: Macro skills in League. Need a hand here.
in my opinion you Need to Play safe in different situations and with different champs.For example;your a fed Talon and ist 40 min the enemy team goes to engage you try to go behind them wait for a Moment and kill there carry when hes alone or with the Support Another example when you Play son you Need to stay near by your carry and protect him if your Team engages you stay near by your carry and go with him . he Needs to be safe everytime.so i think ist depend who you Play how fed you are and wich Position you Play (and the Situation ) i hope i could help you bb and gl and hf at the Rift{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: All assassins have weak spots. You just gotta learn what they are and how to abuse them with the champions you play. The problem with this meta though, is that it's very snowballing. If you pick up a lead mid, you can keep killing your opponent, roam top and bot, go into the enemy jungle, pick up drakes and rift herald and get more turrets. The key is to know how to stop those snowballing effects since its team gold, that one player is snowballing his whole team. Making the problem bigger since its not just 1 fed champion anymore but a whole team. Theres much more to it behind the scenes. If you play save and the assassin does not get any kills, he will be weak later in the game.
oki thank you for your tips bb and hf in the rift
: Where's Nocturne..
ofically nocturn dont Count as assasin hes more like a high burst mage.If you look at assasins in the champ select you see hes not there but in my opinion he is one to {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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