: Yes you will have another 10 placement games to play with a soft reset meaning you will likely be a league lower than your current one (if you are silver, then you will be bronze, if gold then you will be silver etc)
So which is more a respectable queue flex or solo/duo queue? So even if im still learning league and dont want to play draft queue can i play flex for practice or warm up? also if i get gold in solo/duo and challenger in flex which one will be shown for my account as a gold player or challenger?
: Hey!! Can someone help me fix the launcher blackscreen error pls??
OMG i am having the same problem wtf is happening man everybody is getting it! i couldnt play on a losy sunday! rito!!! fix it!!! i have windows 8.1 so we both have the same problem but on different os! did u find a solution yet? i submitted a ticket to rito!
frozhiir (EUW)
: where's {{champion:238}}, i clicked on the picture bc of him? Btw stop banning zed u bronze and silver twa.. i mean nice players.. There are far stronger picks to ban instead i main zed i just wanna be able to play him again {{item:3070}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:14}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
me too bro. im so good at zed but dont get to play him. he can be easily shutdown or outplayed if u know how and when to do it !
100Foxes (EUNE)
: In my opinion ,the most independent roles are mid and top, if you don't need any ganks. I took in consideration jungle, but you need your teammates to cooperate with you in ganks, with cuts of the independence level (to say so). I'll say that mid is or is not forgiving depending on who are you facing. If you got a monster Yasuo that you gave him 2 kills and now he's a mad machine...we all know where it ends. But if you got an enemy Swain who doesn't know how to put in good use those 2 kills, you can get him even when you're behind. And vice versa. In the top lane things get pretty spicy. As far as I played top (not too much but still something) is either you push or he pushes you. It's like a separate arena on the map where the junglers come just to see the news (or if you ask them to). It's not like mid, where the jungler comes with a jumpscare, or the other lanes just decided to roam. I didn't manage to play jungle, and boy I'm glad. But you still need to get people follow your ideas. If you go all in and they're low, you're a suicidal bomb. But if you felt behind, the most forgiving role is support. It's a little chance that people blame the support (maybe just in the warding matter, but everybody should ward). Keep in mind, a ward per day keeps the gank away (that glorious pun). Well, that's my thoughts. You should play the role which is more comfortable for you. (P.S.: Diana mid...it's my jam, you should try ^'^)
Ive decided to main mid and keep ADC as my secondary lane XD. for mid i keep {{champion:245}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:161}} ADCs {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:119}} i hope these are good picks. i make stop using jinx and get vayne she can kill tanks easily.
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: > i have either 10 straight matches lost You did not. The longest lose streak in your history is 5 games. That's not at all unusual. Maybe you should actually have a look at your own match history, apparently thats something you haven't done yet ;)
alrighty i saw my match history once more and i noticed that since 5th of April the winning streak starts with twisted fate and ends with velkoz on the 7/4 then on the same day with diana i start loosing till 8/4 and this loosing streak ends with ekko. Then its mostly win 2 lose 2 kinda situation. And sometimes its 4 game loss in a row(which is justified) so dont u think there is something fishy between the 5th till the 8th. Also is it just me or this happens with everyone that i had good forgiving team mates till lvl 20 and then all the flamers started flowing in my matches. i mean seriously i have to /mute all just to play calm and pings dont work with them cuz if i do a lot ill be a toxic spammer too :) and yes i might have over exaggerated the "loosing streak for a month part" but honestly loosing 4 to 5 in a row is not healthy to the brain man. i make a cup of coffee and play LoL after loosing 2 games straight i just and triggered and tilted. i hope i get win streaks when i unlock ranked
: According to your match history you won 10 out of your last 25 matches in the last 22 days. Thats far away from a "month long losing streak", thats completely normal, it's just two or three wins away from a a perfect 50% winratio. > . And give me a legit reason of why i am losing so much We can't because you don't. Nothing about your match history is in any way unusual, you just have a very pessimistic point of view right now, thats all.
i see my friends profile and all of them dont have such a long loosing streak they win a few and loose a few its consistent. But seeing my match history i have either 10 straight matches lost and win 2-3 maybe and then again loose 8 more games.
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