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: This made me curious now. You said you only had a 14day ban, followed by the permaban (the latter part is normal nowdays, you go from 14days to perma on repeated offenses without reform), however, you also said you never had any chat/ranked restrictions. Wich is atleast a bit unusual, **unless** the bans you got were not for toxic behaviour, but breaking ToU. OR, for extreme toxic behaviour, (i.e hate speech and the likes). Would you mind sharing the ban reason with us? You should have recieved an email, with the reason and in case of toxic behaviour some chatlogs. (for both your bans). Mostly interested in the 14day ban reason tho, as the permaban one is as mentioned standard for repeated offenses after previous punishment and no sign of reform. You can however share the permaban one too if you wish to do that. As for appealing a ban, if you truly are innocent, you can and should appeal the ban. Otherwise, you still can try that, so they double check your case, however justified punishments are never lifted.
I can only assume it is for toxicity as I don't afk ever
: > [{quoted}](name=callumrjackson1,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ANFW0ihX,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-15T01:13:43.637+0000) > > unfair to have all that effort and time just wiped away for **a few meaningless words** Here's where you are wrong (well arguably there is some issues with what you said before as well, but let me care to explain). These "few meaningless words" might actually trigger someone elses depression, suicidal thoughts or other generally negative things. I've been there, done that. You can hurt someone immensely with a few words that you assume to be meaningless. There is no describing how much pain this can be, and no, I am not of opinion that "this is the internet, you need a thick skin" is a valid reason to insult, flame or otherwise harrass others. Secondly, this 2 week ban should be an indication to you that your behaviour is not in line with what is expected according to ToU and/or Summoner's Code. This IS your warning before permaban. You could argue that removing chat would lessen toxicity, and while I do agree, it also makes you lack certain communication that pings will never ever be able to make up for. I don't see why it's that difficult to be a decent human being and behave and not say anything stupid. If you're afraid of typing something bad in chat, consider unbinding your key for chat access. That could arguably help. I hope this explains it, feel free to let me know if you wish me to explain a bit more in detail or if you disagree with something I stated.
I understand what you are saying and thanks for the reply but what you need to understand is there is a difference in being a decent human being and "flaming". Basically what I am saying is in my case anger and impolite words only come with ammunition and incentive provided by those who seek to enrage or troll in games and sometimes it's hard to hold back nasty words when you at the time genuinely are annoyed with someone and you can only express this anger through chat.
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