: There is a lot of generalisation about this but it would also seem logical that certain champions/roles might appeal to people for personal reasons. I like supporting. I am not much good at it but I love the idea of it. The fact that you can impact a game positively but without all the attention is fine for me. I am a quiet, shy person that loves to help people. I am always polite and friendly in games (and irl)...even when I am being flamed (which happens a lot). I don't do it for thanks or reward (other than the win ofc), I just get on with it and try and help. So, I fit your generalisation. I am sure that there are other supports that are not like this...I wouldn't know. Personally, I have noticed that Vayne players are generally wreckless though. That is my generalisation :)
>Vayne players are generally wreckless though. That is my generalisation :) i think this one is fairly common, Vaynespotting is a thing I like to roleplay in all games i play, so whenever i play support i really get into the cheerleading "yay!, gj! nice cs!" "close, we'll get them next time!" "i got your back buddy!" that sort of thing, makes the game more fun and improves team moral!
Not xPeke (EUW)
: You said it yourself, it's a generalisation. As you pointed out due to your own own personal experience you found that assassin mains could be egocentric douchebags, while supports tend to be more friendly. On the other hand, I have witnessed the arrogance of support players who deem themselves above anyone else simply because they are playing Support. And that is worse. Some Support players feel entitled to flame and look down on the rest of the team because of the role they play, placing themselves on a higher ground than anyone else. People say ADCs flame their supports, but i've witnessed the same amount if not more of Supports acting all mighty and blaming their ADC for not farming well, being out of position, not kiting to perfection, etc. So yeah, toxic and friendly players come in all roles shapes and sizes.
> Some Support players feel entitled to flame and look down on the rest of the team because of the role they play, placing themselves on a higher ground than anyone else. I have noticed this recently too, but i think a lot of them arent really support players but rather players who sacrificed their main role for shorter queue and thinks the rest of the team owes them some sort of debt I remember the team builder days, where supports would hop from one team to the next looking for the perfect comp and gratitude for showing up I dont consider this group to be "true" support players, sort of like dorans ring lux supports I have met friendly and toxic players across all roles at one point or another
: Skin for Cassio. Drop idea:
I know i can click the images to find the source but would really appreciate if you put "By: <artist name>" under the pictures just a little pet peeve of mine
Eveninn (EUW)
: Isn't autofill effecting like the smallest Portion of players anyway?
yes, but the negative drawbacks would be the same I was using the example of autofill (that forces players to play MORE than 1 game supp) as an example as to why the suggestion would not work more dodges and longer queue times the suggestion not very good forcing players to spend 20-50 minutes playing something they dont find fun before they can then play what they want is silly imo They need to make the role more attractive for players to play instead of forcing them to play it How is this comment even relevant. A flawed system negatively impacting 1 player is still flawed I'm not effected by Elo boosters that much doesnt mean I dont think something should be done about it.
: yasuo animated fanart =)
didnt you already post this?
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: Just make everyone play one daily game as a support
they already do several games as support in fact it's called "autofill" and it doesnt work because funny thing is if you force players to play a role they dont enjoy or are certain they will perform poorly on guess what?... ...they dodge. great for queue time! if we are going to force people to learn roles they arent interested in playing we should just go back to draft pick
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Furus112 (EUNE)
: test
Neclord (EUNE)
: Yasuo??
I cant understand why i see threads saying nerf yasuo yet every single yasuo I get on my team feeds
: Do reports even work? I think they don't.
If you think reports (especially for flamers) dont work then you havent been spending enough time on boards flamers get banned all the time and then come here to flame some more and complain about how it's ok for them to tell people to die because mute is a thing trust me reports work
: Why do people care about flaming?
yup can tell just from your summoner name you are toxic stay classy kid
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Four Star (EUW)
: Is Jayce going to come back to meta?
maybe. If you start playing him play him til they ban him i believe in you
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Music that match champs too perfect
{{champion:20}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N_tupPBtWQ
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LordAlaa (EUNE)
: Fiddlesticks E is too OP in ARAM
that F-#€&%ING Bird is such a tilter i would be happy if they at least changed it so that it couldnt bounce you if you are out of vision The fact that it can bounce to you even when in bush out of vision is some straight up BS
Lauralf (EUW)
: Just... Gaaaaaaah!!!
all junglers know dem feels
: Yes, I'm the only person on earth who has this problem, of course. And do you have any argument against my point?
champ select is a lot faster with lock in. There was a few of identical threads to this one the first week of new champ select but then people got use to it and most of us prefer it this way as said champ select is a generally speaking faster now
Nearas (EUNE)
: ahhahaha , i hate tyler dude, i know about "hehe xd", it was a joke.
Nearas (EUNE)
: I know that. But im reformed, i deserve another chance hehe xd
>But im reformed, i deserve another chance hehe xd Tyler1 fanboy confirmed no wonder you got banned the 2 week ban was your second chance you only get one second chance riot aint DJ Khaled you dont get anotha one
Giojun (EUW)
: "Play other things retard"
I have been so tempted to do this every time i see someone hover yasuo top (never do, always regret) he has probably, like many of us, experienced a yasuo feed hard recently something about yasuo top they lose to everything had a yasuo top (mastery 7 ofc) lose to a godamn nami the other day
: Panda Annie's potato sack
awwww you are good onee chan sorry i cant really help you have you tried going to the market and looking at actual potato sacks? those are pretty cheap or else thrift stores maybe?
Altiverse (EUNE)
: My little bird emperor...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
he's using the Trump defense say something incredibly offensive claim it was sarcasm and then flame you more for "not getting it" while playing the victim
Nearas (EUNE)
: This guy that got unbanned was 10x more toxic than I am.
nope. oh and "other guy doing shitty thing" is never an excuse for you to do shitty thing they should teach you that in elementary school
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Why is this happening to me.
This is why i have my water boiler and my coffee right next to me... in an IV... hooked directly to my veins having the plumbing reworked to install second toilet by my rig. I will never miss another queue ever again.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I know i shouldnt, but it wasnt that bad cmon But it was. Your 14 day ban was your **final** warning, it was even mentioned in the mail you got. After that ban, you are expected to not engage in any verbal abuse, at all. You got back from your ban, and immediately started insulting people again. There's no need to allow you to continue playing and abusing people if that's how you wish to represent yourself. Your behaviour is completely unacceptable, and unwanted, in this game. Riot will never unlock the account again now. You've wasted every chance you got, and you can't blame this on anyone else than yourself. You're responsible for your actions, so you have to take the consequences for them. What you wish to do now is up to you, but this account is lost forever.
ikr? who does that? 1st champion lobby after his ban, before a game has even started, and he's already flaming. Then somehow surprised he gets perma banned {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
voldai (EUNE)
: Noobs :D
because of your MMR
Nearas (EUNE)
: Permanently banned 3 hours after 2 week ban ended, come on...
you just got unbanned and you are toxic in 2/3 games are you really surprised >I heard stories about people getting unbanned after they got permanently banned they are just that stories. Riot NEVER unbans people for toxic behavior
: What's the logic behind auto-fill?
you are looking for logic in the wrong place "hey players hate dynamic queue but at least ncs and role selection is nice right? why you complaining about premades when you can chose your role! oh wait I almost for got something..." "what did you almost for get uncle rito?" *pulls up middle finger from poket* "fk you that's what i almost forgot" *puts out cigar in your birthday cake and kicks your dog on the way out*
: When u ping ur top laner..
have you ever had someone spam ping you? what does that make you want to do when you get spam pinged? listen to the calm rational advice of the guy causing that obnoxious PING PING PING PING PING PING noise? or ignore them? It's swell that you want to communicate with your team, but some teammates wont listen, all youre doing is probably tilting the rest of your team with the pings. I hope you came to boards to vent and didnt actually tell your toplaner to kill themselves. That shit is never cool. I dont care how much someone feeds.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: liek if u cri everytim
When a leona immediately clears the ward you placed without a sweeper or a pink just in general whenever someone clears one of the poro or penguin wards i cry
: When you try to clear a pink ward as a slow ass support, and 4 people appear out of nowhere and surround you ;-; Actually I think horror music fits that more than sad one, but yeah.
nowadays i only go for to place/clear deepwards if i am tank support or bard might still die, but at least, WE GOING FOR A RIDE BOYS, PUSH MID TEAM
: Yay, got mine
truly outrageous
: That weird moment when Amumu's picked more than Kindred...
He finally has friends! hooray for moomoo!
: When you're in the toilet
: Why is Nunu still useless/in existence?
Hey leave nunu alone nunu is op at objective control an i dont think he is boring to play at all nunu does not have high cooldowns and his skills are not useless sure he could use a bit of love but he is far from useless
: I report my whole team for unsportsmanlike conduct when they don't surrender a 4v5 game AMA
>and I consider this forcing to be unsportsmanlike. luckily what you consider has no actual relevance to what is actually unsportsmanlike (ie "report my team" in all chat) I'm curious what do expect will happen? that they will be punished? ORRRRRR.... that your report credibility will diminish over time and will eventually mean nothing? not surrendering is not a reportable offense
Wukongz (EUNE)
: I'm not GPet... Also sorry about the coffee, let me set up a snack table... \*sets up coffee, sodas, snacks and beer* Can you play Somewhere Over the Rainbow? I used to play guitar when I was in highschool and always wanted to get an ukelele but never got around to it for some reason. Then I stopped playing all-together. <_< Are you going to share your Nunu works on the boards?
I can indeed play somewhere over the rainbow that was my main reason for getting a uke to begin with I highly recommend it if you are considering picking one up, lots of online resources to self teach will prolly share if i ever get around to finishing them *pours cup of coffee... * *....leaves the cup takes the jug*
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Good Afternoon ^^
youre up late today Gpet where's the coffee? I also wanted project leona :( got luci instead, meh orange is always k no big plans for this week, hoping pool party mundo goes on sale, I might buy him because i play ukulele in real life hopefully will finish some doodles this week, working on both a nunu animation and a nunu origin comic, both early stages, but just something to work on in queue have a nice week
Daunt (EUNE)
: Summoner name clean up...needs to be cleaned up faster
great idea if people are going to create accounts just to sit on dank/cool names they should at least have to invest the time to get said account to lvl 11
: Is a kill worth it if you use both your summoner spells and your ult?
well that depends kills are only a means to an end it's objectives that win the game if getting that kill helps you get a tower or neutral jungle objective yes a kill is worth however if you are chasing for a long time to get a kill on a low hp target when you could have just taken a tower or drake probably not worth It's really hard to answer general questions like this since lol is such a situational game if you are losing lane, blowing both summs for a kill could come back to bite you especially if the enemy jungler is paying attention but as a rule of thumb most of the time yes it's worth, but you should be thinking "what objectives can i get off this kill" and not just "can i get kill" nothing frustrates me more than seeing someone get a kill and then immediately start recalling instead of pushing an objective
Morgastre (EUW)
: My most unpopular opinion is that people aren't bad based on their home country, nor good if we talk about Korean players :P .
I agree most french players i've met have been friendly and not bad as for the koreans, I dont think they are born better at games, but there is definitely a cultural work ethic that helps them excel I love the contrast of especially the american and asian cultural extremes, where 1 is taught they could always be better and the other is taught they are THE BEST NUMBER 1! even if they are mediocre
: What is your unpopular opinion regarding something in league of legends?
nunu is usefull also, I believe a majority of the player base... is not toxic
: GF working today...
that's a lot of chores! wow your right hand has been working today! hahahahahahahahahahaha im lonely :(
: Don't complain about me for not being original.
xZaa (EUW)
: Ward skins not showing
I cant believe they havent made a sticky or notification about this from service status page "We are aware certain ward skins are not available for selection in champion select and are working on resolving the issue." HEY VOLUNTEERS maybe time for a known issues thread already or tell them to fix the ward skins already, it's been weeks and this is a service people pay for and most players dont even know it's broken
: Boards in a nutshell
you forgot one 6 the boards in a nutshell posts, where people complain about people complaining if you think you are being original with this thread, you are really not you find what you look for
: > [{quoted}](name=Skylinez33,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YEjld24h,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-08-14T14:29:01.200+0000) > > I like nunu&#x27;s kit > its fun http://www.lolking.net/champions yea so fun that his winrate is 43.9% LOWL
my nunu winrate is not 43%
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