: Last year this happened to me so I sent a ticket to riot support, let me share with you some of the things they told me: > [...] I feel the need to advise you to also scan your PC for any unwanted application with an anti-virus or anti-malware program and also to change the password from your email address. > > [...] as you have received that message and were logged-out of your client, please know that someone else did access your account. > > [...] keep your credentials for yourself and scan your PC nobody will be able to access your account anymore You can send a support ticket here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us I use Malwarebytes (free) to complement Windows Defender, you can download it here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/
Thank you for telling me this! I've sent a support ticket. But I already scan my pc daily, so I think it's weird that people have access to my account. My password was already strong, but I'll have to change it again I guess. But thank you for giving me this information!
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: I recommend you to change your account's password and see if you still get the message
that might be a good idea, but last time I changed it, it also popped up again.. and my password is pretty strong.. so I almost don' t see the point of this happening
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: You get them automatically, so the next 3 games played you get extra EXP from that boost. After those 3 games, they're gone. That's probably why you can't see them anymore. :)
Thats sad tho, I mean.. if you get them for free.. why cant you pick your own time or your own game when you want an xp boost.. I find this bullshit tbh
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