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I just saw this comment now but tbh idk why you even bothered, i mean clearly you have nothing better to do... if you really thought i was a teen in need of attention then you wouldn't have bothered or at least shouldn't caus clearly you're way above me. If you think my comment makes it sound like i need appraisal then that's not my fault, there are many obvious things that need to be said and if you haven't learnt that yet then im afraid that makes you more of that teenager than me. Ill leave it there, because ill just assume you were having a bad day :)
: I'm just in shock ! Riot, do something already !!!!!!!!!!
The irony is that you are asking others to put themselves in your shoes but it doesn't seem apparent (to me anyway) that you have tried to put yourself in their shoes, I know this comment won't make you change your mind but regardless, I think you should put yourself in question more before posting something like this
: Why people cant play for fun these days? Why Riot doesnt punish bugusers/exploiters?
"Back in my day" The human race hasn't flipped its morals around in the time you were alive, however what has always existed is people that get things twisted and claim the past was so much better
Jedcore (EUW)
: Everything is linked to toxicity and these websites also want a piece of it to be part of it ;)
Haha, i dont think these websites have ill intentions :D
Koerty (EUW)
: This would be really interesting to have more indepth informations than just top 5 favorite champs. Like for example if a player use less wards than others then your jungler could focus him more than usual, or if a player struggle at farming or playing from behind then prepare a strat with dominant/bully lanes that can constantly push waves ...
That would be interesting, however it is not something that any site that i know does, and it would also lead to more fights so i'm not sure it is a good idea :D U fast as hell boi :D
: could be easy solved if we could set our profile in privat
Saibbo (EUW)
: >but don't go lookup my stats and then judge all of your expectations on that right? I mean that's basically how you'd do it, in whatever in games, IRL, etc.. you need intel to work with. Maybe in normals you'd not care but in ranked is may be important. An example you're the jungler you want to know who's autofilled and who's on his best role with his best champ so you camp his lane. Or another one you can check the enemy team info to know who you're facing, if he picked his best champ or if he's playing their main role so you know how to play your lane.
Yes, while i do see your point, asking your team if they are auto filled before the game starts in a nice manner is not offending, and wouldn't it push players to try strategies that could surprise their opponents? a good example of this could be that I just played against a sona mid with a twitch jungle, which just camped my lane, I have only once before seen a support mid and adc jungle so it took me by surprise and that is how they won the game... But if I had looked at OP.GG I am pretty sure i could have debunked that real fast. Thank you for the fast reply! :D
Arnoter (EUW)
: Its not your Account, so you cant say that Riot isnt allowed to show the Details of it to Websites.
This is not what i am claiming, Im wondering if you read the post... I am proposing an option that would allow people to choose to remove the personal information from said sites... I think this is what you mean, however maybe i am misinterpreting :D
Koerty (EUW)
: I remember there was a discussion not so long ago on this topic, Riot said they don't like how websites like op.gg are used because players already start to tilt in champ selection when they see they have teammates on 5 lose streak, sometimes they even start trashtalking them in champ selection because of this. EDIT : personally I think op.gg is a good tool, to see your personal informations, or when playing a tournament to prepare bans and counter strategies according to your next opponent, it add another layer of strategy to the game. I also use it a lot when playing soloQ or flexQ, but I wouldn't mind if Riot removed it for that usage.
You make good points here, however i must say that when you want to look at personal information you are way better off going on mobalitics, because it gives much more in depth stats, and for the tournaments perhaps a separate in-game option where you would get an index such as top 5 of (Win-rate)/(Gamesplayed) for each player, they should really add a custom tournament mode... Thx for the input :D
Saibbo (EUW)
: Really until riot doesn't change their mind, something that i don't see happening, you can't hide your stats, and also it wouldn't be fair to your teammates to not know with who they are playing
i mean why would you want to know, if you want to get to know me ask me to go get a drink or something, but don't go lookup my stats and then judge all of your expectations on that right?
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