: Riot are ok for him to rejoin the community, on a NEW account, provided he amended his behaviour. Miraculously he learned to just shout at his fan base instead of typing. You can do the exact same thing. He's not getting any special treatment. You are also able to make a new account and follow the rules, whenever you want. ---- Perma bans are there to show that there are consequences for consistent disregard for the rules. They exist purely because to get to that point, a player has to have already experienced a temp ban, as well as possible chat restrictions - and at this point it's pretty clear that the person in question won't get the message unless there's heavier repercussions. ---- Again, if you'd like to rejoin, you can always make a new account - just make sure to follow the rules this time.
understood thanks for the 6 years,
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: You don't have any other choice if you want to continue to play the game. I am happy that you have worked on yourself but permaban is permaban. It should stay forever, otherwise what's the point in the permabans? If everyone could just come here say something emotional and get his account back then the whole point of the ban system would be destroyed.
actually the point of the banning system isn't to ban accounts, it's to pressure players in improving and moderating their own behaviour, so the ban has worked, i'm putting in alot of effort to not be the same person that was getting reported. so no, unbanning players that are making effort actually should be what the banning system is for, otherwise your punishing players without giving them a opportunity to rectify their own mistakes, which makes it pretty damn pointless. if the bannning system just forces players to make new accounts instead of reviewing their own actions then i my opinion it's already destroyed,
: I don't abandon stuff I've worked on, but the thing is a permaban is a permanent ban as it says. I've played League since the end of Season 1 without any punishments ever. They don't do unbans unless the ban was a error, and they have never done temporary unbans for permanently banned accounts (if you don't count the NA permaban experiment). I know it sucks to lose an account you've worked on but your only choice here is to create a new account and move on.
well i'll wait for a staff member to make that decision, but creating a new account seriously doesn't resolve anything, i think it would be a sham if tencent would rather pocket your 6 year investment in place acknowledging an attempt at improvement, i could of made a new account 5 weeks ago when i was banned, but what does that accomplish? sure i get to play the game again but thats not what any of this is about, i'd still have my own issues, i'd still react poorly to other players and handle all that wrong in accordance with ToS, it's a very effective busniess model dont get me wrong but it's incredlibly dehumanising which is absurd considering its built by humans for humans
Kurotsu (EUW)
: All of T1's accounts are still banned. He lifted an IP ban is all
he was still permabanned in a very intensive way, for toxicity that makes me look like a angel, if tencent are happy for him to rejoin the community then that is that, and labels are just that, they don't mean much besides a form of identification, but are always subject to change under review. i'm not a twitch streamer or anything, i dont have hundreds of people paying me to get all the champs and such that i need to get to where i was,
: You accepted the ToS when you created your account. Riot can take that all away from you if you work against the ToS which in this case you have. Go next acc.
yeah when i created the account 6 years ago, but the terms and conditions change yearly, also i fully admit that i've breached that, i'm acknowledging that, and trying to be a better person to prevent that in the future, maybe your the type of person to abandon 6 years of your life so easily, but i'm not going to give up, it's called integrity you should try it sometime
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: You don't have any other choice if you want to continue to play the game. I am happy that you have worked on yourself but permaban is permaban. It should stay forever, otherwise what's the point in the permabans? If everyone could just come here say something emotional and get his account back then the whole point of the ban system would be destroyed.
tyler1 proved that perma bans aren't permanent, the reality is that we all human beings, and so we can negotiate and reason, i'm not asking for anything beyond what i feel is somewhat fair, i'm not even asking to be unbanned, i'm actually asking for a way to move forward, being a adult and owning my mistakes, i'm not saying some heartfelt shite and painting a sob story to get my account back, i've intentioally left detailsout to avoid that perception,
canablyss (EUW)
: please review my ban tencent
well tencent bought out riot games back in season 3-4?, so its called riotgames but it isnt really anymore as far as i'm aware although corporate politics do elude me, and why should i make a new account? i've had this account since season 2, and i've spent alot of money on this account, i'm not abandoning it, shame on you
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Poschii (EUW)
: You will play people based on your MMR not your division, so in effect you are still playing the same class of player you were before reset.
hmmmm, well i feel like i've over reacted with this new information at hand, guess i'll get back on the never ending grindfest that is ranked,
: If you were gold then it should be easy to climb out again? I was gold 2 and got placed to silver 4, I won 4 games out of 6 (I don't mind, since I get 30+ LP every game win).
i'd like to agree with you, but bronze/silver is elo hell for a reason, i can go 10/2 as a carry yet lose becuase my jungler solo roamed at the 40 minute mark get's caught, enemy get's baron and ends game, that's just one possible outcome for the level of stupidity i expect from the elo, as you can gather, i don't have any faith in the quality of my teammates, that was when i was gold, now i'm in silver 4, the standards are even lower, i seriously feel defeated before i've even started,
canablyss (EUW)
: new ranked placement algorythm must be broken
bump, i would appreciate an actual rioter to give confirmation on this new ranking system, if this is what it is, then i'm done with this game, however if it's a mistake made by automated system's i might let it sly,
: See More Stats (BUG/PLANNED?)
it's probably one of two thing's. first it could be that you haven't played enough games to make a "representable" table of stat's so if you've only played 10-20 games, there isn't many statistics to formulate a spread of those statistic's, the second possibility is that they are temporarily disabled while all the new champ select's and queue's are fully fleshed out, maybe code between the two systems overlap in a way that it has to be one or the other, this is pure speculation btw i don't have any inside info lol, but these seem like the most likely possibilities
duckarp (EUNE)
: I've been playing since 2011 and many of my players as well. And guess what, new friends are joining to play too. People who left LoL were those, who couldn't keep up with the changes. That type of guys "bah, screw Windows 10! What a bad system! Windows XP is still the best!". If you think LoL can keep about 60mil. active accounts every month by staying the same for 6-7 years, well, dream on. People come and go. There's only one factor that matters - is the game still fun enough to attract new people? YES, it is. I'm not saying that LoL is flawless and can't be improved. Quite the contrary. BUT, I also see how much has Riot done for this community since the beginning, all the changes, patches, events and whatnot. The changes that are coming aren't really "cheap" in any kind of sense. Completely reworked client, new champion select, huge reworks of old champions and even whole maps and events, social changes, mobile apps (finally)... Please, tell me the name of other game that managed to stay completely Free2Play and managed to get such frequent and huge updates.
smite, team fortress 2, dota allstars/dota 2, and just about any text based browser game going, just to name a few, you opinionate that players are leaving because they "can't keep up" man most of these players that i see leaving are at least gold, i fail to see the connection you've imagined, but you did get one thing spot on, "there's only one factor that matter's - is the game fun enough to attract new people?" you're completely right in the sense that this is a active thought process adopted by riot, but is it fun enough to keep players sticking around? the answer is no, a huge populace of league constantly complain about the sheer toxic state of the game's player base, having nothing but flamer's/troll's/afker's ect game after game, what about that is fun? what is it about working your arse off for 4-5 years and end up nowhere is enjoyable? if your argueing that league has a light hearted side i havent seen it, if your trying to take the "E-SPORT" seriously you won't enjoy anything because the game does nothing but punish you for trying, there is countless video footage on youtube or whereever with titles such as "the adventures of wood division" or "a typical day in team builder" these perfectly demonstrate what you can expect on a average day, furthermore the rework to say, the masteries is completely cheap, giving flat choices instead of making informed choices and mathematically calculated builds, is a testoment that alot of these changes are "cheap" and intented for the lower IQ players ,
Poschii (EUW)
: Not broken. The highest anyone can place is Plat 1, which is where D1 and Challenger players will place. You will notice that you get +25ish for a win and lose about 12 for a loss.
that's slightly more reasonable FOR THEM. they have to do 1-2 promo's to get back to their original division, i've done quite well in my placements and have to grind 4 PROMOTIONS IN ELO HELL, you say it's not broken, but i'm being harshly punished for doing well, what about that isn't broken?
duckarp (EUNE)
: And that is why people still keep playing the game. Because it changes, evolves and improves. If you don't like it, you can still move on. It's not possible for Riot to keep every possible version of people who "don't like the new"...
it's not so much what your saying, "older" league of legends player's are quitting, and in a decent enough number, that it should be catching some form of attention, but with "new" players getting a huge sense of enticement with the dumbed down reworks of everything (masteries, champ select, entire game roles, ect) it's the same thing that happened to WoW that drove a huge part fo the "older" playerbase away, cheap innovations that make things simpler for less intelligent players. but the fact of the matter is that people are not "still keep on playing LoL" in fact, i'm losing count of the players that are quitting, some of them were popular streamer's, others just despise the direction riot is taking, it needs addressing, but since the amount of new players that join and like what they find heavily outways the amount of players that have been playing this game for 4-5 years and despise what they "get given" people like yourself will continue to neglect and dismiss a very obvious problem that is uncared for
: Champ that can walk on trees ... why not ?
so you want the treant protector from dota to port over? i think riot get's enough abuse for copy/pasting champ's
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: Lucians birthplace is Demacia, I think you took the Kayle and Morgana thing from OLD lore, ofc Riven goes solo. How can you btw explain that J4 can go 1v1 against LB? The game itself doesnt follow the lore, thats why you can have Lucian and Thresh in the same team and in the same lane. Kayle lives in Demacia, so does Morgana in Noxus.
just because lucian is born in demacia doesn't make him deamcian, poppy is a yordle yet demacian, since when did they change the lore for morgana and kayle? last i read (about 2 weeks ago) morgana and kayle are a race from another world, morgana got mages from the league to help fight against kayle so kayle in turn made a deal with the league for them to remove themselves in exchange for 1000 years of service, both kayle and morgana now reside within the league, not demacia or noxus? and since your outright stating a demacia vs noxus battle, then i assume the lore comes into play? otherwise we can just put whatever champs on whatever side and say that garen won it for noxus
: So, IF an official 10v10 comes, we could maybe have NOXUS VS DEMACIA! Similiar to Ionia vs Noxus, teams could be made from available champs. Demacia: Fiora, Garen, Lucian, Lux, Vayne, Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao, Galio, Shyvana, Quinn, Sona, Kayle, Taric and Poppy. Noxus: Darius, Katarina, Talon, Riven, Swain, Sion, Draven, Urgot, Cassiopeia, Vladimir, LeBlanc, Warwick, Singed, Morgana and Dr. Mundo *Edit: And with 10v10, I meant 10 champs vs 10 champs
lucian is part of a old ionian order along with his wife, kayle and morgana don't belong to any faction they get outside help directly from the league for their own causes which resulted in a stalemate in exchange for 1000 years of service, and riven is a lone wanderer and doesn't support noxus any more, oh and lastly j4 is dead and actually leblanc in disguise, so wuldnt make sense for them to be on the same battlefield
Eambo (EUW)
: Technically 10v10 is already here, and coming very soon. And by this, I mean All-Stars, where one player controls the keyboard and one the mouse. :-D Tandem Mode Gooo!
oh man that's gonna be a riot can't wait xD
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Ulriah (EUW)
: Rune pages.
and then what? ive got enough runepages, and most people i know have all 20 pages full
canablyss (EUW)
: need new things to spend ip on, champs take too long to be released
well, since they just put all the meaningful runes into a permanent sale, and i own most runes, there really isnt many runes that are effective, sure i culd buy a load of death timer quints, but they are useless, as for changing my name idc, i lke my username and have been using this alias for over 10 years, so no :P
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