: submit a ticket don't give up fight with these rioters!
Thank you i have written a ticket already, but i doubt they will give a fuxx
: There are 3 possibility. 1. Someone made a mistake at Riot. 2. You lie. 3. Your account got stolen, or you let someone else play with it. Guess this is the part when players might wana see the replay of your last 10 games. That would show, if you used anything relevant. As for their existence. watch?v=aNTNAuSVYI8 This youtube video shows it in action.
My account was not stolen and i’m not lying either, you can legit see my last game in my match history, my kda is trash.
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: er der link til gamet de brugt 3rd party i også lav en ticket vi kan ikke hjælp med din ban andet end at sige om det var fortjent eller ej https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Men der har ikke engang været et game hvor nogen har brugt den slags software, her igår klokken 6 om morgenen fik jeg bare en mail at jeg var banned begrund af det
: I received a ban for prohibited 3rd party software when i never had any sort of software
i mean, it's not like i'm even a crazy good player. i'm still trying to become better how tf you telling me you caught me hacking any sort? xD
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