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: It's a punishment. It's supposed to be annoying as hell.
That's so lame. I mean if my mom calls me(yes i am 15... I live with my mom) and she asks me to do something for her while i am in an ARAM, it's hard to say no i am playing League of Legends leave me alone... For some reasons there are no other options than go afk. But it's no problem about the leaverbuster, but it's just, the leaverbuster is allready enough imo. But needing to do it again because enemie remakes is just unfair af...
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: Well, "nice ult" sounds pretty much sarcastic to me.Most people use it to say that you suck rather than actually praising you for doing something good.But as I said there is a lack of context so I can't be 100% sure about everything. And yeah,you are writing in caps lock....You are literally yelling at him.You should never use caps locks.Also this whole thing about surrendering seemed like "i don't surrender because of you tards." Besides this think before you write.Either don't answer at all or be factual but don't just yell at someone.Thats very unsportmanslike.Just imagine someone on a foorball field yelling "fuck you you little peice of just lost the game." at the goal ceaper cause he couldn't catch the ball.He would get the red card.A deserved red card because he was unsportmanslike.
The reason i didnt want to srrndr, was bc i got a lot fun with blitz bot, even if we lost.''lose is not fun, but that u lose doesnt mean you still cant outplay people... and outplaying people is the fun thing of this game'' this explains the reason i didnt want to srndr ok... btw: the things you wrote in capslock, they are not all flaming texts. ''FFFFFFSSSS I HAVE FCKING TRIED NIDA SO OFTEN, BUT I HAVE NEVER NOT BEEN EXECUTED BUFF THIS NIDA SHE IS SO WEAK AT JNGL CLEARING PRE 6'' i was litterally flaming at myself. didnt know you could get chatrestriction for that...
: Well,here is a list of I would regard restriction worthy or at least pretty unsportsmanlike: Game 1: gg YOU ARE THE ONE WHO FED HIM RENEKTON lose is not fun report heimr OMGGG ME PRE WITH THIS FCKING HEIMER if you dont want, go afk RAMMUS SAYS I AM UNSPORTSMANLIKE BC I DONT WANT TO SRRNDR then go on playing and stop crying nice ult lick if you report this riot will just bann YOU for being tih stupid the truth is child logic to you??? i gues thats child logic u done talking rammus hmm guess i shut your mouth with my ''child logic'' Game 2: stfu FFFFFFSSSS I HAVE FCKING TRIED NIDA SO OFTEN, BUT I HAVE NEVER NOT BEEN EXECUTED BUFF THIS NIDA SHE IS SO WEAK AT JNGL CLEARING PRE 6 DUDE YOU WANTED YASUO JNGLER so toxic i am dying omg the kids... you can make clear he says noob... cry the toxicness, here comes the mute^^ here comes your mute too and btw, i have better farm then u and i am jngler lol ahri talking to me but is 0-4 ahri is gay and noob she cant ss she has 27 farm in 20 minute WTF IT WENT THREW YOU!!!?!!?!!?!!! MY SPEAR, IT WENT THREW YOU no omg you need report come srrndr pls cry me a river XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD you camp way to hard, go play cod no you are stupid bc you are playing teemo Game 3: then you shouldnt cry if i gank so. shitty. ult. yuo should put batteries in your lies, bc they dont work too.. xin whats that farm?? wow you guys are way too childish... bc i accidently wrote sally.... grow up you are getting rekt, not me yolo losers losaahss LOL WE TOTALLY GAVE YOU THIS SHIZZLE. WE COULDVE ENDED ALLREADY.. we are playing with you nooby basterds.. gg ez noob Thats everything is found without context and without taking a to close look.There would be defenetly more but without context it's hard to tell what is flame and what not. So,yeah,I'd say you deserve restrictions.You are unsportsmanlike.You are negative.You are insulting.You are writing in caps lock.I always ask myself when I see people like you:Would you be on a football field yelling at a teammate because he missed the goal? And please stop playing LOL with such an attitude towards the game.I'm not 100% sure about this because i don't have to much context but you shouldn't be WINNING to have fun.You should be PLAYING to have fun.People like you are those who tilt ind the first few minutes of the game after first blood typing "gg","report" or something like this into the chat and you will have to deal with even more losses. However I always wanted to ask a flamer:"What do you get from flaming?Is there a bigger reason behind this or is it just you being mad?"People like you are tilting the entire team which makes winning even less possible.
in the first game: ''nice ult'', sounds unsportsmanlike to you? And i was the one who didnt srrndr, thats why rammus called me unsportsmanlike. That surprised me, so i wrote in caps lock.... ''RAMMUS SAYS I AM UNSPORTSMANLIKE BC I DONT WANT TO SRRNDR'' here it litterally explains everything...{{champion:114}}
Lembontsync (EUNE)
: lol your chats is funny :3
but seriously, is this chatrestriction-acceptable..... if it is, i think everyone should get chatrestriction, bc i have seen a lot worse.
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EL Châpo (EUNE)
: FOR HOW LONG I WILL BE ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions?
I wanted to ask that too. Whats riots deal anyway. Ok i am flaming sometimes, but who the fck cares? If you dont like what i am saying, then dont listen. Where is the mute button for? I am just saying that chat restriction is a little bit overreacting. if i flame, just use the mute button. But a chat restriction and being ineligible to earn loots? cmon riot pls......
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Lupxel (EUW)
: If you have "mates" them queue together and you go whever you want
Dude i see you replying on every comment where people say something about getting TB back. Just stop. This people are right, TB was THE mode of LoL for much people. We dont ask riot to delete dynamic queue. We ask riot to put TB back.( Why cant we have both is the question) . So stop acting like we want dynamic queue deleted. Bc we didnt say that at all...
: Well yes you got a point premades who want to play bot lane should be allowed to do so, but i think they just can add this feature to new draft, but i also think that it should be only allowed in normal draft, not in ranked draft because it will get abused fast. But by bringing back teambuilder they would only go step back because player base would get split again between two modes, don't you remember how long it used to take to find team in teambuilder?
For unpatient people like u, waiting in TB is a problem. I didnt give a f*ck about waiting for a team. BTW in this new mode it takes even longer then TB. Do you know how much people forget to lock in their champ?{{champion:266}}
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IEatLouis (EUW)
: Game Modes...and Team Builder.
RIOT if you were in front of me i would kick your fcking asss for deleting TB. I play new champs at ranked because thats the only mode thats left were i CAN get my role.(That means that i still am not 100% sure i get that role). Since team builder is gone, it didnt only make me mad. It made me unliking this game more and more.. PLS RIOT DONT IGNORE AND BRING TB BACK!!
maragok (EUW)
: Remember team builder selection
Dude now TB is gone bc of you haters.. You seriously crying about that you need to select everything again?! who do you think you are? the queen of England?@!!
: And thats why i added the second option to the poll. So erm do you have anything significant to contribute? Or are you just here to shit on somebodies opinion because you can, without any good reason? Not saying that this would surprise me, because you see it very often around here.
Dont worry i agree with you. Why riot made that big mistake? we dont know. But they can fix it!
Evilkwiet (EUW)
: Bring Teambuilder back
Dude i almost cried when i saw that it was gone!! i would murder smebody to get it back. i try new champs at ranked noqw bc they troll at the other normals..
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: They will release it tomorrow on some region, could be EUW, if it works, they release it to everyone.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: The new champion select is great
XD actually i want team builder back:( because now since dynamic queuee is gone too i play new champs at rankedXD. I cant play normal in normals bc they troll super hard at it... i usually try new champs at TB but since they removed it..
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: Dont join costum games with random people that peomise skins
Dude you are pretty stupid that you fall into one.... Even my 6 years old brother wouldnt fall into that one..{{champion:266}}
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
What does fill mean? Again, bad englishXD. If u click fill. does that mean you dont have a secondairy role. If thats true, then riot forget this comment! its good how it is^^
ShpatiR9 (EUNE)
: The new draft mode / dynamic queue replaces team builder.
But there, you still need to choose 2 roles while you actually only want 1. And at dynamic queue/draft mode there can still be trolled without that you can leave because of trollers. Thats why i ask riot to atleast make dynamic queue/draftmode a little more like team builder.
: Teambuilder? gone for always?
Sorry, but at voting, at team builder, I mean team builder/ dynamic queue but then with 1 primary role without secondairy role. Sorry
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