GreyfellD (EUW)
: Why is league so much about gang warfare and so little about skill?
Since when is grouping a bad thing? There are so much positive sides for grouping while solo person obvously get punished for it. if you properly ward your only tri-bush at blue botside your good so foresee that while midlane KNOWS when the enemy is missing. And even if it happens they are 4 bot thats free counter jungle and midlane. Interact with the teamy MOBA's are made for this. If you get team'ed with guys who dont know that or your in a elo they dont understand that I suggest you to grap a friend or two and rock the rank matches for a higher ELO.
: reminder that 2019 is league of leggend's 10 year aniversery
Would love a as already said event where oyu gain for every year you played 1 RP. Anyways I'm already excited for the celebration. With or without RP i dont care about those then. 10 years!!! amazing
: 2x 7.19 patch download?
Was probably not the patch again. Probably the hotfixes riot make
Fathands (EUW)
: People think they nerfed Janna with the changes in 7.19
I part of main Janna and can say. It's a Buff! It's mostly a nerf to everyone who picks Janna as AFK shield %%%%% and the ult. But overall she is stronger (at least in my perspective). The bonus AA damage is not really fell-able but helpfull if you know it. The new q is awesome (finaly) and the w feels better to use. And with the Ardent censer change she is completly viable. I mean if you reach level9 and got Ardent you already deal like 100+dmg without having the shield on yourself.
: > [{quoted}](name=bhisikidi,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=oEFMXjeE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-22T12:56:07.196+0000) > > I (of course) opened the site No, you should never do that unless it is a site/link you are expecting and your friend is explaining to you what it is ... and if it a link about a giveaway, do you REALLY think that Riot would expect the players themselves to spread the word .?. So, ok, you were normally careful after that, but who on earth falls for these scams noawadays .?. :/
Ähm. No idea. May i trusted him and expect from my friends to check it themself which she said. Nevermind nothing happened to me and i will try to stay safe. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} now i feel bad...
Eambo (EUW)
: You're right to not trust this - it's entirely a scam :-) If your friends are sending this you should advise them of this, although it's also possible their accounts are compromised and just spamming it to everyone unfortunately. If you happened to enter your username/password anywhere, I advise changing this immediately.
Wow that's a fast answer XD thanks. I also checked what they wanted to enter and its the username and the region. I make sure to inform them about this but one question more. How can it be my account is logged in when i opened the page? Is it because i opened it in the client?
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=bhisikidi,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=KXwIkg4R,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2017-09-20T10:18:29.117+0000) > > Thanks for the clear quick answer. > I read it just now on other posts here on the board. > > May I ask how the changes in ''Your Shop'' happens or better how you decided to re-do the original shop since every respond on the board was positive. Well i mean I saw no doubt or big differents in both. The original offers were incorrect for some people - for better or worse. Mostly worse. While some people may have gotten a set they like less the second time - some didn't get any change, and most got a better set. It didn't impact absolutely everyone, but enough that it required a large amount of resetting to correct. Those who didn't see much/any difference were due to being correct the first time :-)
Good to know thank you again.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi bhisikidi, The original "Your Shop" was not giving everyone the correct, intended sales. The re-release included the corrected sales, however not everyone had the incorrect sales initially. What you see now, is the store you were intended to get in the first place. This may include some, or all, of the original sales - either at the same, or a slightly different, price. If there is something in particular you wanted from the first sale set, but didn't get a chance to purchase - you can [contact support]( who will honour the original offer. If not however, what you see now is what you were intended to get :-)
Thanks for the clear quick answer. I read it just now on other posts here on the board. May I ask how the changes in ''Your Shop'' happens or better how you decided to re-do the original shop since every respond on the board was positive. Well i mean I saw no doubt or big differents in both.
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: > [{quoted}](name=bhisikidi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=rTMX6gMJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-19T19:00:43.934+0000) > > Brand is not directly a germand word. > Actually, it is. Mostly used in the context of setting something on fire ("etwas in Brand stecken") or for describing larger fires like bushfires ("Waldbrand") German champion Brand even makes silly puns with the german voiceover! Source: am German
OK, wait ... here it comes... I am german too. I dont't know got into me i just didnt recognize the word at all. XD Nein echt meine einzige flüssige sprache ist Deutsch . Hab es wohl hinbekommen das vollkommen zu verpeilen. Dafür kann ich mich etwas schämen. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Doomley (EUW)
: 2 week ban does that immediately.
ahh ok. sry to ask i didnt know that
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
WaLkoNnN (EUW)
: Level 0 honor hard stuck !
Ähm... this is a hard one. Don't be a jerk. Try to play carry champ (and win) without bein an asshole (try mode). Be a helpfull player. Don't flame. Honor other (increases your own honor too). And i think the best one of all is ''be a normal player''. I'm sorry to ask that but how you maganed to get honor level 0? (no serous i dont want to offend you)
: Oh, thank you! I knew that wasn't really a good translation :P
No problem. The Fandom LoL page is actually a nice place to search for things like that. They mention a lot of refences and much about the champs itself. (no build or so just the champ)
: Do you know any fun fact about any LoL's champions names?
Brand is not directly a germand word. > Brand comes from Proto-Germanic *brandaz, meaning "fire, torch, sword (poetic)." In English, brand only means "torch" and "sword" in literary contexts, unlike its related Germanic cognates which still mean "fire". In german ''Brand'' is closest to ''Brannt'' which should mean in english ''Burned''. Here's the trivia page.
Doomley (EUW)
: Janna is hands down the best support atm. Not very fun though and getting nerfed next patch along with ardent cencer.
what nerf? passive, q and get an buff. Only a nerf for the common janna for ardent censer shield nerf. Ya nerf on shield general but janna isnt just E and watch.
: uhh wait did I see and arelion jungle. In plat 1? that better be a joke
it was more common when he was released. Unfortunate for us. Ya know cheese for victory
: Looking For The Next League Of Legends DJ
May point out that this isnt a post about another DJ skin {{sticker:sona-playing}}
: Who is a good support?
When you like rakan why dont try Bard/ thresh or leona. You are probably ''aggressive'' or reactive if soemthing happens (which is rakan's kit). They are quite similiar in aspect of aggression. Bard is super fun and thresh too. I rarely even play leon but shares more with rakan than Thresh. They are not free to play right now so you may wait to next free rotation.
rèV (EUW)
: Discounted Skin offers based on your prefered champions or champions, that Riot thinks you would be interested in a skin for.
It's once a year.
: I didnt understand, you said they only changed textures? Because if so, thats not true. The map had a red buff in the center , no shrines, it had lots of jungle on the top side of the map including a dragon. It was super fun back then
Ähm, ok then i kinda completly forgot this variation of twisted treeline. I just remember those 2 sry. But i still dont think they rework it. (maybe but just maybe an alternate version for people who liked the old one on halloween just for fun. But just maybe) ~~(But i even doubt that)~~
xtimigui (EUW)
: So you play as Tahm Kench... He is strong to I buy him now? At least can be effective in games? What do you normally do as build?
Strong is a weird word. Let me phrase something rom lolking for you > The River King was actually G2’s last pick in their second game versus Origen. While he hasn’t been extremely popular after nerfs a few months ago, he’s still extremely strong at denying enemy pick offs and saving a teammate from certain death in fights. > > Origen’s composition was tailored towards this, with picks such as Elise, Alistar and Fizz. Strong crowd control and single target damage, that can easily be denied with Devour. He is a very nice laner with a decent harass in his kit. I like him i have fun and he is not certainly challenging. You can kinda hang out with him and be good at the same time since you get compared to let's say Bard or Janna which are on the top of supports right now. I go with the targon shield and then into knight's vow or if needed something more ''protective'' for myself like thornmail(teamfight you can sustane) or randiums. I like to get as Build: Boots of swiftness Face of targon Ruby ward thing (forgot name) Knight's vow Solari Randium/thornmail of if needed frozen heart. But can be replaced with adaptive helmed/ spriti visage vs mr But you can always change to a more ''tanky'' variation fi your adc is good enough or (sounds bad i know) dont need wards. ~~(Danger: this sentence is a lower elo (S) talking your adc should be protected and the enemy should focus him. Much like wards are necessary for every team.)~~ very classic straight forward build :D ( Link if you want the source
SoGu Senpai (EUNE)
: whick vayne skin should i take and why
You want an opinion? vayne aristocrat
: the fk?
THe mission would be everyone take the rune and walkes in a line to the poro.
: rune idea, potion rune
Riot actuall thinked about something similiar a while ago. With 2 sets of potions which you can mix to create different effect and potions. But in the end riot didnt included it for the good. It was running on an 2 step combination alchemy. You got 9 potions to mix with 9 potions. Just imagine the combination and the difficult to know all. Except that there would be always a small set of good mixtures which makes the other combination useless and ofc the would each take an own item space. I think it turned out to be the 3 elixiers we now got which is nice.
xtimigui (EUW)
: Your Shop is back! Let's talk about what we got?
snow day bard -30/ epic cosmic dawn rakan -40/ epic master chef tahm kench -50 Poro rider sejuani -50 legacy Meowkai -60 epic pool party zac -60 epic Got 905 rp to spare (from a friend) and im lucky enough to get master chef tahm kench. ~~probably~~
: Your Shop appears to be messed up again
Mines seems pretty accurate. I mainly play support and got 3 good skins for it and ir ecently (1 month) started jungle and got there the other 3 skins. 2 of i mostly play. Seems like EUNE got problems with the ''Your Shop'' action.
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Gah I really want the Bard skin xD and the Rakan skin as well but mostly Snow day Bard the seju skin is pretty nice 2.
Got sabretusk sejuani already so im fine but it is a nice skin. I will get me probably bard rakan and tahm since i got enough spare to the 3 with one small buy.
: My shop....
What do I know? But ey you could got none garen skin. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Im not supporting his opinions and i got so lucky 5 epic skins and championship zed but i pretty sure we all would prefer dawnbringer riven over redeemed riven
I would prefer redeemed riven.
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: My (kind of?) worst "Your shop"...
Well i got like te opoosite of you. I got snow day bard -30/ epic cosmic dawn rakan -40/ epic mastery chef tahm kench -50 poro rider sejuani -50/ legacy moewkai -60/ epic pool party zac -60/ epc Dont play zac anymore and for I got already a nice skin for maokai but nvm, I like bard/rakan/ and always wanted an tahm kench skin. I happy with it and got high masterys with all of them. You even played recently? I dont know but maybe they couldnt find any champion and took the ''older'' of 2-4 weeks ago.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Riot Blitzcrank rarity?
Rare mhh you cant buy him normally in the shop so. Quite a bit? Its an good old 4 years old skin with updates textures (complete blitzcrank).
KuneSword (EUNE)
: Well thanks
My bad 2 key fragments.
KuneSword (EUNE)
: Cant get key fragments
You get a higher honor level by playing honoring and getting honored. Higher honor level more keys. And 4 keys in 3-4 weeks is totally normal. I'm level 5 and get around every 2 weeks 2 keys so dont worry. Hope i could help you please write back.
: Why? Why would they? He is far from being a balance issue.
He is even a bit under the norm. Counter play. Don't attack him. Thats it he got a good engage and teamfight where you just AA but besides that you can buy lifesteal item and get most of the dmg back or dont attack him since he is slowed by 30% in his w
: Skarner is outmatched by all tanks and all fighters
I dont think so. I like and love skarner (but play him less last times) and its hard with skarner i can agree. But he play more like a multi champ. Invades vs him are HARD since his crystal field and he is something between tank, fighter and offtank in my perspective. I like to go with trinity and build dmg full ( nice tf ) or get the ad jungle item and destroy the adc once you stun him. The negative point is that you are super squishy with the dmg first. It's true Sejuani and gragas probably kill him but skarner isnt just and ''i like to destroy my enemy'' pick he fills many rolls in one and makes (in my opinion) more fun than gragas or shyvana and so on.
: Riot is it Possible you Can Make this skin?
He probably is just a shadow in armor. I dont remeber his lore completly but why you dont search a fanmade skin of Zed with a Nicolas Cage face?
: "blame the jungle"- one message from a pissed off jungler
I switched from support main to secundary jungler and got a very good example last match. I (Hecarim) was counterganked and died np enemy midlane trapped me. But instead of showing mercy toplane died in 5 minutes 3 times blamed me while i couldnt gank because he died under the enemy turrets in rows. I ganked mid bot and go dragons. He went afk after minute 15 and stole my jungle camps (he played cho'gath no chance of stealing from him). Since minute 10 i half camped toplane and let botside fall. We won this. With bare help of cho'gath while midlane carried. I say ''Blame the toplaner''
: New Twisted Treeline
They wont rework the 3vs3 into the older version. For what sake? old memories? Isnt gonna happen the memoriers are on the old 5vs5 also. the only thinks changed are the textures, no jungle monster buffs and instead of an heal a speed shrine. I dont think they Rework twisted treeline in the next years. Expect winter halloween or such events but not a reworked version.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Executing at max 2k hp tho xd
Ya nasus can stack too but veigar's q and w also uses his AP pool and since the w can hit mutiple enemies at once and can stack probablby faster I consider veigar. {{champion:45}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:31}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: lol he asked it to be released AFTER the worlds patch xd
-__- ok missread im sorry. But still no arguement.
: Ye,u r right.I find it really funny watching those plat diamond plays around map,grouping as 5,doing invades really often,taking objectives at the right moment.I can be just like WATCH AND LEARN. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
what do expect of me? oh well, you unlucky person. You are no totally screwed and fcked. I cant help you with that. Live a long LoL carrer in pain and suffer of higher ranks! See ya. ? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Sword of occult
You got more to say? And isnt already too late since the worlds patch is already released? -> yes it is
: What champion can deal the highest damage on a single spell, in the whole game?
VEIGAR! clear winner is veigar. His ability to stack AP to infinity allow him to deal technical ''infinit'' damage. He got no damage cap of areal like Nunu so veigar is the winner. [EDIT] doesnt matter which spell you take q,w,r they all use the AP pool so ya infnity AP.
: I downloaded from riot website, but the method the game uses to install the new client is first having the old installed and then patching it to the new, that works always like that i installed league for a friend and it worked properly like that
I didnt dowloaded it since the new client so I didnt know that. I think I got the same problem way earlier. I donwloaded it for a friend over his PC (he gave it to me) since his downlaod rate was terrible and I couldnt make it work. I tryed it like 5 times and in the end it worked out. Wish you the best i can't help much further.
: Honor 5 vs Honor 3
Mhh. I got like none key at level 3 but 1 capsule ( I believe ). I get on level 5 like every one and a half week 1-2 keys. And i got a second capsule at level at level 5. It cant be that level 3 get more keys and capsules than a level 5 acc. And if I remember correclt a higher honor level just increases the chances of getting keys and capsules. Maybe you got lucky at level 3 and you are no terrible unlucky at level 5. Who knows. Someone with the same experience?
: What the **** do I have to do to get an S with Janna?
Probs at you to make a good mid/top Janna but i got the very same problem. Stuck at 2 tokens. {{sticker:sg-janna}} Whish you best luck.
: Take it as a blessing. It may be a pain now, but eventually you'll be level 30 and considering ranked. If you're used to playing against diamond players, you'll be freshly surprised with quickly you're able to climb because of that experience. 20 games against Diamond players will teach you more than 500 games against bronze ones. Try your best to keep a positive mind, maybe make some friends.
If you mainly play with Silver player you adapt the playstyle and in the end it's hard to break your behavior. I am silver and dont get me wrong i belong there (XD) but i dont improve since many silver player play like... silver. And its hard to create your unique playstyle to improve since you are probably the only in this match.
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