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: just quit the game man, this game is not built for competition
: I find it weird that you would call yourself a mid laner when there is only one mid lane champion in your top 7 most played champions, and he is not even you most played champion. It seems like you actually main jungle and, not to be rude, you are kinda bad at it. I mean, you have less than 50% win rate on every jungler except vi which basically means you are powering through the jungle and not actually knowing what you are doing. Now it's time to learn to play the game properly. First thing that caught my eye is your cs/min. For a mid laner, it's unforgivable to consistently get around 5 cs/min in a match. It can sometimes happen if the circumstances are weird but not consistently. You have around 5 cs/min on average per game. You need to work on your last hitting a lot. A gold player should already know how to last hit. You seem to use wards pretty well but do you put them in the correct places? Do you put them in brushes at the mid lane entrance to the river? Because if you do, stop putting them there. Their value in those brushes is extremely low because people can walk around them unseen and when they spot an enemy coming to gank you, it's often too late at that point. So put them in places where they offer more intel. A good place is the entrance to the river from the raptors. How do you use your control wards? You seem to buy them but do you actually use or buy them after the laning phase? Use them at objectives to set them up for easy taking and to deny enemy from stealing it. You should also look for flanks with Talon when people are about to do objectives. Make sure they have no vision with stuff like control wards and sweeper and enter their carries' butt cheeks from behind when their front line is too busy trying to fight with your team. It's hard to say what you are doing wrong properly without watching your games but those are some things you can start with. Especially the cs part. Csing is the foundation to everything. The general rule of thumb is also to only play a select few champions. Like 3-ish champions. I don't recommend touching champions that you have under 50% wr with.
Thanks for answering, its really helpful, and yes I place wards properly, raptors camp too. I know about vision control and I know where to put and when pink wards, anyway you right about cs, I started playing jung on start of s9 so I didn't focused farm that much, after scuttle changes I switched on mid again, so that's why.
: ***
I don't think that Talon is reason, but thanks.
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