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Νami (EUW)
: You can full screen the client but you need to either have no task bar on the monitor (an option for non-primary displays) or have the taskbar set to autohide. You can resize the client with ctrl and the up/down arrow keys.
Woah woah woah, in all my years of playing i didn't know this fact! What have i being doing with my life XD The autohide function indeed makes me able to fullscreen my client. (and the ctrl up & down is a fun fact too ^^)
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: Update: Finally out of Bronze V
I'm happy for you n'all but don't link videos that promote boosting services, ty. It ruins the game.
: Shouldn't you know? Your case makes it rather obvious that the answer is "yes". Keep in mind that getting a 14-day ban means that this is your final warning. Every further violation will now lead to a permanent suspension of your account.
Unless he manages to get honor 2 before his next ban.
Nxether (EUW)
: Can u get banned for inting in one game ? (Yes or No)
In my eyes, you deserve 14 days for wasting 4 people's precious time. by either inting or griefing hard. Some people have a job and can only play 2 games a day which you may've ruined one of them. it's not like call of duty where games last 6-10 mins.
: > [{quoted}](name=Soraka Rakan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pFWqIV8I,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-01T01:12:35.757+0000) > > hi > > i kinda have ranked anxiety. It's a luck-based game. If you start ranked then be ready to have no control over the issue of the game...
i don't agree with your statement tho. it's all about the right mentality and the way you play together to get the objectives (for me personally) but that's kinda besides the point. what i'm talking about is these specific situations where i can't get some team mates to just calm down and sometimes i make them just more angry by telling them it's going to be fine.
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: Is this game dying
What do you think? they added the missions so they could get more viewership on their esports, all the views on their site counts as twitch views so that means more people are going to see that first when they click on league of legends category on twitch.
: Riot should hire a specialist to keep these guys on a Clinic
you understand that you can meet anyone on here right? he might've been intoxicated or doing drugs. He could also be a 9 year old, who knows?
: Hey there ! The only reason people level them is for bragging right (they can use the mastery emote to tell others that they are good). So I would highly recommend not doing it to save your blue essence if you're just starting and need it to buy champions
Indeed, i think in season 3/4 you had to get level 4 mastery to play ranked with a champion. Now it's just a bragging right. Correct me if i'm wrong.
: fast lvl 30
if i were you i'd try to just play normals since you are a new player to learn the basics, use U.GG/ for guides and try some new champions with every champion rotation, maybe you'll find some that you like. the fastest way is to buy experience boosts in the shop and play 3v3 bot games to end the games fast. the best free way is playing normal games and winning them. if you can't be bothered to really play the game, you can also hop into 5v5 bot games and just passively while watching youtube but not really recommended as you learn nothing by this
radetari (EUNE)
: so is sports yet do you see a player there ruin the match for others?
Yeah, and not even at amateur events only, (equivalent of solo queue). Also in pro matches :)
radetari (EUNE)
: and the right to ruin games if u so desire?
it's a team based game, not everyone will make the same decisions as you or think like you. Get over it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
radetari (EUNE)
: i think i mentioned the word ranked
then they're just not in the elo they should be in, or they were autofilled/main banned. Maybe the person was having a bad day or is very tired. Don't just tell people that they're bad because that doesn't help, right? Instead you can assist them and use your pings 'please don't spam tho :p' -sorkaarakan :)
StormF (EUNE)
: oh boy, Look at this guys. I found ONE GUY that got punished on his account. THE SYSTEM WORKS GUYS , HIS PUNISHMENT PROVES IT. ffs
From my own personal experience, if people are actually intentionally feeding or hard griefing (trolling) they got banned idk what u are sayin' dude. and please chill dude {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
MindWard (EUW)
: It's funny, I see 100, maybe even more. posts about people being banned because of toxicity, but I never see anything about a ban caused by Inting/Trolling. The real question is, why are the options Inting/AFK in the report menu there, if they clearly don't work.
An user on twitter part of L9 named RAT IRL L9 got banned on 2 accounts for going afk on one account and starting a new game with another account. This proves that the system works!
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Cant SoaR (EUW)
OMG SO COOL EVERYONE NEEDS TO JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Main role? Support, I guess?
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: It's a Unique passive, both will have a shared countdown, if you finish one, the other will start from the beginning. Same goes for 2 tears (Archangel and Manamune).
Yeah, that's logic. But the bug isn't that. If you watch my video, it shows that it resets. But if you want to kill another monster it stays on 4 until you go to base and sell > undo.
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: Draven, Blitzcrank, Yasuo, Zed are op ??? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} and as far as tips goes - there is no "op champ" its the player -counter the player by punishing mistakes he make -learn how to dodge skillshots(seriously not a single zed in low elo can hit his q after ulting if you try to dodge even a bit) -dont take each and every ability in the face, learn how to position(unless you play tanks) -get better, thats the only way
about the dodging part. dash champs are great (for me tho) against yasuo and zed. like katarina
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Bot also check the pregame chat, from what I know. But like everything, he is not perfect. But I agree with you about support. Why there is an option to report players, when the only received answer is "we can't do anything, please report them in game"?
yeah. i just don't like the fact that some players get away with worse behavior but when you are toxic for 1 or 2 games you get the instant banhammer
: I'm happy you got banned. Haha!
it was a long time ago. haha!
Shukr4n (EUW)
: No name and shame How come it s 2018 and still there are users that cant comprehend this? Chatlog?
I don't come to the boards often. Sorry about that. And sadly no chatlog but riot can get to pre-game chat right?
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: Racism
People should start focusing on real problems...
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ban ryze

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