backstard (EUW)
: Oh but they do......Thats why they delete my posts...Cause truth hurts
or Riot trolls do the job for them
sirDarts (EUW)
: No they don't. You are a nobody, just one amongst millions, they have zero reason to care. You are delusional and paranoid.
Oh but they do......Thats why they delete my posts...Cause truth hurts
Èclair (EUNE)
: For god's sake. You're playing shaco support. If you have an audacity of making stupid posts about you not getting decent teammates because allegedly Rito holds you down, at least try to be a decent player for once.
you are obviously on denial...check my team again
: KDA player {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Wonder why you lose {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} No seriously high kda is not a good thing for you elo you may have to think if you should stop taking all kills and playing as defensive as possible while you watching your teammates dying. There mistake or not it's a team game you have to go in and fix them.A good player is not the one with the perfect kda ,A good player is the one who will not die for no reason but in teamfight she/he will not only deal as much damage as possible but will also force enemy team to waste most of their spells in him/her with no effect. At least this goes for bronze/silver/gold .Above that yes kda matters because players are playing safer and doing less mistakes . If i played nami just for the kda i would be demoted down to gold but i would have 20+ kda so yeah #worth?
check my teammates [Musique EUNE](
: You spam Shaco support - which is nothing but a troll pick. That's a fact. The rest you are saying is but a conspiracy theory. But for all I care - add me if you want and we roll a match or two - then maybe I can see for myself that you are actually good with Shaco support and that everyone else is the problem.
I stand to my statement...Itis pay to win. check the teams i get and add [Musique EUNE](
: You're welcome to come back here and say that again when someone carries your ass :)
Rioter Comments
: Our approach towards Preseason micropatching and balance
Maybe you should stop fixing games based on how much money the players are wasting in this trash game and make it equal for everybody not just your customers..That would bring balance to this farce
sirDarts (EUW)
: You are in Bronze 5... And you are getting matched with Bronze 5... Also you really think Riot gives a rat's ass about you? You are just one rando, nobody is out to get you, nobody cares about your winrate in LoL.
Oh trust me riot cares.A LOT.This is why i won't stop posting about it.
: You spam Shaco support, fail - and keep spamming that pick in games. Maybe, instead of coming up with conspiracy theories on how Riot is out to ruin your games because you don't pay checks to them, you should stick with a champ that fits a role. You didn't do too bad with Morgana last season - why not stick with that instead of going Shaco support - which is absolutely useless on so many levels. If you want to play Shaco - sure, fine - but then play him in Jungle where he belongs. Or even mid or top for all I care. But the last role Shaco belongs in is Support. What's also interesting about your stats is that your KDA is phenomenal. That to me however means that you don't commit to fights and don't support your team properly. You just leech your personal KDA out of your teammates for whatever sick reason.
You ignore to check the teams im getting and all you see is what i pick... Im not making any conspiracy theories im just stating the facts and the facts are,this trash game is pay to win,if you are a customers you get decent or at least more decent team than then TRASH we the non customers get...No matter what you pick no matter the items you get you will get trolled if you dont pay up....the end.
sirDarts (EUW)
: Sure, sure, because I wasn't one of the first ones who called you out on your BS... Sure...
check match history and the teams im getting and then come back to me.... [Musique EUNE](
Sleepkn8t (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=backstard,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Gemeogmk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-19T19:53:36.056+0000) > > Trash PAY TO WIN game , matchmaking system is rigged, boosting good Riot customers while trolling > those who won't pay the ransom. Riot only cares about profit and milking their customers..... > > [Musique EUNE]( From all F2P games out there LOL is one of the best. The only thing i can complaint about LOL is his community and other dramatic changes they do, the rest i think is reasonably fair.
for customers
: Riiiiight. Git gud.
English please.
sirDarts (EUW)
: Pretty sure I was one of those who came up with it when it comes to you. ;)
When it comes to me the only thing you came up with was repeating what ,SO MANY others, already said... Feeling proud?
: lmaooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why cry because ur hardstuck low elo bronze???????
I really don't care about divisions since these are sold to customers....I only care about my play and spreading the truth.... Check my match history and the teams i get for not paying the ransom
: Bronze 5 on eune, my god i cant even understand how people get to bronze.
By never wasting money in trash pay to win games....that's how
Smerk (EUW)
: Why would I pay more if I already have no problems?
Cause you were being sarcastic
Smerk (EUW)
: I can confirm, payed 30€, have 0 problems with my games
30 is need to waste more....go get skins and enjoy
: How much would the community be different if Riot banned under 18's from playing? (Hypothetical)
you are funny and naive...RIOT just wants money and they don't care about anything is all they see... This is why the matchmaking system is rigged in order to boost their clients and troll non customers...
sirDarts (EUW)
: Take off your tinfoil hat. Crumple it. Throw it away. There, solved.
tinfoil hat joke once intelligence just repeating others... Feeling proud?
: > [{quoted}](name=backstard,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V3HRfwaI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-19T13:19:07.004+0000) > > This trash game is pay to win, matchmaking system is fixed, boosting good Riot customers while trolling those who won't pay the ransom. > Riot only cares about profit and milking their customers..... And please can you provide us with the evidence to back this up? Just because I pay for skins doesn't deny the fact that so far in my Ranked Journey, I've lost my first 2 games. Otherwise you're making vague, wild accusations with no basis, and is therefore irrelevant.
[Musique EUNE](
: Ok i edited my post, im taking it all back. This guy is trolling, last season his KDAs are all 10-25KDA. Why are u wasting your time KDA boosting?
Does my KDA has to do anything with my trashmates doing 1-15 and alt+f4? People that don't pay the ransom get trolled by Riot and my KDA even with TRASH teams is very good. WASTE OF TIME WASTE OF MONEY like many others already said...... I can live with the trolling since i dont care about divisions,the only thing i care about is spreading the truth in EVERY SINGLE GAME i play
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: oh cmon, entertain me.
I ain't your mama boy.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's quite ironic of you to call what i wrote the "dumbest thing" all while you go make threads about how this game is pay to win and EVRYBODY knows that.
I won't even bother
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Don't forget to get yourself a nice tinfoil hat
Don't forget next time to post something that is actually smart because using the tinfoil line over and over again is the dumbest thing you can do.Something to think about. The game is pay to win and everybody knows it , the end.
: All Goodluck In Ranked!
There is no luck in ranked....Everything is calculated to boost paying customers while trolling free to play (decent) players... The system is rotten and i would expect nothing more from a trash milking company. I have uploaded all my 10 games (7 won) on my blog with all the info about this pathetic rigged matchmaking system... THIS TRASH GAME IS A HUGE FARCE...the rest on my blog search for it....Google "lol p2w" enough said....
: Smells legit man {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
There is also a blog out there with all the needed info about matchmaking and how it works in advance of good customers... search for it
: You have not got beyond g5 0pts, and were stuck in silver for 5 years. (according to on musique account) and these 2 games arent even in your match history in the last 2 weeks. It seems to me you just took screen shots to cherry pick your argument. Your current match history doesn't look anything like this. The system is not rigged, noone at riot will ever look at your ip and say 'not this c*nt again' and give you a terrible team. Tbh you just dont play enough to learn the game and climb. 120 ranked matches this year... thats 1 every 3 days on this account. Try playing 10 a day like most higher level players and see how much you improve in just a few months.
Looks like you are looking at the wrong summoner or server....The system is rigged I have played this game way longer than you think and i know exactly how it works...Pay the ransom or get trolled..
Rioter Comments
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: I guess riot just have a bad matchmaking system ... Been a good player most of times while i have decent team while i have to loss tehnical cause i got too many wins in row ... , is like i would get 2-3 feeders in team , it always give me the ideea something is not 50-50% when there in team are feeders... ,or players who actually take the game down even if you win your lane... happened like 2 times to take 8 1 on bot and in my team to get first game 3 feeders next game while i was 8 1 on bot as adc ... got an yasuo intentionally feeding and trolling game ... ,is like just too much coincidence ... , is like even if i play good on 50-50% always if it is to be a game i have to carry it not my team .. is too boring to play a game 1 vs 5 while your team just assist in keeping you safe or just lossing the game by doing mistakes.. Perfect game is happening just in big tiers like platinum 1 and up ... , where you get balanced players every lane ... ,and they know to play and carry and make a build... there is no zed support and there is no annie brand support ... cause they have an ideea about what the team needs... This system make you advance quit hard to the tier you belong ... .I say this because normally the riot game company want to keep you playing more and more actually working hard to achieve something ... ,smurfers are best big problem which riot can't prevent ... , is like 50-50% winchance but when you get a smurf on enemy side the win chance changing to 25-75% win chance... , looking over matchhistory on an site called op .gg ,i can see always people matched with me exemple of games:my support last season silver/gold ,enemy support last season platinum ... , is a difference between these 2 players even if they mmr look same.. ,the guy who been plat may be more skilled and having more knowdledge about champions ,positions,items,objectives etc... .While the silver/gold one may not having same skills as the guy who succed to achieve plat .. ,problem is that riot can't separate oil of water is like too hard to make this ,and taking a bad player from his tier and giving him real tier would mean to make others players having bad games just to move that player out of gold to bronze let's say.. or from gold III to gold IV ... is same thingh happen a lot ... If someone dosn't deserve his tier and his mmr going more and more worst the players from his team who matchmaking with that bad player they going to loss just because system want to give that player the real mmr tier...
It's not just a bad matchmaking system....It's a RIGGED system boosting clients and trolling Free to play players... Good customers get team mates with good stats and free to play players get THE TRASH...
: ok you did it? I have pretty much wins, its either me or my team carries and you know why because we communicate. Let me guess ur the player who would flame get banned and create a post saying "Banned not fairly" so just delete this post and if you don't like the game uninstall and stop making other peoples life just hard
.....trolling denied....still here still not banned still getting trollED because i dont pay Riot the monthly ransom... and guess what i will still be here posting about it.....
: So link your sources then, try and prove your point instead of just saying that you can. We need to see these sources to see if your claim has any merit to it at all, plus you say you have a eune account, link that as well. the more sources you provided which back up your claim means you wont make yourself look foolish. The one thing you should be taught to do at school when making a claim/investigation is to link all sources, you haven't done that and that is why your getting so much criticism
If i link my sources it will get deleted the next second and i will be banned...I have a good blog with all the proof and all games uploaded.. Google it
iSneez (EUNE)
: your the god of online gaming match history is proof ? right :D, so if you lose games it's the proof that people that invest money in the game have hiden advantages :D {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: His eune acc is hardstuck bronze while having good kda, but he's probably just a kda player, and a bad one. Acts like he's the only one to ever get feeding teammates and thinks that makes his 'sources' are valid.
when you teal is like 2 extreme feeders and 1 afk then yeah i will play for kills since there is nothing else to do.
: look at my match history never bought a thing of riot
iSneez (EUNE)
: was an irony {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Merril-dammit, you're not supposed to let them know yet. We need to shroud our plans in secrecy before we reveal that the Donald is actually Lyte in disguise and that we will ally ourselves with kim jong un to take over the world next tuesday... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
too late it's already out....
iSneez (EUNE)
: Also if you buy skins vs same skins from free lot the females champions have biger tatas
i wouldn't know about that i never waste my money in trash games.
LoveTaps (EUW)
: Dude you're trolling right xD. I saw you commenting about this under another discussing lol
Customers get decent teams most of the time and free to play players can only get trash teams....
: And do you have any proof to back up such a bold claim, or are you just another conspiracy theorist.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Just checked your account through lol match history, you havent got any games in all of 2017. In fact your last visable game was on the 16/11/2016 ( ).
i have many sources to prove my theory but i cant post it could check my match history on eune... Since i haven't wasted my money in this trash game and since i spread the truth in the forums i ONLY get trash teams... AFK + extreme feeders + trolls.This is what you get if you don't pay up the ransom.
: Yes, and Riot also faked the moonlanding, Jet fuel can't melt steel beams but Riot games can, Blue essence causes autism when injected, and Mark Merrill leads the illuminati.
Rioter Comments
backstard (EUW)
: There is no conspiracy there is only the truth....and truth hurts a lot..
backstard (EUW)
: There are stats and based on those stats Riot is trolling all non customers...not just me..ALL Maybe if you got just a little more brain you would understand it but from what i see it is impossible for you to get it. Whatever you are trying to do is only making you look more tarded miss snowflake. Riot is a really sick perverted trash company all they care about is sales and how to troll those who play for free ...They are using player stats to troll non customers and to boost their clients...all the rest is just bull$
I honestly think a company would get more profit by pissing off the players that don't pay. They have a system that matches non-customers with trolls, and customers with good players. Riot is a really sick perverted trash company all they care about is sales and how to troll those who play for free ...
: Those players were sent to your game by riot games specifically to hunt you down because you're on their blacklist and they knew from the start those players would have that exact score? You're sounding ridiculous. Why would they want to do that? You have actually no reasoning behind it except people playing badly in your games. Newsflash: every single person playing this game gets bad players on their team. You're not a special snowflake targeted by riot. Use your brain and please look at what you're actually saying.
There are stats and based on those stats Riot is trolling all non customers...not just me..ALL Maybe if you got just a little more brain you would understand it but from what i see it is impossible for you to get it. Whatever you are trying to do is only making you look more tarded miss snowflake. Riot is a really sick perverted trash company all they care about is sales and how to troll those who play for free ...They are using player stats to troll non customers and to boost their clients...all the rest is just bull$
: So your conspiracy is over now? :D
There is no conspiracy there is only the truth....and truth hurts a lot..
: You honestly think Riot cares that much about you? Do you actually think those players are controlled by Riot to do badly specifically in your games? Stop being delusional. The link you sent gave an account with high KDA but low winrate, so what? Being a KDA player isn't everything. If you're a decent player, and know how to actually use a lead well (instead of getting a lead and then playing to maintain your good KDa) you will win games. Your conspiracy theory is false. Move on. You have no proof of your ridiculous claim.
Well for starters you need to use your brain a little bit more and i never said Riot controls the players... There are stats that Riot can use to troll you.Now about KDA when you are watching your team feeding like there is no tomorrow (cause you are actually getting trolled) the only thing you can do is play smart and try not to feed. Every "smart" guy in here blames the KDA or the build or the champ picks when you already know whats going on in here.
: Dude you just take a break from licking windows and eating crayons? Seriously?! I've spent over £300 on the game in 4 months and I'm still getting trash teams as I'm in Elo hell. Your conspiracy theories are just stupid!
who is licking what? This is an example of the extreme trolling i get in every single game by trash Riot cause i haven't WASTE my money in this TRASH game... Keep wasting your money in this TRASH game...
: Where's that proof? Because just saying you have proof isn't enough I'm afraid.
in here the only proof i got is my match history.... check [Musique EUNE](
: No you will join flat earth society and make an even bigger fool of yourself ^^
the only fool in here is the one using the tinfoil hat lines and you know it....I even feel sorry for ya
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