: Afks/Trolls In Ranked
Tell me about it, just had 2 games both with 2 afks in it. half my lp gone. It doesn't matter how well you were doing. I was a 7/2 poppy but still lose all my lp because we have no botlane :(
: you yourself look like you are looking for attention god stop it i dont see reason why you have to create thread on forum and btw you yourself look weirdo you euwesters are strange
" btw you yourself look weirdo you euwesters are strange" I mean, okay?
: Just get over it, girl. Thats how it works...in a game, in a club, at school, everywhere. You get used to it eventually. They want to impress you and they are mostly like 16 (from my experience here), so it just doesnt work. There might be many older guys in this game (according to the statistics), but they apparently grew up and dont need to tryhard anymore. One more thing - be happy this game has no file transfer in the chat {{champion:240}}
I'm sorry but how is talking about their erectile dysfunction gonna impress me. That's not something people do in real life. So no that's not how it works.
Phainon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=apples33,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qxiBmxhA,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-17T00:00:16.951+0000) > > I don't know what the deal is with some of the guys in this game but..... ye ye alirght, alirght..... so here is a question for you.... why you add em to your friend list to start with? and/or if you want to chat why pick this game? that is known to have one of the youngest fanbases? ...and ye noone tells to noone "hello my gentilman saucage isnt working" out of the blue without first getting some grounds...... -Do you like Talons rework? -I cant get my johnsson up. Just no.
Oh no, I've genuinly had that. This guy was a friend of a friend but didn't know my gender. We played 4-5 games together and after a while my friend mentioned my gender just in passing. Referred to me as a she and then the s*** hit the fan. Not ten minutes later he's telling me about how I'm not like his exgirlfriend who broke up with him because his "sausage wasn't working." Out of the blue. So I brushed it off, thought well, that was weird but okay. Then he starts telling me in excruciating detail about his sex life, no matter how many times I told him to stop. Why he thought I needed to know, idk but I had to block him then. Knowing my gender changed things in a way it really shouldnt of, that's what this post is about.
: Awww the special snowflake princess. Does your vagina incommodate your ability to press delete, block or report?
I shouldn't have to, I just don't understand the need for these guys to treat me like their therapist becauseof my vagina. I mean ,damn, I do block them I just can't beleive people like this even exist. It's a mystery to me.
: True. Perhaps she was over reacting or she is too sensitive. You're also right in that because i would never thought she was a girl unless she revealed it. Anyway but still, i can only speak for my actions and i don't behave like that and that's the only thing i'm sure about ! lool
Honestly, its not something I advertise. Problem is whenever you try talking to anyone they seem completely normal, and sooner or later it comes up, even if its a week or so later, but its like as soon as it does they start talking to me about their ex girlfriend or their insecurities like im some sort of therapist. Instead of just carrying on talking normally like when they thought I was a guy. It makes it really hard to make friends when you can't tell who's normal and who's not.
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: Taliyah > Donald Trump
haha, except taliyah at least has the means and money to build the wall herself
Larry (EUNE)
: Omg will you people just give this game a chance before hating every change? Cassio ends up with the same movement speed as the rest? SHE DOESNT NEED TO SPEND 800 GOLD IN FREAKING BOOTS, SHE HAS 1 MORE SLOT IN HER INVENTORY Her w is awesome, it has fixed range but if you cast it near walls it colides so it comes closer ---> more skilled players will play better. A good trade-off if you ask me for the slow and flash disabling it provides About her Q, it's not Riot's fault that you were used to the previous one and you cant play the new one. You'll get used to that as well.
except then you have to near a wall to rely on that. and with the boost you used to get for ability power you could afford to spend a little on boots. The ability power you gained with her passive was way more than you could gain with trading an item for boots.
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