: League became a money grabber
This post is not intended at troll and not intended to offend or harm anyone, i'm using my right to say what i think about Tencent and what i think the company i gave money to to make the game better is doing wrong about it.
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: After I came back to League from a 2 year break, I instantly fell in love with Ornn. I don't think he's that bad... I play him as a Support and with some burst ADC like {{champion:202}} , {{champion:67}} or {{champion:119}} I was performing miracles against enemy bottom. i noticed that I fail hard with slow-poke ADC like {{champion:81}} or {{champion:51}} . The only problem I noticed is current Critical Strikes from Abilities or enormous amount of True damage that are no-go zone in LOL now. (No items or runes to counter them). It kinda want me to puke when I have like 450 armor and 4k HP and some champions... {{champion:157}} goes like... **WASABI, WOLOLO, WASABI, GATT-CHINESE CARTOONS** and I die like 2-3 later than my squishy ADC.
He wasn't that bad before, in fact it was a very good champ vs most of the tops and could mostly wreck everybody if they got misspositioned enought. I've never played him support tho so i don't know how he performs there, still i guess he is not as good supp as a top (or at least was).
: Yeah Ornn does seem really weak without his shield I haven't played Ornn in quite a while but I did have a game against him recently. I was playing {{champion:41}} against {{champion:157}} mid and I was 1 death down, my friend was playing {{champion:517}} into {{champion:516}} and they were 2/1 and 1/2 respectively. At around level 9 the {{champion:157}} and {{champion:516}} swapped lanes (I assume it was the Yasuo's choice since Ornn was mostly building Magic Resist) and it was probably even less fun or Ornn. I was able to constantly poke him down with Q and Barrels (sure he didn't have as much armour as he would if we laned together from the beginning but still) and that the few times he was able to get me with a combo I would either side step the W or just outsustain him with Remove Scurvy. A few tank champions do exist who don't have any shields namely {{champion:113}} {{champion:33}} and {{champion:32}} come to mind although they have something to offset the lack of shield/healing. {{champion:113}} has a massive amount of initial armour/MR and CC resistance, {{champion:33}} has activatable armour/MR buff and {{champion:32}} takes reduced basic attack damage and has a debuff against enemies. And what does Ornn get? A 10% boost to all armour and MR he gains, good for late game but early game it doesn't feel like it does anything.
That's the point mate, he's a tank not able to tank anymore. Even late he lacks something to let him deal with people decently. You no longer can fight back most of the fights just couse you get so low hp they wreck you before you are able to do your stuff.
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: like annie's dad who dead, and annie's mom, who died, and annie's stepsister, who died... also annie's stepmom, who's also dead. lots of dead people... uhm... quinn's brother, no he's dead the story teller from bildgewater died, fizz' entire species is dead, every member of tryndamere's tribe is dead.... lots and lots of dead people.... well, atleast oriana's dad is still alive
: It's not on his neck, it's just how his face is tilted. The very top of your ear always falls in line with the bottom of your eye. Whilst his visible ear could be just a little higher, it does follow the rules of human anatomy. A pretty basic and standard way to know if your faces are proportioned right in art.
I mean ye, you are right but the ear seems really odd there, it's like really really odd. Face proportion is right and his left ear seems pretty fine to me but the right one should be like 1 or 2 inches higher like just above the jaw and instead it's like right on it. (This has nothing to do with the artist, i value a lot the work whatever artist did the splash art on him)
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: Usually at 5PM UK time they release new champions. (at least from my experience) (i might be completely wrong dont mind me)
So we have to wait 2 more hours.... sad T-T
: Pantheon needs a full rework into a complete phalanx of 300 warriors that form a cohesive unit to block top lane. Q Spear throw W Push! E Taunt R Hero mode (1 soldier breaks out and goes into slow motion free style mode to kill everything)
Thing is he should move like at 10 movement speed. That would be nice.
Kaimetsú (EUW)
: his problem as a jungler is: his ganks are only gonna be successfull if: your ally(ies) have cc Nasus is stacked (mid-late game) or has some crazy rune Or your ally has some early burst(renek for example) The deal really is that people pick him into any machup thinking it will work just like nasus top, and they end up not doing anything for the team
Nasus can just w anyone and win the gank.
: Why dont YOU abuse him? Play him free wins. Thats league, play what is strong or lose every game.
League is playedmainly for fun. Some people don't care if they lose or win other don't care what to play and there are those who don't care about either I care about all of them. Would you suggest me to just leave league then? Just leave it until i can play what i want and not be blown up by some random Nasus going jungle that left it at min 20 with 500 charges?
radetari (EUNE)
: i dont see him that much tbh
Me either, but every time i see him he is jungle and just blows up the game and his opponents can't do much about it.
: You see, "late game" is quite relative to the length of a game. What is late game in a 40min game is different from a late game of a 25min games. It's just that people aren't used to see him strong this early
Well sorry for not being used to get 80% of my hp off at min 20 after nasus withers me. I'll try to get used to be beaten in the face with no possible response from my part. I'll just go right now to some jankies and pay them so they beat me up.
: Well..hes still at 47.5% win rate. He can't even get up to 50%...lmao... Nasus needs a buff,but not damage one,he needs more armor/mr/health.He will always be useless in higher elo and competitive play.
That was the previous patch. This patch he is at 51.60% winrate. Look it by yourself: > https://champion.gg/champion/Nasus/Top
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: SARCASM (I know many don't get it so it must be flagged) _yes make only new champions with a lot of mobility and shields and crits and everything to be strong, old champions is forbidden to be strong _ *********************** Nasus was a champion that supposed to get strong as he farm, that could build defence and deal a lot of damage with his q due to stacks, that he is immobile and slow and very weak to kiting and cc, only means to get to somebody is his slow. Back then when he was concepted the games last 50 min and some got to 60+min Now games are 20-25 mins and long games are 35 mins, a 40-45 min game is very very long. Because of this Nasus lost his identity, was weak and people start building damage on him and things like bloodthirster. Or they afk all game top lane only staking when enemy was in his team base and even then they had to few stats as the champion was first concepted. Now they fixed this and made staks more easy to compensate with the duration of the games that are half length or even 3 x shorter of the games duration when Nasus was concepted. As a result Nasus can be against a tanky champion building his main items frozen heart+spirit visage and still squish 80% of a squishy HP in 1 shoot, as he supposed to do. (its ok other 20-30 champions that have greater mobility, cc, stealth, dashes can 1 shoot a squishy). But he is still very weak, with low mobility and hard to escape ganks so same as Cho'gath he can be destroyed early with gangs. He is still very weak to CC and kiting, and his only way to get to somebody is his slow. **************** WHO COMPLAIN ? - Players that think only fancy new champions that you need to play Whac-A-Mole with the keyboard can 1 shoot others. - Players that just like old champions to be obsolete and only new ones to be strong - Assassins that like to one shoot enemies and when they can't 1 shoot a frozen heart+spirit visage Nasus and Nasus Q them and take 80% of their life they cry like little kitten (Regnar pun intended) - Assassins that like to 1 shot somebody and escape with no harm to them and Nasus slow them to dead and they don't like that, while they themself have slow, stuns, dashes stealth, crit,shields, hp regen, etc. - Assassins that supposed to kill the backline not to be near a champion like Nasus it's not their job to even look at Nasus, he was made to squash bugs like you (Kha'Zix pun intended) - Marksman that don't knwo kiting and want to trade melee style with Nasus, that can't place itself and can't use their escapes when Nasus slow them then kiting and kill him from far. - Marksman that do not understand back when Nasus was concepted he was strong as he is now, but also could tank like a boss, now he can't tank like back then since damage items and runes that allow %damage on champs with more hp, just melt through defence items, so if you complain now that he is tanky and also do damage, in season 1 you would afk all game blaming for no wards your 50 visions score support while you have 5 and jungle. - Marksman's that think they still are main stars in a team and everybody need to pamper them, when in fact they are like the Bambi in Jurassic park movies, just juicy bait for assassins. - Marksman's that complain Nasus take 80% of their hp in one Q, its ok at minute 35 full ap Sona take 80% of your hp with one Q also, any assassin just pass near you and you instantly die, mages kill you so hard that you die and carry some extra damage for next game also, so why not Nasus also ?
I just played with Swain with a Nasus as a jungler in the enemy team. He got 500 stacks at min 20 and blew up the game. Add that to your list.
: Nasus is fine its just because you are seeing a lot of it and people havent figured out how to efficiently counter it yet. He still has the underlying issue of getting kitied by anyone who has any form of dash
Oh look, i dashed, oh no, i'm withered, oh no Nasus is coming... I'm dead.
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