Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: The name is totally not copied from BH's new boygroup TXT aka +omorrow x +ogether {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
That may or may not have been the inspiration behind the name. ;)
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: Small Community, Nice People.
Lupine (EUW)
: Prime Legion Need You!
I tred to send an application but no response yet :(
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: Active community that has it all: Events, Tournaments & other In-Houses!
Get to know people who are just as awkward and weird as you are! :P
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: Summer with Synergy Gaming - Events, Tournaments & Other In-houses! Raise with us!
Get to know people that are equally as weird and awkward as you are! Enjoy your stay!
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: Summer is here at Synergy Gaming! Find your Duo, climb the scoreboard or just have fun!
Join up to meet new people to play league with! :) Big variety of personality and nationalities!
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: Summer with Synergy Gaming - Join us today to participate in our Summer Events & Win amazing prizes!
If you're an active playing looking for multiple people to play with, join up! You'll find a big variety of personalities and I'm sure you'll enjoy a lot of those! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: Summer event still ongoing at Synergy Gaming - You better don't miss it!
: Synergy Gaming Summoner's Rift #9 [Tournament draft] [5v5] [EUW]
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: Summer is here at Synergy Gaming! Don't miss your chance to win amazing prices!
: _**Disclaimer: This Text was written by Loud Poro and describes his expierience with Synergy over some time. Beeing trapped in this community of Synners ( Yes, they know it sounds like Sinners but who am i to judge)**_ You know, Communitys, love them, always have! Synergy, best Community, love it. The last 2 weeks in particular were great. EVERYONE of these members has a special thing around it. And if not, WE WILL MAKE YOU SPECIAL! Synergy Esports is a community of friendship. We dont care what others say about us, because we know we are simply the best community out there that has more than 420 Members #BlazIt We have hard working Moderators who care for our needs and ignore us if we have useless questions or suggestions, as good moderators should do. I HAVE NEVER seen anyone on this Discord be aggressive towards others that was meant beeing serious. At least till now and this will never change because else, i will murder that person and we have no more Problems. To make it short: Loud Poro gives 10/10 points and if a Poro is satisfied you WILL be to. Poro out. ATTENTION: 1. This Text may include scripted sentences that were done by a Poro who has to type every word with his tounge. 2. This Text may or may not have been written on a stone plate before it was transfered to THE NEW TECHNOLOGY SHIT! 3. This Text was approved by Loud Poro, written by Loud Poro, the idea came from Loud Poro and the correction was done by Loud Poro. All credits go to Lyllo because he is the master of his slaves 4. This Text may include the letters s,w,a,g or s,t,u,p,i,d,l,y,l,l,o but it is gluten free and 100% from confirmed happy cows. 5. This Text may or may not have been written beforehand just to post it under this post to amuse the moderators 6. This message may be wrong in the future 7. This message is a message that was asked for on our Discord, so i may or may not have been here only because i was forced to write something 8. This message was forced on me, but who cares. 9. This message has nothing to do with Cookies ( dw we have some on our Discord if you want ), Poro-Snax ( we have them too, but they are all mine so take the goddamn Cookies ) OR well thought our lists and maybe has something to do with germans. THESE FILTHY GERMANS ALWAYS STEAL OUR LISTS! 10. Hello 11. Hello² 12. Hello³ 13. I dont even know anymore. Baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more! 14. I thought this was friendship, but actually it was just a French-ship and now i am dissapointed in myself because im stuck on a ship and i dont know where i will be brought to 15. This message may contain almonds, eggs and salt. LOTS OF SALT!
: International League of Legends Community! Want to play? Come and stay! Find Friends Duo's & More!
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: You don't want to spend your summer alone? Join Synergy Gaming and make new friends!
: You're Looking for a team? You're looking for a Duo? New Friends? A Coach? Press here to learn more!
Find new people who will grab you out of the misery of your real life.
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: Exceed YOUR potential with Synergy Gaming!
CI PhraZe (EUW)
: Synergy Esports wants YOU!
: Synergy Gaming recruiting for CLASH! Bronze? Master? All ranks! Choose among 500+ people. Join us!
: Synergy Gaming - League of Legends community with over 500 members! Find Friends, Duo's & More!!
You'll find awesome people! And weird people ... like the one below.
: [EUW] Synergy Gaming 5v5 Tournament #6 APOLLO Esports still undefeated, Will they go down?
: 🔰 Synergy Gaming Recruiting once again!
You're weird? We're weird. Wanna play? Como and stay!
: [EUW] Synergy 5v5 Tournament #5 | RP Prizes & Special Rewards! This Saturday!
: 🔰 Hardstuck? Or simply need help climbing? Those are the 3 steps to help you climb TODAY!
Ayyee, sirr! Best community I've been in! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: 🔰 The Climb - You're Looking for Duo? A Team? A Coach? New Friends? Your Climb, Starts here!
: 🔰 League Adventures? None of it matters if you don't have anyone to share the moment with!
You're weird? We're weird! Wanna play? Come and stay! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Synergy - Want to climb in a funny way? Looking for a team? Maybe a coach? This way!!
You're weird? We're weird. Wanna play? Join and stay! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Well, i'd like to play with friendly people too. League is funnier with good company so... everyone can add me aswell. I already added you Mr Weirdo. I hope we can play soon ^^
If you're searching for an active community, I shared the link to our community up above. Would be awesome to see you over there!
: Looking for friendly players
Hey buddy! I know that feeling haha ... I'm quite happy that a few weeks ago I found the Synergy Community and now I'm part of it :) If you want to, you can gladly give it a try! Join us, play with has, have a great time {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
BongCrazy (EUNE)
: on a super bad run
Join our community, play with us! You might not win every game, but you will definitely always have reasons to laugh! :D
: Looking for people to play with :)
Hey there! I'm part of the Synergy community and I've been part of it for a few weeks now and I must say I really like it there. You will be welcomed kindly and you will most likely always find someone to play with, be a normals, duo or flex! If you want to, you can just join via the link: Would be awesome to see you there!
Lylò (EUW)
: Synergy. Discord server to find duos, teams and other In-houses!
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: The Poro Squad [EUW] Discord Community
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Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
: Looking for some friends to play casual normal games with :)
Hey Buddy :) I created a new Discord Community a few days ago called The Poro Squad! We're a bunch of people from all around Europe and currently we're around 40 :) You're welcome if you want to join us!:) To enter there are two options: 1. Click on the Link above and you'll be directed to the brower version of Discord. or, which I recommend 2. Download Discord if you don't have already and just insert the link on the "join server" tab :) Hope to see you around!
: Snorlax's Den | Looking for friends eh :^)
: She is broken, when i played her Support i ended up 21/7 and litterally oneshot everybody with 1 Q, one E one W and one Ult, and its not like it has cast time, i did these spells in a breaktime of two seconds all together combined so yea, i'd like to see the mana cost and cd in early game on Q a bit higher
I really don't want to know that Elo that was or what the hell your bot lane did :'D Option 1: You guys were bad (no offense) and walked into every stun. Option 2: She stole all kills.
: Brand - no Diana - definitely no > the only way you'll get your passive off is hitting a minion twice then QRW+passive AA, ands that won't 100-0 anyone, even with a second R. You need to either hit 2 Qs first (probably 7 s cd each depending on what you're maxing/building), or hope the stick around long enough after your QRWaa combo but then you can't really complain LB - no, unless she killed you earlier in lane, but then you can't complain Fizz - no Velkoz - no Xerath???? Veigar maybe if you do something really stupid
Brand - yes he can. Diana - I play Diana quite a lot. I only need to Q > R > AA (with Sheen) and maybe another R to one shot or ADCs. LB - I kinda agree Fizz - ... Really? No? Fizz can dive any mage. His CD on his E is way to low and his dmg output uncontrollable, specially because of his W (which is one the reasons, Fizz is getting an (small) update) Velkoz - are you sure you have played against a Velkoz who knows what he is doing? Xerath - Agreed. He can't 100-0 in most cases. Only if he is very ahead and pokes you first. Veigar - You say that Veigar cant 100-0 you? Really? Just come into his range and your basically dead.
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DaveHM (EUW)
: Jungler Looking for a ranked 5 team
Well, we have a community. All elos are welcome! We're also setting up ranked teams for every elo, so if interested, just tell me! You can add Ichiiyukai or Nukerelia on LoL and ask us for a Discord link. :) We only use Discord, so you would have to download it or you can just use it from the browser :) Regards, Ichiiyukai
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Either. But on this one you're EU.
How can I see that I'm on the EU server? On the upper right corner?
: I can confirm what this guys said. Same to be told about KG community. Avoid those places.
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: Yordle Gaming Welcomes All
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