: That's what assasins do though :p Charge and kill. That also means you are out of position :D
im not though;'( im in good possition but the assins literally walk past the tank and everythinig to kill meh ;'( tanks do nothing
Kolfin (EUW)
: 3 or more deaths is way too much in a game in Bronze V. Oh, and improve your farm too : 15 creeps == one kill. Always upgrade your trinket. And stop complaing about your teamates : you and them (and the ennemy team) are in bronze V ... what did you expect ? > i feel i should be in gold Certainly not yet.
alot of times my death is cuz my team let assisin throuhg front and middle lines and kill meh
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: Looking for Mid-High Elo ADC for 5v5 ranked team
could i maybe practice with your team? i know u look at me and see bronze 5 xD i promise thats not a reflections of my skill just look my history of games xD
KeenOo (EUW)
: LF DuoQ Partner, pref ADC
maybe i can dont judge me on my rank look at my history, xD
: LF main ADC
Im asking to be your apprentice xD i would like a high elo support to mentor me .. im a bronze adc main and i want to rank up but for me to do this i will need to get tips on how to improve, would u be willing to play a few games to see what i do wrong? {{item:3340}}
: Diamond 3 Main Support looking for an( Diamond 4+) ADC Main!
im bronze 5... i want help from a good support. so we can play one game then he can give me tips on what i need to improve?
: Creating a ranked 5v5s team. Any rank allowed.
I main adc and getting coached atm ... add meh
EmoFish (EUW)
: G3 Main support since Season 2 lf ADC gold+
Being coached right now and i feel im getting into a gold standard of adc... u probably see bronze 5 and think no but we could do some team builder games and u can see if im good enough
: I don't mind helping. Would also like to leave bronze :v {{summoner:6}}
Carmesim (EUW)
: If you think I could help you sure man, I would love to
Carmesim (EUW)
: Plat player looking for team to coach
could u coach me im bronze and so yh xD?
: Bronze 5 Support Main looking for duo que Adc partner.
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: Add me in EUW, ill spectate your games, and give you tips Hope it helps :)
ZartarUK (EUW)
: heres a good rule i go by lose 2 games in a row, stop playing ranked for the day
soudns like a good rule xD
Roughy (EUW)
: Best thing is to stop league for a while. Second best is going team builder and discover champions at a low MMR and enjoy the free wins x)
what mmr? soz i might sound noobish
: Take a break from league to clear your mind... tilt comes from you thinking too much or worrying (and as soon as you realize you are on tilt it gets worse as you worry more). Go clear you mind and take a siesta from league (give it at least a week) then go back into the game and forget all about you previously being on tilt and in theory you should have better results.
but what am i meant to do for a week then xD
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