: You have the ability to download the replay, if someone as this "nocturne smurf" stomps your game as hard as that. Download the replay, watch it, and take notes of what the nocturne is abusing. Next step, apply those things to yourself, imitating the noc and you get a free ticket to silver after a couple of games. Dopa, the best SoloQ player in the world, stated that's what he's doing often. If he gets completly trashed on, he takes some time to analyze what his opponent did and then applies it to his own gameplay
So the solution for someone new to this game is to watch how someone who played it probably 4+ years does it. You know that i can't match that even if I played 1 year - every day - for 10h. One thing is to get better, but you can't tell me the solution is - "just watch and learn". Why doesn't anyone play like Messi or Ronaldo ? We all watched them for years... It's not that simple
Xaytah (EUW)
: Which they do, they can even Skip tiers if they are winning enough. As in; Im smurfing in gold as a diamond player, i win 10+games in a row and boost my MMR high. after winning my next promos from Gold 5 to Gold 4 i instead get placed in Gold 3 already.
yeah but this dude plays it smart. Wins 3-4 Games with 0-1 death and then loses on purpose (0-10-2). So they are outsmarting the system.
: That is where the MMR system comes in. If they're smurfing their MMR will skyrocket and they won't be playing in that elo anymore after a couple of games.
but they could just (like this dude does) play (for example) as support some bad games and he's back in S5
Vingthór (EUW)
: They are not fine with smurfs, its just pretty much impossible to ban them out consistently, so they are letting it slide.
ok but if someone (like this dude) has ranked win rates of 100% with many champions (10+ games) isn't it obvious? Why not just promote them faster (more LP per Game)
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