'll level with you guys, there is a friend i have on here who had a huge impact on her emotional and mental state and after doing a little general observation of how i know this person i strongly suspect a person on their friends list to be the culprit behind why they are feeling very bad at this current time. i was wondering if riot could of possibly done a little investigation behind this as if someone from the game has said a couple of things to someone to put them in a very vulnerable state IRL i'd very much like to know if there was a possibility of someone being able to just have a look at seeing if there was a way to find to find the root cause of this and put the person to justice. trying to keep matters still sensitive, but yeah, very concerned for a friend
Tip: there's a cute ignore and also a delete friend button when you right click that guy. Try that. If it escalates on RL you can do 2 things: 1- Screenshots and support ticket denouncing harrasment IRL ( RIOT takes this very seriously and the account will be probly terminated inmediatly). 2- If you really are scared about that friend of yours getting harrassed IRL try contacting your country law enforcers, it's a crime and it will be also punished. They also can help if you're REALLY scared that your friend can hurt himself and you should do that like RIGHT NOW if it's the case. 3- You can do both.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: so now we change the focus of the discussion to "what if?" are yuonglings more toxic than less-younglings? yes. will a 18+ game be non toxic? probably not. we re not sure since there are not 18+ game splayed by 18+ gamers and if we focus on football i can list some other team sport which has almost no toxicity. (moreover lol e-sport is quite non toxic, say no toxic at all) edit: > Computers in Human Behavior > Volume 55, Part B, February 2016, Pages 605-613 it s quite recent. data is qualified
The toxicity won't change even a scrap if you make the game +18 Remember call of duty? its a +18 game, who plays it the most? KIDS FROM 8 TO 16. That said, you have to buy cod which takes money, LoL is a free game, what makes you think they wont download it anyways?
: > [{quoted}](name=GimmeYourNumba,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5Xzd8uA0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-11T14:36:07.994+0000) > > They do get punished. It's called Low Priority Queue. Yeah but its obviously not enough, the punishment for every leave/afk/standing around in the fountain should be a 1 week ban. Ban all these idiots instantly and behaviour will change drastically, not this slow queue bs
Don't worry, if they do it once they'll do it twice, and there is when Riot's hammer strikes harder. i remember a friend of mine doing that once a week or so( which is not very often as you see). After a month and a half he got a 14 day ban, gues who isn't a D anymore.
: no riot doesn't care every time i report feeder and inter and troller and they NEVER get ban and EVERYONE is telling them and they do NOTHING about that they DO NOT care they are doing a bad job stop defending them
Dude i once got a 14 day ban cause of intentional feed at my other acc, don't give us that crap, i felt it in my own bones.
ihturito (EUW)
: are we aplying the same game? ive joined League of Legends that is called the saltiest game alive and you talk like the game is made for ppl like from farmville
And as always you are a better person for following the saltyness GJ! :D
ihturito (EUW)
: youre right, i shoudl bend over, spread my ass cheeks and thank them for it
Ttheres a freaking mute button for a reason ffs... USE THAT S### My god, why do you feel the necessity of answering to an insult? Mute ->>>> play->>>> report em at the end of the game->>>>???->>>>profit and your account is still alive.It's not that difficult.
: Yes, and 99% of it is the same as it was before.., it's similar to reading the instructions manual for a new tv you bought, 1 in 10000+ _might_ read all it. It would require 0 effort on Riots side to notify players of the change through their little '!' icon when loading their client, this way everyone is notified. Heck, it could even be built into the client with 1 additional tab labled 'penalities', where people could both see changes and follow their own strikes. It's not a small change that might affect a random player once in a blue moon, when you know your community! Riots biggest problem by far, is that their communication is horrible.
It's also common sense that if you do something that yo shouldn't, like flaming, you will get penalized. Anyways, if you cause it, you get it. And don't bother asking riot to unban the account, it only hapened once in 8 years and i pretty much doubt that we will see another case EVER. I agree that it should be pretty easy to notify with more visibility those changes, but if you accept a contract for a new job you read it, even if its the same kind of job you did for 10 years ( at least i do that....) some things might change some things might be better and some might be worse. Anyways, i even think that theres a part where it explains what could happen for player behaviour in particular( a paragraff) i'll take a look at it later, but im pretty sure. There's where you should look for changes in behavioural penalty changes.
sirDarts (EUW)
: No, this is nowhere near your insurance company cancelling your protection. This is more like you being surprised that after punching your boss in the face and thus getting fired, while your coworker screamed at them and "only" got a warning. As said, it's common sense that you get instantly banned for using shit like that.
: please turn back former katarina
Kat was reworked for a very simple reason, her kit wasn't on par with all the champs that we where getting. I liked her how she was too, but after you learn to play her mechanically the new kat is very fun to play. It's just more difficult since you have to think and see where ypor daggers went, but after a few games you will know where they WILL be. Just give her a chance.
: Is this actually bannanble
Well yeah it is... you where making the game unenjoyable for your team mates so.... Everything said.
Baxtriks (EUNE)
: tanks are boring and straighforward.
I love shen for instance, its pretty fun to play since the sword minigame can give you victory or if you fked up defeat.
: There is 0 tolerence for anything, homophobia isn't special since it's in regard to all kinds of verbal toxicity. Just pathetic Riot isn't making players aware of such a massive change.
Aaaaactually, read TOS... You get to read it every time a new patch comes out, some times things change. If you accept it, you know it.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: This is exactly what should happen. Why would you ever get anything more than that?
Actually he should get a few missions to claim the BE value of the runes that he had...
: Toxic words?
Well, the thing is i dont think the system will get you for using shut up, but idiot probly will do. Bad thing is that the system doesnt know if you're talking with a friend and it was said in a playful manner or not, so better not to use it.
: According to the article, you get a total of 96 tokens, so the 32 are what you are left with. I'd just get 2 key fragments and 80 BE with them
Meh, shame. Thank you for the answer and the advice.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Well, yesterday we tested it we gave the champ to a total beginner who only lost yet in the game. He was just spamming all shit. Got a penta and 3x triples with a morello and a Lich Bane
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Kek, she cn flash into your face with e, and there you are: **DEAD**
Then that Q that you all fear so much will do no damage, besides she is made of paper, if she gets THAT close she's dead. Nope, no logic.
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