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: Seeing that fat old fart really makes me look forward to the day the revolution comes.
Do not mind him, he just ate too many fish & chips xd
: Nah I'm sure riot would still be trying out new stuff, they might have to limit themselves and do that slower, if hextech chests are that much of a big cut in their income But creating new content is a reason why league has stayed relevant over the years so it's essential they continue that, and most importantly riot likes trying out stuff But yeah, it might get slower if they no longer have as many ressources for it
Exactly what I meant but I wrote it in an unclear way xd.
: Even if such a bill passed banned lootboxes, I don't think hextech chests would disappear, the option to buy them might have to go but I don't think riot would remove them as a whole since they probably wouldn't need to You'd most likely still be able to win them from games and get free stuff, considering that getting them from games for free doesn't cost any money, it's not really gambling is it Althought it would be a hit into riot's income but I don't think they'd remove free chests as a concequence of that
That is true, even if the ability to pruchase hextach chest would be removed the hexteach crafting system would most likely remain. Though I do not know how Riot's financial numbers are but I can hypothesise that if they would have to remove the ability to purchase hexteach chests then we can forget about getting another game and more gamemodes such as TFT.
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: There is (was, not sure if it's still there but I never heard about them removing it) a limit on the number of chests you can buy on a single day, 25 I think. To be honest, unless you want a legacy skin and don't want to wait for it to become avaiable, there is really no reason to buy chests with RP on League since you can just buy the skin you want. Skins are obviously in no way p2w and you can just buy the one you like, unless you want all of them in which case you should spend about... 5000$? on RP, and at that point I don't think any kid can afford that.
I get what you are saying with there being no reason to but chests, and the same goes for all casionos in Las Vegas, it does not rely on your logical thinking, it relies on your feelings and there is no logical thinking when we ude our feelings. "Just one more and I will get someing good" that is the mentality we get when we are presented with something that has a random outcome that might make us rich and that is also the same menality people get when they but and open any kind of loot boxes which is why they are considered gambling. These feeling are also much more easily manipulated amongst children because all they act on are feelings and the companies then relies on these children getting their hands on their moms or dads credit card. I have friends who has younger siblings who did this to buy V-Bucks worth about 1,000 €. And skins are as you said no way pay to win, I only mentioned pay to win to clearify what the bill was about, unetchical money grabbing.
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: So I can't speak on this overall as I'm not involved in this side of things, but we do actually have daily limits on the amount you can purchase for just such reasons.
Okay! Great to hear! I tried looking into it myself but did not find anything, that was why it was not in the text.
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: Pro View: Leveling up the Esports Viewing Experience
I really love this idea and have within 5 secounds of reading decided that I will purchase it. It is a extremely good way to make lolesports grow and I wouldn't mind more good paid content (an example of bad content would be having people pay 10€ for seeing the pro's faces but in a larger reslolution). And I think you sould serioulsy consider making the pricepool larger (I mean where are those prestige money going?) as that might attract more investors for the teams and thus increasing the demand of players and therefore increasing their earnings. Also with more money circulating within lolesports it is inevitable that it will catch the masses attention and reach a larger audience on other media platforms, such as TV. Would it not be pretty cool to see LEC, LCS and/or World on BBC or ABC? Becuase I think it would. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}


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