: Cancer this, Cancer that. Stop.
Hmmm - that's strange. The cancer boom was season 3 or 4 i believe, I haven't seen this one in a while apart from isolated incidents.
Eambo (EUW)
: Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating, and to those of you not, I still hope you have an awesome day :-) My Christmas was marred slightly by the passing of my Roborovski Hamster yesterday - got back from visiting family to find he seems to have passed in his sleep :-( He was old, however, so it was somewhat expected. Hope you guys have an epic day - Eat, Drink and be merry! For those of you playing LoL today, interested to know how your games and queue times go! I heard last year a friend said his queue times were a decent amount higher, which I found interesting as I thought people would be playing with their shiny new computers! :-D
Good guys Rito Rambo and Rito Croissant strike again! All the best to you too guys nad have a successful new year full with lots of happiness and poros. All the best to the rest of the community as well! Have great holidays and feed yourselves and not the others! :D
Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: ////*/*/*/ To bad Riot always makes impossible odds for something \\*\*\*\\\\
Don't be dumb. It's not a lottery. The knock-out stages were totally predictable. Groups were a bit awkward but that is what makes it fun. And yeah, RIOT constantly give us free stuff, so i don't get why you are crying around. The only thing that I am a bit underwhelmed about is the prize. 3 ultimate skins is not a great prize. Last year the CS Riven was a cool prize for guessing them all.
: If you are single, dont worry!
It's all cool, but I just wonder about one thing: How do people come to write those topics here? "Is it like - Hey, maybe I should write down some cheering up thingy about relationships. In the League of Legends forum... Yeah, what a sound idea! Good deed for the day checked from the list!" xD
InTheory (EUW)
: I don't think CLG will have a hard time, I think it's only hard for them to be 1st Place in that group - 2nd place is nearly sure for them. Group B is most interesting to me, because flash wolves showed super performances last year and I don't know how they played throughout the last season. SKT and C9 are super strong for sure. For me it is pretty safe that there is no EU team going to survive the group stage - not after G2's MSI performing.
CLG is not even the third strongest team in NA. Imortals should've gone instead of them, but yeah, it is what it is. While this year NA is stronger than EU if we look at C9 and TSM compared to the EU teams, the one team that will go out of groups from EU is G2. Keep in mind that since MSI they had the biggest bot lane update possible. At MSI they slacked off, but now they are already in Korea, and as far as I remember they have already booked scrims with SKT and TSM. I expect them to do well. CLG doesn't seem like they ahve a chance in this group.
Arcwest (EUNE)
: Cool there is a Worlds 2016 Draw event running right now
Hmmm, last time I checked, they didn't have anything on the NA website as well. The organization around the live event was pretty poor. RIOT has been struggling to deliver quality esport events since forever, and the funny thing is that for the most part, they are struggling around small bits. What I disliked the most was the PST time zone announced for the event. I had To check what is the CET equivalent, then to transfer it to my timezone. In the end I got it 1 hour wrong, and the event was already on. Ofc no link on EU to the event as you mentioned, no count-back timer, etc. LMS is absent on the new website as well. The Wildcard tournament, I just got on the last day, because no info. You have to check for details about esports on the esports wiki, instead on the official website. Yeah, the online part of the -esports suck. The offline too btw - Small venues for worlds and bots buying all the tickets, while the websites crash, and then a 100 quid ticket goes for 1000+ on the black market - not cool. Remember boyz, if you know an event should be going around soon, just type watch lol esports in google and the page should pop up. Sorry for the rant, I'm just a huge esports fan, and I've been disappointed with most of the events for years now.
: 1. Yeah, I know there's some bad players too, but I think I know a bot when I see one. 2. Only thing I can think of, is my rank, because I haven't played any ranked. My account is totally legal, made it few years back and I've never hacked or gotten banned or anything.
Just stomp couple more of those games and you will stop seeing bots in no time. I haven't seen a bot in ARAM games since forever.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: If there's a 75% chance for you to really suck balls with a champion, i won't risk you playing that champ just because it's a 25% chance you may not suck with it.
I agree with you, although Lee Sin and Shaco are not one of those champs. In my experience those two have roughly 50% win rate on my side. It is just when they lose - they lose hard. Yasuo and Katarina though - 70-80% lose ratio always. And that is both on my team and on the other team. When I see the enemy picking Yasuo or Kata I'm like "Yeah - free win - gg ez" :P
: Well, if he says something different he will probably get punished
Dat username though.... I approve the choice of words too :D
: What an epic rage!
: https://i.makeagif.com/media/8-08-2015/NVmPAW.gif
I guess that was the one you were looking for, although they are 5. Here's the video as well :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAryFIuRxmQ
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: i have been searching for that gif with 3 men clapping slowly for 40 minutes now
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: As far as i understood, the point of that riven skin was always to be very exclusive. I dont know of any plans of bringing her back.
Well, they've said it's going to be probably re-released during this year's worlds, so I guess we will all have to wait and see if that is going to be true or not :)
: >Listening to the Casters and their game analysis will give you a deep insight behind the professional players' reasoning in their decision making. I'm gona go ahead and most definitely disagree on this point, as the Casters are mostly bigots. Some of them amusing, some of them insightful, but most of them are just plain bad at the game and that's fine. As someone who thinks he's all right at this game I often hear the Casters say things that are completely untrue such as giving false reasons as to why a team does something or what actually happened in a skirmish that turned it around, saying someone missed something when it got dodged with flash or questioning a Lissandra ult when it was used for the CC and zoning potential rather than for the lockdown damage on a carry with Qss... I mean Krepo, Montecristo and Deficio are all right, but the rest is just downright rubbish. The post-game analysis is semi-all right, not guaranteed though, but the live commentary is just bad. (Regarding information, it's rather entertaining nonetheless) Or so I think.
Yeah, I must agree to some extent with you. Anyway, I don't know if you remember Deficio in his early days as a caster and analytic, but he was the most rubbish of them all :D Nowdays, he is quite good. I can clearly see why they say he is the most hard-working towards improving his skills. Monte was making fun of his notes all the time where they got to work together :D Krepo could be a bit dodgy though, but mostly he is on point. Monte is my all time favourite, not cutting slack to anyone, always giving well reasoned comments. As of live casting, you should take into consideration that the camera jumps from one place to another so they can't clearly see the bigger picture from each player's perspective the entire time, which leads to some wrong conclusions at times. I have also noticed that sometimes information can get misinterpreted in a team fight, but that is not too often, and for the bigger part, watching the actual pro-team-fights and their dissection is not the most valuable experience an average LoL player could focus on. The post-game analysis is fairly good for the most part, so there's that. Overall, I think for the majority of the player-base, watching LCS and pro tournaments could be a valuable experience towards improving their skill-level. One must not rely entirely or exclusively on it, but I think it is a good way to complement the standard learning ways. I'm glad you are taking part in the discussion! Your opinion was quite interesting and fun to reply to :) Daniel
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I guess im a bit biased, because im already pretty experienced player, so there isnt that much to learn from watching LCS(itemization, wards, dragon/baron calls, etc) then theres's the fact that i recently managed to finnaly come back into ranked to realise that the half a year i used to sharpen my skills in normals wasnt so good, in ranked it's easier to feel where i am and what's wrong. I don't really watch my replays, but after evry game i do think about what happened. Btw i do watch LCS when i get a chance and as much as possible, but don't think i really gain anything as a player, plus some builds for me look questionable.
Well, you are quite high in the ranking system so a lot of the stuff you would actually learn from LCS games, you would probably already know. The majority of the player-base however is quite lower than you :P I might be completely wrong, but from my understanding, most of the game knowledge you acquire is up until Diamond. Above that point you will improve mainly relying on perfecting your mechanics, and your reaction times. For builds, one of my most memorable moments was when Power of Evil built a Nashor's Tooth on his Oriana. Later on, Phreak disected the decision using actual number in one of the PTL editions, and found out that with this build, PoE managed to inflict 20k (if I am not mistaken) more damage on the enemy champions, compared to what id would have been with the standard build. By the way, as you mentioned, I've found the same thing, and that's the advise I usually give to others. The only way where you can learn and improve your ranked games, is to actually play ranked games. Normal are all fine when it comes to picking a new champion up, and understanding his laning phase, but Ranked games are much more macro-play oriented. Take care, Daniel
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Hey everyone! I'm Enjutsu, and today I'm going to disagree a bit with the second guide of the Wall Of Text Guides series(which isnt even that big of a wall of text) Watch LCS mostly for fun you can't really learn that much from them. Champions picks and bans are rather useless, because just because it's OP in competetive it can be trash in yoloQ and some bans or picks are based on specific player prefferences. Strategic macro plays can help, but if you can orginze a bunch or random people then you're wasting your talent and should be leading UN. Itemization can help, but be carefull, you need to understand the exact reasons for it, which you can do better by finding some random guide. Pros ward rather random because all of them ward so they can, as a casual player for you your wards are more precious and most likely you already know most of the warding places or can find them by doing a quick youtube search. If you want to actually improve better watch your own games or at least just play the game. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Hahaha - that was quite an entertaining piece to read :D You have some valid points there, however I'll try to elaborate and disprove most of them :P Firstly, I've made this guide, since after I've started watching LCS, my game knowledge improved a lot, and it was clearly shown in my games. Picks and bans, are not as useful, but the comments from the casters would give you the needed knowledge to understand the reasoning behind those - they would say if it is a banned pocket pick, or just a strong champion in the current meta, or disabling a specific team comp. For your second point, I guess I should head to the UN council in that case :P While sometimes is impossible to organize some players or teams, I've successfully managed to manage a lot of my teams to get that sweet victory screen. My rotations understandings, that I gained from watching LCS, helped me manage my teams' focus, and guide through the objectives. I always ping the right turrets and targets. Since I've veen watching LCS, I have something like 9/10 good baron/dragon calls, and way more successful turret secures, without giving much map pressure. All it takes is to be a bit patient with your team, and help them out with, instead of arguing or shouting at them. For your third point - that's exactly the great part about it! Casters do explain most if not all of the reasoning behind builds. On guides you can read stuff like build this items when you want to play defensive/offensive which doesn't say much on when you would like to play like that so you will have to pick your best guess in real games. Watching LCS gives you real-life in-game situations in which you watch players tailoring their builds depending on the current situation of the game, and the team compositions. In my opinion, that helps A LOT! About the warding, you are partially right. While the most common places to ward are very hard to miss by an accident, the more advanced warding is pretty much impossible to learn in lower elo. Watching LCS games will give you a way deeper understanding on deep warding, and situational warding (e.g. in the middle of the lane - why would you do this? ONe would know if he watches LCS). I've used so much and so often of the lessons I've learned about warding from the LCS, that it is not even funny. Watching your own games is a different kind of strategy, which I would agree could be really helpful. I might make a guide on it as well :P On the wall of text - I have longer guides currently in the process of making, so don't worry, I think they will hold to their name :P Thanks for the reply - it was cool replying to it :P Peace out, Daniel
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: Hard to get an S
It's not always about the kills. The ranking system takes to account other factors such as farming, kill participation, wards placed, your part in objective taking, and number of deaths. Supports are a bit easier to get S rank, as they don't need a lot of farm, and naturally ward more then the usual. For other lanes, focus mainly on not dying and having a lot of farm. Good Luck :)
Lsayu (EUNE)
: I just mean algorithm-wise, I don't know how it works but intuition tells me it will make forming the matchups more complex and take up more resources time wise i.e make the queues longer. If they explained the algorithm differently I apologize.
We had that discussion below already with another guy - check it out :)
: I don't think that's healthy for the competitive environment in rankeds. Being able to pick 2 roles means you will master 1 or 2 roles max which is much better than being a jack of all trades and get destroyed by someone who actually mains said role. I understand you want queues to be faster but that just means losing points faster too.
I see why it would be much better, although some players have prove nit wrong (APDO the Korean Challenger Solo Q guy that plays 3 roles on challenger level, or Hai). I'm not saying that one must select more than 2 roles, but you should be able to make that choice for yourself :)
Tarolock (EUW)
: i know that rewards are not the way, but somehow you should change player opinion about supports, i dont mind playing support, and lately when i played only support and got a different role i realised that i cant even play any other roles since im really bad at last hitting and stuff (well at least im good at not dieing :D) as long as ppl avoid support role like a plague there wont be any system that could improve dynamicq for the selecting more role, as i read on the forums ppl would just get a 3rd role that still not support, and if you keep that system and somehow ppl going more for support the first months will be still terrible even if every single player going for support because you have to balance out other roles first
Some people will do get other third and fourth roles. Some people like me will take the support role as 3rd/4th choice. I don't know how much of a change that would bring in the reality, but neither you would know. I think there will be fairly small, but quite noticeable change at worst.
: Man imagine for a moment that there are 5 pages. Page bronze, page silver, page gold, page plat, page diamond. (Im leaving aside long que). Each page has 5 columns, support, bot, mid, top, jungle. Each player appers in the column, by the order he enters the que. The game is 2 rows of that page, when the game starts, thouse rows are deleted. (also the same names are removed from rest columns) One players name appears in 2 columns, or in 5 columns, depending if he picked fill. ---------------------------------------------------- The reason support role is picked before every other is, because the player names in the "support colums" is shorter, than every other. So its impossible to call your name at "mid" because there are many players before you joined. Instead, they will call your name as support, since just after 3-4 matched games, your name will be first in the list. ----------------------------------------------------- Why the original idea works - because your name beeing on the list on several columns, decreases wait time - increases the chance you get called at jungle for example, instead at your primary mid or top. --------------------------------------------------- Adding percentage means changing this system, by ordering it by % willing to play that role, in each column, instead of the current order by the time you enter que. This effectively increases wait time, up to UNLIMITED, for people who que as 50% mid, 50% top, because their name will be allways in the middle of the list of both columns, and thus - they will never be called for any of the two roles. And adding percentage will raise your que time, making que basicly working the same way, as selecting just one role. Im not sure how good are you at algorithms, but this is plain stupid to implement.
While I see your point, there could be an RNG draw after which you fall into a category. For example 25/35/40 could represent numbers on a dice from 1-20. 1-5 is role 1, 6-12 role 2, 13-20 role 3. The server rolls the dice and places you in a waiting list depending. Keep in mind that those percentages would indicate what the player would ideally like to play, so the server might change the numbers a bit according to current status. There could be a memory slot keeping the results from all the past let's say 20-30 rolls, according to which it will change the proportions for your next game. What you pointed out wasn't what I had in mind initially. That should explain it a bit better.
Tarolock (EUW)
: if you add more roles it wouldnt pick faster teams and you would still get support 90% of the time, as they said in the video look at the roles as buckets and players as marbles dropped into those buckets, lets say mid bucked get 20 player every second, top bucket get 18 player every second jungle bucket 15 player, adc 12 and support 1, in a few mins you have overwhelmingly more in the other buckets while support is still empty, you cant fix that with adding more role options since ppl still wouldnt chose support for the same reason, they would get it most of the time, the way it could be improved is as i saw on other thread is giving something+ for chosing support, encouraging players to play it
Well, my assumption is that if you are selecting more then 2 roles, chances are there would be more support picked as role, therefore, while still getting a bit more support over other roles, the overall ratios of getting the support role would be quite lower. Anyway, I'm not sure rewards are the right approach.
Larry (EUNE)
: There was this guy who proposed adding "fill" as a primary and "block" a role as a secondary, if your primary is "fill" so players could pick all other 4 roles and block out support :P
Yeah that would work if you want to play 4 positions, but if you play 3 positions, you'll need a second block as well :P Still a good idea :)
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Nothing to say other than I agree with everything you've said. Except maybe selecting 3-4 roles. That would make queues ridiculously long.
Uhm, why? Selecting more roles would mean shorter queue times. If you select 4 instead of 2 you will theoretically have twice the chance of being picked? I'm not sure where the information chain breaks here :D
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LittleMate (EUNE)
: Who is the best jungler for 6300 ip
: This is most definitely a stupid question. When exactly did the volunteer instructors get annouced? I know the annouced "try-outs" last year, but I havent seen an official post annoucing who the instructors are. This is the first time I see a blue name on the boards too. Am I just blind?
The group has been announced here: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/new-player-advice-euw/qErTeZ5P-instructors-who-are-they-and-what-do-they-do Initially we had our color tags just on the NPA board, but recently it got extended to the Champions and Gameplay board as well - that should explain why you haven't seen us around yet. Not to mention we are a very small group and we were dealing with internal structuring for a long time.
: Being gold doesn't make you immune to wrong conclusions. Maybe this guy was influenced by the sunfire/ibg hype and just focused too much on malphites offensive armor scaling. Not all players become gold because they are very good at game knowledge and theorycrafting about stats and builds. Some just copy and have good reactions and mechanics with the few champions they play. I don't wana say "meta sheep" but it would be fitting. Now let such a guy pick something that he doesn't play often and you can get weird results.
Fisu (EUW)
: I want to reply to you both, but let's get back to the original post. One of the micro-skills listed is "Champion optimization through items, runes, masteries and summoner spells". Malphite's skill damage scales with armor (and ability power). Malphite's skills do not scale with magic resistance. A lot of gold players (and lower) are stuck at building the same items for same champions every game, regardless of enemy team composition. It doesn't mean they don't belong in gold and it certainly doesn't mean they are boosted or playing on brother's account. Go back to the micro-skills and listed in the original post. Now consider that the guy only took malphite top because he didn't get his adc bot that he generally plays and the team needed a tank. Consider that he has really strong other micro-skills: Trading Dodging Skills Skill Prediction Auto Attack Animation Cancelling and some others that he used to climb to Gold V. Now he's playing a role/champion he's not comfortable in and doesn't have that deep understanding of. These days teams don't mostly consist of AP majority, so he might have done okay with building full armor Malphite before. But he lacks the understanding of the "Champion optimization through..." at a match / counter level. Doesn't mean he doesn't belong in Gold V. It could just mean he's got a different skill set as a player.
Yeah, you have a good point here :P
Silisa (EUNE)
: A Malphite that stacks armor and doesn't get a single MR item against 4 AP + ADC team does not belong in Gold. He doesn't compensate with superior mechanics. He simply got boosted.
Ehh... Hard to argue with that point :D Well, it could be someone playing on his big brother's account or something, but yeah that doesn't sound like a gold player at all. From my experience those cases are pretty rare. I mean I can't even think of something like that has ever happened to me, and I have some games under my belt.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I'd say the reason is more like simply human psychology and theyr unwillingness to admit theyr fault. While it's true you could've won that game if your team did better, but alot of people tend to avoid the fact that they could've won if they themself did better too, which is something they have more control over. I guess it's an easier option to blame others and do nothing than to take the resposibility onto yourself.
Yeah, you are right, but another factor is that people don't realise they are bad. It actually takes skill to notice you are not skilled enough, therefore it makes it impossible for you to know you are not skilled, if you are indeed not skilled :D There's a video explaining it well, but I didn't want to post it in the main post. It's quite hilarious, but it could be a bit offensive, because it speaks of stupidity, while I want it to represent actual skill level. There you go, though - I think here would be OK to post it. That should explain my point a bit better :P [CLICK HERE ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvVPdyYeaQU)
Silisa (EUNE)
: Well, the info is nice, especially for beginners. But I expected an actual answer to why I have people on my team who can't CS, can't build properly or don't know what vision is, even though they are in Gold. So that is a downer.
Well, I've tried to sum it up in a short text not to get too user unfriendly. The answers is fairly simple, though, but I thought it would be obvious from the initial post. Basically the skills that they are lacking are compensated with some other skills. Usually people that can't CS good tend to compensate in kills. People that don't build properly rely on their sheer mechanics to carry themselves with their suboptimal builds. People that don't ward got there by relying on other players warding, while providing something else for the team. Gold is a pretty average skill level, so it is normal to have this even there, but it should be better than silver in any case. From my experience there is a huge difference even between gold 4 and silver 1.
Silisa (EUNE)
: This is not what I expected.
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zorock (EUNE)
: any advice?
If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't bother too much with quizes and such and just play the role that you like the most. You are almost bound to perform better on a role you enjoy, rather on one that should fit you in theory. That being said, just try each role and see which one you enjoy the most. On the other hand, Ezrael is quite a strong champion, and it somewhere in the middle of ADC and caster. Basically he is an AD caster, which means that when you play him as an ADC, you will rely both on your spells and on your Auto Attacks to do your damage. Ezrael is sometimes even played in the mid lane, but it's a bit more tricky and needs more theory behind it in order to get when it is a good idea to play him in the mid lane, and when it's not, hence I would advise you against it as a beginner. Anyway, Ezrael is one of the champions that everyone buys sooner or later, so not to worry too much about it. If you really, really want to know, just wait for him to pop in the free rotation :) Hope it helps :P
: Her Ult is perfect for ganking. I have yet to try her out in jungle. will probably try that out too.
Her passive is useless in lane, you Can't go too ham with your Q since it's ground/time restriction, her W has some wind up time, Her E has a huge wind up time and it's more of a strategic tool to place, and her Ultimate doesn't do any damage, and it's way better in ganks to cut off escapes. I just don't see her potential as a laner, but as jungler she sounds pretty cool :P
: Do you ever think zed will get a reliable nerf?
It's just the Thunderlord's Decree that makes him very stupid early on. They should figure out something.
: Taliyah just needs practicing
But isn't she a jungler? All of her kit screams jungle! I'm not sure how she could fit in any lane against a decent laner :?
: Is aram quicker than normals? I want to get to 30 asap so if it could be achieved within a day or so of spamming games it would be pretty cool
Nah, getting 30 in one day would be kind of hard if not impossible. Give it a week of spamming games with XP boost and you will get there.
karolmo (EUW)
: I'm gaining 21 and losing <16. Your ELO sucks, that's the problem.
He is talking about IP not LP. IP gains are quite cool - they just seem like not much at the beginning. You will get used to it.
: Nice bullsht from another Riot employee. I do not get harder players against me. I always play better than every single guy on enemy team, but if my teammate is raging after enemy goes first blood and proceed to intentionally feed enemy team or goes afk then I have no freaking chance to win. And it is more likely 2 people like him to flame and feed of rage. I always get them after winning streaks or promos. Always somone who is not capable of winning through first 5 minutes of the game and then ruining the game. This system was never matching you with better players against you. It always matched you with trolls/flamers/afkers who got flagged by system but not banned so they can be added to your team and ruin another game in order to keep your winrate 50%. 50% of the games are lost because of troll/afker/flamer who spends more time writing than playing, 30% due to enemy having 3-4 man premades on skype with perfect coop while my team has none and 20% are actually the games I did poorly and did mistakes I learn from. Ps: while writing this I was in champ select. Recently I had 4 win streak. Lost 2 in promos and 1 more. Now its 4th game. I got flamed immediately by 2 people for picking champion I wanted to play beside someone wanted to play it too. He changed it last moment and I couldnt know. So I got matched with flamer kid so I can get 50% win rate. Now tell me more.
So 20% of the losses are your fault? In that case - 20% of the losses are fault of each of your team mates, which roughly accounts for 100%. Therefore you are no better then your team, hence you belong where you are. If you want to advance just make less mistakes. Make it 5% of the time and there you go - 5-6 divisions up, until you hit the same point again. btw - we are not RIOT employees.
GangcAte (EUW)
: I just keep losing
When someone feeds, try your best to get yourself even more fed from your opponent. Farm a ton and compensate. Be positive and try to lead your team without being offensive. And remember - some games are not meant to be won. Even challenger players agree on that one.
: Double edged sword is best on melee assassins, basically champions that burst somebody down before he can react, you don't care for your defense then. A dead opponent doesn't retaliate. Feast is the safer mastery for most other picks. I think taking assassin on assassins is a no brainer... you could go cookies if you are worried about sustain but to do your job 2% more dmg is just more valuable. Cookies don't kill people! It all comes down to how confident you are in your ability to avoid damage and assassinate somebody.
Assassinate is very good on mid laners. The cookies are not that viable on Zed and Katarina too, because they restore mana as well, and those champions don't use mana. Assassinate becomes obsolete in team fights, but usually so do cookies. I find feast good mainly for Junglers, or maybe for a very low sustain laners, maybe for Marksman as well. Good luck! :)
: Nice score ;) Didnt know Xerath can be so good in aram You can get +1lvl/match till pretty much lvl6 and like 15-20 matches get you to lvl 10 easy and get flash 1 takes about half hour so thats about 8-10 hours of gameplay easily manageable in 4 days ;)
Good job from me as well! And, yes - Xerath is quite strong in ARAM games. Pretty much everyone with long range skill shots is strong. Combine this with some built in Crowd Control, High Damage and the limited space on the map and you have your God Tier picks in ARAM :P Jayce, Kog Maw, Varus and Lux are some of the other very strong champions :P
: Galilei Galio. It's available, I just checked :P Gargalio (as in gargoyle) is available too.
Galio Galilei was my suggestion if it is available it's a win for you and the humanity :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: For the duck on the rift I cna help: > If five Pool Party skins (or Rumble in the Jungle or Surfer Singed) are present on the map, a yellow rubber duck will spawn on Summoner's Rift near the bottom Middle part of river instead of a normal duck. But I don't know anything regarding the icon atm. ^^'
Duck in action :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ7CqCY414E
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