: Possibly unpopular opinion here, but although I agree that bots are an isssue, through around 1300 arams at level 30 I have never really seen anyone who plays as a bot would. Don't get me wrong, I know they are frequent pre 30 and I have seen that from a couple smurfs which I use to teach friends how to play; but after 4 - 5 easy wins against bot or partial bot games, the mmr difference means they just cease to exist in normal matchmaking. It would be interesting to know how real players regularly get mmr matched against bots to the point at which its a genuine talked about issue. If bots get their mmr dumpstered to the point where they only get matched against each other then this would patch up the short term issue here. In the long term? Who knows. Riot works on systems here and there to weed out tos abusers, they will be gone eventually. Just my 2 cents.
I am at 50% win rate and close to 1000 games in ARAM. Maybe I'm too bad in general and therefore am not out of the bots hell. Or it's due to the fact that with 90 champions to choose from, the randomizer not always gives me a champ that enables me to play very good. Maybe it's because I also play at times where only a few people are online and matchmaking has no chance but to toss me into a bot game. The part of Riot working on systems here and there is the one I question since there has been no hint at that in the last months.
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