Zeromatsu (EUW)
: GP is one of the easiest match-ups on toplane (for me). He has literally no kill pressure, only his annoying Q spam which you can just sustain with dorans shield. He offers not much in teamfights either, except dmg. And his dmg isn't even that much if he didn't get fed. And he takes the spot of a tank away. Some tips tho: Place your barrels behind/around you and just wait and freeze. If the enemy tries to engage use them and run with the ms boost. A lot of gp I play against use the barrels as poke and not zoning tool. And they rarely hit with them, wasting mana and giving me a chance to engage and kill them. And: don't panic if the enemy jumps on you. Almost always when I engage on gp I wait with my cc, he uses his fruit cause he panics or wants to heal and then he takes the cc and dies. If you really want to try/learn toplane, go for some other champion where you actually have to interact with the other laner and not just spam Q and barrels.
Ty for ur answere!
Biq Shaqq (EUW)
: season 7 d5 can't freeze lewl wtf {{sticker:sg-janna}} freezing = 3 casters minions from the enemy team hp must be high bla bla bla dont kill them fast or dont kill them at all usually done if you have a lead and you want the enemy to overextend or your prepping for a gank orrrrrrrrr if you feel spicy denying exp and gold and abuse the matchup other stuff like cds is pretty obvious play more and get the hang of the game btw gp is hard to master since every match up agaisnt him is a win win situation play around your jungler simple and ult for free kills/assists and pressure aroun the map
I know how to controll the lane and freeze at midlane, but since every toplaner has teleport pretty different situation. Im not sure what should i do when we get early (lv3-lv4) kill on the enemy toplaner, should i push in and let him tp back for xp/gold or should i freeze before the tower aggro and let him walk back. So i meant about freeze things like theese not about what does freeze mean..
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