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: Yes people play aatrox, not eveyone just picks what ever is the most easy to win with you know ( most do sadly ) Also i would hope for a rework soon as i also play him and he is super shit to say it lightly :) i have seen that bug happen myself many times.
He really isn't bad y'know. The reason people think he's bad is because he scales directly off of items. If you fall behind and can't get items, he feels bad. If you buy the wrong items, he feels bad. It's alot less to do with his actual kit than you think, but there is definitely room for a little tweaking.
: Hey im sorry this is not realy on topic, but could you test something quick for me? I dont own Aatrox and cant test it myself :/ Can you flash in midair to change your Qs landing zone? I dont think so, but i cant test it... Would you do that for me? Would be wonderfull if you could do that for me!
It cancels the dash just like if lee sin were to flash during his q, unfortunately.
: No one plays {{champion:266}} anyways.
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