Altiverse (EUNE)
: Well.. Both the new keystones actually require you to be a *tank* in order to make good use of them. Oppressor was a mastery that damage-dealing champions that had CC built in their kit simply took to further increase their damage without having to do anything unusual. (Think Riven, Syndra, Talon etc)
support ashe can use stoneborn is she a tank?
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Luddoro (EUW)
: Cant connect to login queue
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Does someone think Sona is balanced?
yeh she's so OP. pros spam her every game. 100% pick ban.
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Kronó (EUW)
: "Wins 7/10 perv" Still gets bronze 5....Uh what?
SonenseS (EUW)
: If they rework Teemo, just change his W. How often do you see people saying: "Thank god I had my W to escape" or "I should consider maxing W first". Make it more rewarding to use, and with a CD decrease per lvl (1 sec is enough). His Passive is fine, Q no need for change, and E/R are a core part of his kit.
late game w is a mini ghost. and the passive movespeed makes him so fast that playing a different champion is so slow it's like lagging. it helps you get deep vision with shrooms and make quick rotations to mid to ~~killsteal~~ assist in my opinion it is vital to the ap teemo playstyle. and even with annoying ad off tank with frozen it has it's uses. or supp teemo for deep vision. or jungle teemo to get to and steal things. I put giant value on his w. and sure it's never a first max (the only champs that max non-dmg spells first are supps like janna) but in some match ups it'll be the perfect second max ability.
KhalKheos (EUW)
: Teemo doesn't need a compelte rework, maybe few adjustments but you wouldn't like it because those would mean a clear buff, which is the only thing auspicable to that champion, so far behind in a meta from like 2 years.
I scrolled through every teemo change ever (well I got bored at season 1 and decided it was fairly irrelivant to go further than half way) he has been directly buffed 11 times (maybe a couple more if I scroll further) and most of them were questionable at best. like is 2 points of ad more even a buff? and only 3 of those have happened after season 4 I think riot is scared of buffing him. and I kind of get why. he's such an iconic champion that any change will cause a pretty big back lash if it is over or underdone. And I don't even know what we can buff if I'm honest. as much as I joke about a 2 ad buff I think buffing base stats might be the way to go and that is something that is almost never the right choice.
V Hope2k (EUNE)
: The only thing they can rework is his W, otherwise his kit is just right.
they aren't touching that. I won't let them. being a sonic speed shroom bot is what makes teemo special. if they remove his w you'll need to get mobi boots and that's not really an option considering his reliance on mpen. keep ult e and w the same if you wanna touch anything touch q
Leptyx (EUW)
: Does Riot split actual new players from smurfs ?
riot must know when two acc are linked because my smurf item set once showed up on my main randomly
Wex0r (EUW)
: i think she is fine as she is its just a higher skill cap than other mages to deal the same dmg. Something that needs to be done is buff Bard {{champion:432}}
but he just got a buff to his passive movement speed. if we buff him again he'll be OP!
Kevon G (EUW)
: Kennen healthy?
the reason he feels weak? the enemy can leave his ult after the stun and that's when the damage starts. imo the recent power shift to the tail end of ult is one of the worst changes I've seen. at this point you may as well go ad kennen
: Is Aatrox worth picking up?
no. other bruisers/fighters are better (for example irelia, fiora and camille)
: So if the entire enemy team is squishies or tanks without tank items i should have to buy the wrong items..? yea okay legit posts 2017.
these days last whisper is cheap enough to buy after second item and leave as last whisper until late game.
: ""hey they are pushing mid and top and drake pit is clear let burst cloud because it's free"" -> its free because they're getting better objectives earlly game ... where one cloth armor might be the difference between win a fight, or escape with single digit HP ... and helps snowball the game from there. about the boots i know about them but... the tenacity from mercs or the basic damage reduction from tabi are WAY superior in terms of stats to mov speed... tbh ive only seen jhin build that latelly... besides supports ofc... which means besides the squishy supports that want to roam to help other lanes and ward in advance... in the current meta, mov speed out of combat, while you make it look like its a awsome thing, it really isnt... about the TF thing, people can do the same with ghost... and it allows you to actually keep close to the target even while on combat... and to catch the TF, all you need is a single hit... if you do that he loses most of those speed buffs...
wanna know why people don't buy swiftness boots... it's the nerf I mentioned. before that basically everyone had swiftness boots with no questions asked.
: remove double pick from LOL
people used to play all 5 roles with no real choice. be thankful we have this.
: > [{quoted}](name=blissbomb,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BMev3jWX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-03-14T22:53:44.700+0000) > > cloud... it serves a purpose. cloud needs to be in the game. it does. it's there to stop teams getting giant snowballs purely from drakes and to allow better rotations. it's in a good state imo. if a team is allowed to have several drakes, it means the game would be nearlly over, or they are only ocean/air drakes, and one team rather make a move on other side of the map and get a turret or a inib, when they have more people, since they will be at the very least 5x4, since one enemy would be soloing a useless drake... making all drakes something people fight for would make the game more interactive, specially on competitive league... if one team snowballs out of drakes, then you should be doing something to stop them before handing them several drakes...
"solo-ing a drake" %%%%ing soloing a drake. %%%%ING SOLOING A DRAKE. that's not cloud being bad that's having some of the worst decision making of all time. one does not simply leave their team to solo a drake. even leaving the team 4v5 to get an infernal is a bad call most of the time. you're giving me bronze flashbacks. please stop. you take objectives after grouping and killing the enemy team/making a pick. and even after making a pick you send more than 1 person to hit the drake and leave more in the area. if you lose your t2/base tower/inhb to solo a drake no one gives a shit which on it is that's a bad move. the only time I personally would ever even consider that is if it's your 3rd infernal and you're twitch or something that can get there and back with no risk or low risk. I might solo a drake at 6 mins but that cuz there's no threat of punishment (enemy jung shown getting a kill/clearing a ward/ganking top I take drake)
: been watching most LCS competitions and the only way people will get those drakes its if they cannot defend a turret on top and will grab that as a bad consolation prize, later on the game, no one will even contest those drakes, since even minion farm would be better... os SoloQ it isnt much different... people rather farm, get kills or other objectives, instead of a drake that makes you run faster 0.5 sec out of combat ...
I've only really seen lck but one of the things I do see is "hey they are pushing mid and top and drake pit is clear let burst cloud because it's free" gold falls off drakes don't cloud is the difference between getting all the way to baron and stealing it or just getting to baron. cloud for me is the reason alacrity swiftness boots felt so strong (if you didn't know alacrity was a boot enchant that gave +20 ms and swiftness boots at this time had yet to recive their nerf meaning they also has 5 more ms than they do now). it lets you be everywhere and that is far stronger than anyone gives it credit for. as a supp it lets me as zyra or smthing clear the brush leaving bot of wards and then rush up river a wave or so later to flash root the enemy mid and kill them before getting back to lane without losing my adc too much. and think of masteries. going 0/12/18 or 0/18/12 allows you to get the movespeed masteries from both trees. that with a cloud or two and t2 boots is really strong. movespeed is prolly the most underrated stat in the game. ludens lich tf 3 clouds both movespeed masteries and swiftness boots. good luck escaping that both in chase down and in map pressure.
: No the thing is veigar and Azir are both ranged mages just like Anivia. I dont know why u think Azir is not ranged ....
I DO KNOW AZIR IS RANGED. AT NO POINT DID I STATE HE WASN'T. I stated that azir needs more hp because he dives into shurima shuffle (or knock the enemy into his own team with his ult) and this puts him in danger. he needs the hp to live that. he may use soliders for the main bulk of his damage and to attack from afar but there are situations where he needs to tank damage to get a good ult.
: the problem here is to make all drakes atractive to players... the way they are now, only fire and earth are important ... having the 1st air drake sit there for like 20 minutes, because people are more focused on kills and turrets, just shows how bad it is right now... same would go for ocean, even tho that one is better at earlly stages of the game, unless stacked.
no. the first air drake sits there for 20 mins because your jungler is shit. not because it is a bad drake but because your jungler lacked the game knowledge to a) take it off the map to get a new drake and b) to get the faster rotations for early game to allow roaming snowballs.
: Drakes idea
I don't like it. fire is balanced as is. sure it's annoying when a team has 2 infernals but if you've given away 2 infernals they're prolly already winning. earth is balanced as is. good early. great late. cloud... it serves a purpose. cloud needs to be in the game. it does. it's there to stop teams getting giant snowballs purely from drakes and to allow better rotations. it's in a good state imo. ocean.... this drake is shit tier in every situation. early game it helps... not much but it's there. it's like a free faerie charm + rej bead or 2. no one really cares that it's there even early. and late game unless you have 2 or 3 it's really easy to forget it exists at all. it needs better balance for the late game and better balance for when you have just one. but I wouldn't say it needs anything more than just a buff. I don't want 3 oceans to be blue and red on every champ on a whole team but I also don't want it to be a kinda meh heal and unnoticeable mana regen (unnoticeable in most comps. and even comps that need mana regen will prolly have tears and roas by late game)
: There are many champions that deal true dmg and there is ignite and there is redemption and there is magic dmg. And her Egg is useless now. Its not like in the old days where the egg was hard to kill. Now its like a super minion, very easy to kill.
her egg is solo Q useless in some ways. in a 5 man pre or a pro team you can organise protection for the egg a lot better. and I'd argue like a super minion some champions are better at killing it that others so situationally it isn't useless.
: Anivia needs a buff
as far as I know anivia is designed with some fall off in mind (wall reliance, hard to hit q, not that big ratios) this could be why and if it isn't that it could be because azir and veigar have to get in closer to do their jobs (shurima shuffle and veigar q/ult) and as such need more hp
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Not Xpeke (EUW)
: Scoreboard displayed Skin Names for a brief moment in patch 7.3 or 7.4. Where did that feature go?
I saw it for 3-4 games. didn't check after that. seems to be removed rn
: > [{quoted}](name=blissbomb,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vPHXgYi6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-09T18:22:59.139+0000) > > I'd have to run through every champ 1 by 1 do this properly. > my rule is for champs that can/like to kite take warlords (vayne etc.) > **and champs that naturally pref fervor go that (ezreal, sivir etc)** > and for lethality champs I'd stay still go dft (jhin mf maybe varus still) What do you mean by "champs that naturally prefer Fervor"? How can I determine which one prefer Fervor?
like their kit works with it. sivir likes the ad and autos a lot ez has no better option and likes the ad lucian stacks it fast af and needs ad for his spell casts stuff like that
: Warlords vs Fervor for ADC?
I'd have to run through every champ 1 by 1 do this properly. my rule is for champs that can/like to kite take warlords (vayne etc.) and champs that naturally pref fervor go that (ezreal, sivir etc) and for lethality champs I'd stay still go dft (jhin mf maybe varus still)
0tx (EUW)
: Can Irelia jungle well?
a traditional jungler would be better in most cases. but put simply, yes she can work.
Ricwolf (EUNE)
: Galio New/Old Look Vote
I expected them to %%%% this rework up. so far I love it
: I think i will start spamming full tanks in ranked because apparently some players really think that lethality alone turns tanks into squishies.
lul. it'll make a bruiser into a squishy but no real tank is countered by it. if you meet people dumb enough to skip last whisper it'll be freelo.
: When enemy team has Malphite and Rammus and your ADC doesn't take Armor penetration or Lethality...
don't go lethality vs rammus or malphite. 100 armour - 15 = 85 100 armour - 45% = 55 and it only gets better from there with %pen
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McDíck (EUW)
: To all the mature people who don't rage
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: Runes + Rune Pages need to be free.
making them free would be a major %%%% you to players that have like 9 of every rune
Łµx (EUW)
: when u talk nicely it wont work , when u trying to be friendly it wont work ~
: Will Graves EVER be nerfed?
he received the biggest nerf any champion in all of lol ever they took his cigar
Bufzar (EUW)
: im confused
kite 'em they can't do dmg if they can't get to you
: Ender - Because the best games are those played together
I often loath posts gathering people for this or that but you managed to advertise this in such a way that I found myself enjoying it. I have no intent of joining but I do wish to say that you are rather talented with words.
: ######waiting for someone to take the post the wrong way and not realise it's posted in "games, contests and jokes".
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Leichy (EUNE)
: You mean the carnival anivia one? isn't it still available?
: A msg to Riot that everyone will hate me for
lul assassin main salty he can't dodge skillshots.
Truewarlock (EUNE)
: If URF is supposed to be just for "fun"
enemy gets zed or sumthing and I get janna lul I hated urf before it was random now it's just not worth playing
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Am i suposed to say nothing, Rito?!
he has the highest assists on the team honour him for teamwork
YuuAngel (EUNE)
: Thoughts about Galio
move the passive onto the passive of an ability to allow a new passive keep the r barely touch w make e his main dmg spell (way more fun to use imo) change q and buff his aa range/make him ranged then I'll be happy
Kìńg (EUW)
: WTF ? Where is the Festival Queen Anivia skin you promised?
skins normally release a little while after the patch drops. hope this helps ^^
: > [{quoted}](name=Gojiraw,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=irTnW29G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-23T14:22:40.780+0000) > > On the bottom or top lane, you want to help the jungler clear the first camp. That's called "leash". You have time to do it, if done right, you should reach the lane when the three melee minions are at like 15% HP, and the ADC (Ashe in your case) can last hit them. Now, if you go by yourself bot, and start attacking those minions, you put your ADC at a disadvantage, as he will not get the XP from them by the time he gets back in lane, so the enemy team will hit lvl 2 before he does. > The leashing thing it's basically done because the enemy team does it too. And it helps out most junglers with their clearing speed and helps them to stay healthy in jungle. Without leash, with some junglers, you might end up not being able to take Red buff, as you don't have enough health. > > He probably got upset for you stealing farm. As support, you don't want to do that, but let him farm. That's why you start with a gold income item, you earn your gold from that, and not by farming. I see... but that's no excuse for not trying and just taking in the EXP without really attacking away from the turret. Also, this raises a problem since I've been accused for helping the Jungler out in previous game instead of protecting the lane (the Jungler asked my help, he got the kill since they need it), and in another game I waited for the person helping the jungler to return (Saw Jhin and I believe Jinx in the bottom lane try to rush towards the turret to see who was there), and got chewed out for waiting for them. In other words, I can't seem to win without someone accusing me for not working as a support properly.
dw some adcs are nice. if I have a good support I like to make them feel good with hearts and emojis
Leichy (EUNE)
: Why the hell do people downvote things like this ? Great example of the community.
I like your icon :D I was unfortunately too late to get my own >.<
because it'd be pointless to put it in the old client only to remove it a short time in the future. also riot stated multiple times that they are improving new client for lower spec machines it will just take them some time. so sit tight buddy it'll come to you one day ^^
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