Kaluchii (EUW)
: star guardian urgot maybe?
: I really like TFT, but i also LOVED games like nexus blitz and Odyssey they should honestly keep supporting them. but as always this company does what it wants to, and the players will just have to suck it up
I agree, they should be able to support other modes, other games have whole other worlds. I guess i dont know much about coding and game programming but league has done it before, they should be able to do it again.
HavickPT (EUW)
: i guess now riot is focus in all on tft and dont care create new modes
Yeah, but it's still unfair since people asked for game modes while nobody asked for tft
: Riot Promised Us More Game Modes But They Have Not Delivered!
Does anyone even remember hexakill? that was a great game too
: well league of legends is also a copycat of basic dota so idk where is your problem comming from ... so what they copied dota auto chess they copied the original dota to begin with...
Yes! this is one of the things which annoy me so much about tft, it was only released so that Riot could keep with the trend, it was never mentioned in dev diaries, and nobody actually asked for it. They just got lucky because it was a success, i guess they knew it would be seeing dota's success.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: riots 10 year anniversary is coming up, I think they're going to reveal something great. let's bet patient.
: A big issue is the midseason and end of season updates that they just shit out and think about later, these create huge imbalances since pbe isn't used as a beta, it's used so that people can play urf earlier and for people to get sneak peeks at upcoming changes. I have never seen them change something because of PBE so that is also an issue.
This is very true, I myself have only been playing a lot of pbe recently for urf, there is nothing about pbe that makes people want to play it aside from testing out skins or rgms, as seen by the huge queues created by the release of tft when it came out onto pbe. This even shows that riot should bring back RGMs since people really want to play them, they would rather play a laggy and buggy client like pbe just to play these game modes than to play on the original client. Riot also needs to make it easier to make friends on pbe or connect with friends from the original client, or bring something to the client to encourage more people to use pbe.
: Discussion Thread About Riot's Envisioned Future (Please Join To Give Your Opinion)
Great read, thank you for linking this to me. A lot of your points are very true and I agree with what you've said. I feel like riot has a tunnel vision on making money these days which is sad as it is really impacting the enjoyment of the game. Their 10 year anniversary is coming up and I honestly believe it is gonna be another disappointing event. However, if it is a shambles, they are gonna feel its burn. Here's a link to my forum about the lack of RGMs if anyone is interested in reading it: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/kyeZQMG5-riot-promised-us-more-game-modes-but-they-have-not-delivered?show=nested
KoOkOo99 (EUW)
: is "rotating" game modes not "random"
jamaesy (EUW)
: it will take a lot of time to even make a new game mode that will be playable a lot of stuff goes in to making new modes, plus there trying to deal with league that is well lets say everyones complaining about stuff that has been in the games for a while that haven't been patched that they lived with before but now they want fixed so that means they have there hands full. this is my point of view of what a think is going on behind the teens I do not know so take what your read with a pinch of salt I wish I could work at riot.
Yeah I agree with what you're saying. Riot is busy with a lot of things, especially considering their 10 yr birthday is coming up and one of my points is that they are putting their efforts into things which people do not want, like skins, little legends and eternals, which just cost rp, rather than fixing game play issues. I guess riot does have to make money somehow, but considering how successful esports is and how many people do buy skins anyway, especially with popular events like star guardian, project and so on, it's unnerving how they continue to release 'money-making schemes' rather than bringing updates people want.
: Nice post! I agree on this matter. Check out this post as well: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/Ec5iFtVo-discussion-thread-about-riots-envisioned-future-please-join-to-give-your-opinion I already have quite some upvotes, and I want the post to stay "hot" for as long as possible so Riot has to respond at some point!
Thank you! I will give your post a read. I really hope Riot listens to us.
: They feel like slightly altered regular games, but I just dont find them fun for some reason.
Okay, everyone's preference is different. I think league should at least provide different options for people who like like and don't like them
: i'll just post this link to an ask riot that was made after the video necrit made XD about event that being said the fact that the events this year were lack luster at best and streight up trash at worst isn't nothing new so here the link to their plans https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/09/ask-riot-events-and-game-modes/
Thank you very much :) and yes I have read that post! That one was after they got lots of feedback from people about how unhappy they are with the lack of game modes, Im glad that Riot is finally listening to us but I just feel like its very late in the year as the season is about to end and they promised in the preseason that we would have these events. So it is still disappointing that we have to ask for what was already promised to us.
Diävolo (EUW)
: I'm surprised to see that none upvoted fot TFT. I saw too much *animals who look like humans* trying to make TFT more better and making it the main game meanwhile League going to be the side game. Everyone realized that TFT is shit
I didn't know about this, didn't think people preferred tft to sr, i dont really like it mainly cos its a copy-cat of dota's autochess game and it was never mentioned by riot until it was released (after dota released theirs) so i was annoyed that riot released a game just to fit in with the trend rather than releasing what they promised us
: Nah, I can't stand them... Nexus blitz was the only RGM that was at least playable for me
Infernape (EUW)
: It comes down to this. Riot can't monetise RGMs therefore, they don't give a flying shit about it. That and the fact that Riot cannot be bothered to rework the game's backend systems to support multiple modes.
Yes, it seems like Riot has been releasing a lot of money-making updates lately, like the eternals which I am really not a fan of, even the little legends and the orbs are just ridiculously priced and just not worth it these days.
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KonoKat (EUW)
: Eternals
Sell eternals for blue essence, not riot points.
: I really need some help I'm getting too frustrated
I dont have a suggestion of how to carry a game solo. Sadly, it seems that thr only way to secure a win is to play in a premade team. Even a pre-two can make a big difference to your chances of winning, provided that your pre-mate (see what i did there ;D) is as good, or almost as good, as you since you know how each other play and would be better at communicating with each other and are less like to quarrel. Its difficult trying to instruct your team on what to do cos in most cases people just wanna do their own thing, wven tho your rank os on the line -.- One possible suggestion could be pushing each lane as far and as quick as possible rather than engaging the enemy team? The less the feeders engage, the better it would be for your team, if theyre that bad since you win by destroying the nexus and not by getting the most kills
: Reporting is not enough
RIOT NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THAT A LOT OF THEIR PLAYERS ARE VERY RUDE ON THIS GAME AND THERE NEEDS TO BE SANCTIONS FOR BEING RUDE. REPORTING DEFINITELY IS NOT ENOUGH. THIS GAME HAS, BY FAR, THE WORST FAN BASE EVER AND IT ANGERS ME THAT RIOT DOES NOTHING TO HELP THE SITUATION. WHY IS IT THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE MEAN TO OTHERS FOR SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS NOT CHOOSING THE ADC'S DESIRED SUPP?? AND THEN WHEN YOU REPORT THEM, YOU HOPE IT WONT CONTINUE BUT IT DOES. People bullying other people on this games makes the game very unenjoyable, and it's not fair that people should be able to go on abusing others and being racist and saying such mean things over a game. Why isn't riot doing anything?? I don't see results when i report people, not a guarantee or confirmation that anything has taken place, if anything the game is only getting worse. I always shrug it off but it's still not things I like to hear when I go onto the game to relax and have some fun. I can't imagine this game being for kids as young as 12 when such foul language and abuse is used in almost every game I play and it's not even ranked. Riot, you need to make reporting, concerning abusive and racist language, stricter


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