: About punishment and seasonal rewards.
couldnt bother reading the whole thing. but, toxicity among other things should be insta-banned or hard punished. if one does not wish to be banned, the one shall not simply be toxic, the end. 1st time being toxic or the 20th, doesnt matter, bad behaviour shall be punished. otherwise, what will stop people from being toxic? themself?, pfffft, yeah right.
: > [{quoted}](name=crapplesz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=B4RMM2QZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-16T15:53:38.365+0000) > > as there is now, there's no ''threat'' of known punishment for feeders and trollers, hence they don't see what is stopping them from doing so. Yeah, let's ignore how real-money purchases are rendered moot, ranks and levels are wiped clean, rune pages are thrown out and smurf accounts are easier to track down using ip addresses and system spec matches. > the only time ive ever heard of somebody being banned is cause of either > 1. they've been seen by more than half the community as toxic or as a troll. > or 2. they've affected a rioter in a game. > besides that, ive pretty much NEVER heard of any1 being punished within a reasonable time from when they really start being a toxic player.. You obviously haven't seen much of this forum, then. And that's leaving aside how punishments require consistent patterns of toxicity in mild cases, so as to accommodate people who only snap once in a blue moon. Unless if a player was saying something seriously scummy, commencing toxic behaviour isn't the same as displaying a consistent pattern of it. All a prisoner's island scenario will do is get people lumped in with their own kind, thus making their behaviour the norm, and that won't solve anything.
make it so that certain steps must be performed to get out of it. not simply put them there permanently. after a while i would belive that they would think that being toxic isnt worth it because of these steps they would have to take in order to go back to normal matchmaking.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
i didn't see tyler get banned until he fked around in a rioters game.
: That contradicts everything Riot has forwarded on toxic players. Almost all players who were reported stopped being toxic after Riot contacted them for their first offense. And as for toxic communities go, League, while considered toxic, is one of the best among them.
people won't reform without punishment. they won't come around one day to say to them self to not be toxic. if not prisoners island, they need some sort of a reform program that the real toxic players HAVE to get their A**es through, and at the same time make it so that it cannot be bypassed.
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ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: Why does autofill exist ?
id rather w8 in time comparable to challanger queues than having to fill. i chose x role cause x role is what i wanted to play, if i have to w8 a long ass time, so be it then.
crapplesz (EUW)
: matchmaking
make it so that this bullsh*t matches according to the premades HIGHEST player. NOT the lowest.
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