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: LFT /Duo
You're gold 1...
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: toplaner en jungler gezocht
Blick11 Shadrick#8837 Uhmm ja ik ben eigenlijk supp/ADC main maar heb ook tijdje Jungle gedaan en vind het wel leuk om mee te doen :) ik ben/was allrounder dus ik kan alles sowieso redelijk en na een paar games zal me jungle ook weer top notch moeten zijn!
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blick11 (EUW)
: LF long term duoQ botlane partner. (Plat 3+)
dog28 (EUW)
: Looking for a duo partner (atleast low diamond) to play on unranked smurfs.
Sorry but if you played 2 years ago your ELO is nowhere near dia GL finding people from dia who wanna play with you :)
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: LF experienced hypercarry 3v3 low diamond
It would be nice to say that you yourself are only plat 1 kind cocky asking for dia
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Hienz (EUW)
: Forming a competetive team.
Hey man i would love to play with you and improve :D I have been out of league for a while but im back now :D I think my average skill (Once i get rolling again) is Highplat-Low diamond. I play mostly support or midlane so i suppose since you're the midlaner i can support :D
Sherlokk (EUW)
: League Scientists [ My Project in 2017 ] - Could become a full time job
Hey i'm interested! I was diamond V last season but didnt play for a time now i was plat IV because of demotions but unranked ATM. I would love to be active again and this can be a way to help me and you :D I'm a top main mostly. 16 years old. Good microfone no webcam. Got good english skillz.
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Rakeoon (EUW)
: Diamond elo talon main
If i was you i wouldnt say you were banned for flaming.
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Kravareza (EUW)
: Looking for Diamond V+ players for online tournaments.
IGN: Blick11 ELO: Dia V And uhmm so can i join because iam actually able to understand english easily :P I would like to join
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: Silver mid/supp looking for 5v5 or 3v3s ranked team
Ahh damn... i cant join.... im 15... Guess you dont want a plat 1 but okay looking further.
: Nautilius, Malphite, Poppy, Shen, Mundo You're welcome
And what should i build on those champions?
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: Diamond/plat team searching for toplaner/an junglers for tournaments an more
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My IGN is: Godlike dash Im a smurf and would like to join
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Shimolis (EUW)
: Looking for grill to carry to diamond in 3v3
: Raging Turtles Recruiting Diamond 1 + Players (Aiming Challenger) 5v5 or 5v5 Master/challenger Team
Age:16 Name: Rick Country: netherlands IGN: Blick11 Availability: 5/7 evenings Champion pool: Ryze, Yasuo, Nidalee, lux, Vlad, Ahri, Veigar, Cassio, (all ADC's), Rek sai, Gnar, Renekton, SoloQ DIV+LP: Dia IV LP 8 5v5 Experience: Played some 5v5 didnt work out with my team so yeah i would love to join a good team which is competetive Position: Top, Mid, ADC Past experience from E-sport: Nope I know im not Dia 1... but i would try my best and i really wanan join a good team
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: Diamond III+ Team looking for Midlaner [VMG] [High Diamond players]
Hey man ehmmm im not sure if you want me in your team because im not that good of a midlaner but i want to try :D Im Dia IV and yeah i would love to play tournaments
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Armakar (EUW)
: D4 ADC lf any elo support ( READ )
Hey man i really dont feel like playin normals lately so if your unbanned yeah sure but sorry im not gonna play normals...
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: LF Female midlaner gold+ for 5s Team :)
Why do you write that your a female?? would it matter? do you play better because your a female??
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Shirrow (EUW)
Hey well im 14..... but i would love to join im plat 4 so yeah tell me if im able to join Ign: blick11 Skype: Rick.brune1
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Ehmmmm im plat xD but i would love to play with you if you have voice chat i think you can learn me much and help me get better and i always take feedback i love getting better so if your interested i would love to play with you but i understand if you dont wanna
: Platin 5 High MMR ( Dia 2 Smurf ) LF DuoQ Dia 5+ Adc, Support or Jungler
Ehmm im plat 5 but im not a smurf but i would love to reach diamond with you im able to speak english and got TS3 im sort of mid/ADC main but yeah i can do everything i would love to play with you so you can help me get better so if your interested you can add me (Ign: Blick11)
Morra (EUW)
: Female Main Mid LFT
Ehmm i dont have a team but i would like to DuoQ :D im plat 5 but i love feedback and fast in learning if someone helps me i play since season 2 but i only play like much since season 4 if your interested add me IGN: Blick11
I think you wont want to play with me but i would love to join your team my 3v3 team is plat 3 and my soloQ is plat 5 but yeah im fast in learning and i love taking feedback i wont flame and yeah i would really like to be playing with you :D (IGN: blick11)
Natalia (EUW)
Hey ehmm im not Dia but i would love to DuoQ with you im plat 5 sort of main ADC i would love to let you teach me and help me and in return i can bring fun and happiness :D so yeah if your interested add me would be cool :D (IGN: Blick11)
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