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: > I am forced into support. You are not forced into anything. You got the role, you should have played it and reported the offender after the game. Simple as that. Or was the alternative better? Anyway, how is this related to autofill??
He got autofilled, so he trolled.
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: I've just stopped my queue after going through at least 15 minutes of dodged champion selects, not sure if autofill is to blame as it is 10:51am on a friday but I'm gonna have to take a break from champion select frustration and by the looks of it you are part of the problem if you have a dodge penalty
I do realise that no one likes a dodged game, and the wasted time. Then again, I am quite an awful support, and the trusty ADC mains would not be very happy if they had me in their lane, not knowing how to play that assigned role too well. It's better to dodge a game, and waste 5 minutes of everyone's time, rather than waste 20 minutes of everyone's time, and get flamed, yelled at, or have a few referrals made towards the sexual activity of my mother.
: i think autofill is annoying aswel ;c but dude u gotta remember that u can dodge games and your team wont get hurt right
The dodging isn't even the biggest issue. If a person plays, let's say. 5 games a day. And they get autofilled three times. (Today actually, for me.) This person dodged two games, not because that person is a dick, but because he / she knows that they will lose the game if they do play it. Now, if the person dodges again, he / she will be placed in a Lower Priority queue for a few games, which is atrocious. The other option is to just stick with it, pick one of the few support champions you have and make the best of it. If option 2 is followed there are again 2 options presented: - The person playing Support (The Autofilled one) Doesn't do well, gets flamed by the team, and loses the game. - The person playing Support (The Autofilled one) Doesn't WANT to support, and picks a troll champion or something else to throw the game intentionally. - Or, even a third option, but seeing as this practically never happens; I didn't list it. The game goes well and everything is great.
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: Yes dood sure, the universe just turns around you, only because of you and for you, and if the other people wants to play same role as you and there is not enough supports Riot should make an exception with you, because you are special, very special, can't even play support. Grow up pls, if you dislike a role then try to find something else (another game) that suits your mind or if you love league so much then try to find something in that role that makes you happy, period. The rest of ppl aren't here playing the game just to satisfy your egocentric and selfish wishes. EDIT : PS : I looked at your profile, you play Darius, Viktor, Rek'Sai and few other. Basically as I said, TOP MID JGL. RITO PLS DONT QUEUE ME SUPPORT OR I GO EAT MY CHEESE.
I'll try again, seeing as you're too illiterate. I'm not talking about myself, I don't care all too much if I have to support. Do I like it? No. Will I do it out of free will? Hell no. I'm talking about the autofilled supports who dodge, troll or build full AP / AD whatever. They ruin the game for the rest. And not just trolls, if someone is a Jungle or whatever main, and gets a role they are quite atrocious at, they ruin 20 minutes of a game. A suggestion for the future is that you go back to first grade English classes.
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: LOL so many spoiled kid here, do you know bois everybody wants to top/mid or either jungle and few ppl are the ones wanting to play support/adc ? Don't be so selfish, without those supports and carrys u wouldn't be able to play the game and by your philosophy if everybody who gets autofilled to support has to dodge and wait 15 minutes then there will be no games to play because everybody would want to do anything except support, that's how it is. In fact autofill is a very nice thing and its working better than the previous tool "team builder" which was amazing in my opinion, but whatever there will be always some rat kid that can't support for 1 game complaining about it. I do think Riot should be more tough/harsh with those who dodge games when they are autofilled and they should punish if you get support and do a trollpick and stuff like that. If you get a role you dislike then deal with it, play another game, league is a 5v5 game and requires knowledge on all roles to perform good, its not enough that you main Yasuo and get 20 kills every game if you don't have any knowledge on anything else, cuz this is the profile of the player who complains on autofill, main Riven, Yasuo, Zed, Master Yi, Tryndamere and so on.
Ah, the stereotypical toxic person who can't differentiate or read. You're taking the entire post out of context. The thing I'm saying is that people will dodge more if they're autofilled to a position they don't enjoy / or are very bad at. Personally, I am a very bad support and Midlaner, if I get autofilled to those roles, I don't only have a bad time myself, but I also waste the time of the four other people playing that exact game. Secondly, I don't play this game for hours on end, I play this casually and have fun. If I can't have fun due to getting a role I'm dreadful at, then the game is no longer fun. Simple, right?
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