Grae (EUW)
: Autofill too quick to autofill
Because 7-8 minutes is just way to long. Just deal with that mid lane is most popular role and you can't play it all the time. Join custom games otherwise. The shorter the waiting time the better. 30 seconds timers as with ARAM are the best. This is not possible because everyone wants to be midlane >or make the auto fill respond differently at different elo levels? There are. Challanger players need to wait 8-15 minutes for a game. Even with autofill. Horrible. >but theres no need to force the role on someone after 2 minutes (especially in ranked). Yes there is, because otherwise after an hour there would be 10000 mid laner in queue and 0 supports. Good luck being mid laner #10000 in queue
: Hextech Crafting
I dunno. But can't you click them twitch now for reroll? I have never had 2 of the same shards at the same time, so I dunno for sure
Xêm (EUW)
: Client shuts down after I log in
Pet it and gently whisper that you love it.
: Player Views on New League (BETA) Client
Also; I want to see how many players already clicked on 'accept', like in the legacy client. I know; I can't do anything with it. But it just feels good to see what is happening, to get some feedback of the system.
eugenikos2 (EUNE)
: The new open beta login and with it's new interface panel
I'm using this client for 3 months now I guess? You get used to it pretty fast. It is beta, so that it lags yea. Features first, performance optimization later on. That is how most developers work. I do like the Hextech Design of the new launcher client. First of all; I like the design. It just looks good. Second of all; the symbolism In the world of League of Legends, Hextech is half magic, half machinery. It allows non-magic users to harness magical power. Jayce's hammer, Vi's glove, etc. Now we, the user, can interact with the game thanks to the client. We use a Hextech tool so we can summon the champions and control them, interact with the game. It's like half machinery, half magic. It is Hextech. Also this client feels more like a whole. It feels more like an experience. And not just some buttons and screens. The design of the legacy client just sucked. On my Mac, if I wanted to buy RP I had 3 scrollbars in my screen. That is just terrible. This design is just so much better even that some features aren't implemented yet (and it stills lags a bit, but he it's still in beta). And not to be harsh, but if I look around, many League players have autism of at least OCD. They're shouting this client sucks etc. Conservative people always will shout that changes are bad. But once changes have been made and they're used to it, they think it's ok. Even tho they probably won't admit it. All in all, this client is better than the old one.
: I'm used to old one, and I dislike pretty much the whole concept :)
Not sure if autism or just OCD. You get used to it anyway. I use this for 3/4 months now. I don't even want to move back. I like this one so much more.
: Player Views on New League (BETA) Client
_Harder for new players to learn_ - *No. There are 2 training options. Tutorial and Battle Training. Doesn't seem harder to me. _Extremely slow_ - *I don't agree. Animations and screen transitions aren't always as fluid. But it isn't extremely slow. Besides that, it is still in beta. Features first, optimization later* _No item sets yet_ - *This option was only used by a minority of the player. So this isn't a priority for Riot. They also said they don't know if they will bring it back or not. So maybe it does come back some day* _No weekend game mod_ - *Yet again, it is Beta. [Not all functions are implemented yet]( Use the old client if you want to perform actions like that.* And we all do miss a owned skin page at the collection. Something one guy manage to do with ACE. Rip ACE 2016-2016. {[backup](}
: Champion information in aram
Hope so. Not all features are implemented yet. So I do hope this comes back. I completely agree. I'm an ARAM only player myself. And I always fail with picking clarity and mana runes on champions like Riven, Aatrox, Kennen because I don't own them and don't play them often. (And yes I looked them up now)
: buying RP with cards
AFAIK you can pay with VISA. Almost all countries at least. It depends on your country, not on the server you're on (EUW, EUNE, NA etc) We, Dutch, have iDeal as payment option. Austria: EPS, Egypt: Necard, Finland Maksa Puhelimella(?) etc etc. Every country has its own options. Also be aware of the scrollbar. Some countries have a lot of payment options.
Fönikku (EUW)
: Need help - How to block a player in beta client in post-game screen?
Add them as friend first. Then right click > block. at the moment there is no other option as far as i know
: They had alpha testing like year, or half of year ? I think that's a long time to tune the client.. EDIT:// Like I don't want to be rude or something, but it really pisses me of when i get queue dodges timeouts and failed promos just for bugs + to be honest it happened to me at old client too :/
Things you see in beta right now, weren't even implemented in alpha. So yea, have some patients. Its not RC.
: DJ Sona - Profile Animation - Add Music Option
Please no, not even more music and sounds in this game
RazerX (EUW)
: That's not the same thing as saying "I CANT RUN THIS GOD DAMN CLIENT WITH DISABLED ANIMATIONS" People playing league have serious anger issues.
> People playing league have serious anger issues. That is well known
RazerX (EUW)
: Eh, oh even my old laptop runs this stuff fine.
Then you're a lucky person. It is well known the animations and transitions of screens cause lag and that there are artifacts in the menu and buttons. It runs 'fine' on my macbook to. But it doesn't run 'perfect'. I can do whatever I need to do in the client. But there is still a small bit of lag.
RazerX (EUW)
: What happens when you revert to your old hardware? Maybe something broke eh. You can run this client on a calculator, so it has nothing to do with the client. Don't blame Riot for a problem only YOU have. Perhaps look into the issue more thoroughly or ask advice into solving it on YOUR end.
May I say sir, that is not completely true. Riot said themselves that there are issues with the performance, that there is lag in the animations, transitions between screens. So it has to do with the client. But the client is no RC yet, it is still in Beta. As it goes with developing; features first, optimization later.
: Riot you got to be kidding me
As said before. It has more to do with graphics card than your SSD/RAM. I got 16GB ram, 512GB SSD. Still lags sometimes because my graphics card isn't the best one out there.
There are new sound option. There are also seperate sliders now. Click on the settings gear and go to the sound options. Uncheck Ambient Sound
Volibeart (EUW)
: Displaying Skins in Champion select
Synergy (EUW)
: cant see losses in new client
Actually you can. It is on top of the screen post game See [this screenshot]( W:946 L:927
VonJunga (EUNE)
: oh now i notice these thank you, but still wonder about the champion statistics for ranked games like it was in older version of client
I've never play ranked, only ARAM, so I don't know what you mean. But mouse-over the champion icon (same page; Top Played Champions) and you see # of games won and % winrate
Fidda (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=dfsghj,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=Ym0iU9wX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-23T13:29:29.034+0000) > > It need its. Today I got 2 icons, [TSM 2013 icon by Riots mistake]( and Alpha Client Icon. I didn't get a notification in the new client (probably will come in the near future). > > Would like to get notifications tho I think this mistake (TSM Icon) is made only in the EU West Server, I didn't get the icon and I can't find any topics about this this 'problem' in EUNE (or another) server..
I dunno. They stopped it when they found out. cCc Grumbles cCc is NA tho. I do think NA players also got it.
Finelope (EUW)
: How do I get the logs sent to me?
You can buy them yourself if you're interested in the reports you gave/got the last 3 months: But I warn you; it is a lot of work.
: What is this random mystery gift from Riot I just got?
You probably also got the TSM 2013 Icon. Someone at Riot made a mistake and handed out the TSM 2013 Icon instead of the Alpha Tester Icon 8) At least I got it :D
: Nice! That is new. Now we only need to be able to see that information in the profile.
It's not new, you probably just missed it :P And yes, I agree we should be able to see that information anytime when we want to. I also want the badges back. You know, the ARAM and Normal game badges with Wins, CS score and Turrets down
Sarokh (EUW)
: How to get S
This is more a guid: How to win a game. Call baron (without failing/throwing) Call dragon (without failing/throwing) Call turrets/inhibitors (without failing/throwing) Go for kills/creeps when you can't go for objectives Be involved in teamfights Grading system is bases on the avarage global performance of that champion, in that specific lane as far as I know.
House x33 (EUW)
: Just copy + paste it from a text document
He means that the mouse curser is focused in the input field, so you can just start typing. At the moment you have to click first on the password input field before you can start typing. Which is, for the most people, annoying because that is the only thing you have to do since the account name is already remember and insert by the client.
: RITO PLZ The New client really needs that one old ranked feature!
Pick an ban costs only 5 min max? So just stare at your screen and talk to your teammates meanwhile? It is not a bad thing to just have a chat with other people. And in that case you can't miss it.
: Block people in the new client?
Press Tab ingame so you see the scoreboard. Click on Mute icon. All you can do at the moment I guess
Possible (EUW)
: Open cmd type: ping -t And just wait for some results and check if its good
Actually ping -t for more accurate ping for EUW server.
VonJunga (EUNE)
: New client
Actually, there is: As you can see; you can see the promotion (#1 and #2 in this case) Win, Lost, Not played yet Also compare these 2: The first one is in promotions and second one is not. So according to your screenshot: You won the first promotion match. You haven't played the 2nd and 3rd yet. (Blue diamond, and 2 empty diamonds)
: AutoFocus in 21st Century ?
Please* And sir, I do agree. But only if the input field of username is already filled in. If that one is empty, I want that one to be autofocussed.
: ARAM wins in new Client
You can [after]( you completed a game. On top.
: Please Riot, make the winter map optional!
No. And I will tell you why. _No software should interfere directly with the in-game player experience, from when you press “Play” to the end-of-game screen._ Although it is the 'same' map, you don't see the same things on the normal map and the winter map. Important for competitive play is that both players see the same things. That also means the same distraction the map offers.
LinvuS (EUNE)
: Annoying people in your Friend List
Yea I know what you talking about. I got a guy in my friendlist called LinvuS which does exactly the same. . . . . :^)
Sirilan (EUW)
: What does BetaLauncher do to
I can't. I don't speak French so I don't know what it says
Fidda (EUNE)
: Reward Screen/Animation (Pop-up) in the New Client.
It need its. Today I got 2 icons, [TSM 2013 icon by Riots mistake]( and Alpha Client Icon. I didn't get a notification in the new client (probably will come in the near future). Would like to get notifications tho
Rioter Comments
: Alpha tester icon
They have been handed out (and/or are still busy doing it). It can occur you have also the TSM 2013 icon. Someone ar Riot made a mistake, and handed out the TSM 2013 icon instead of the Alpha Tester Icon
: Costum item sets
See [League Client Update - Not All Features Are Implemented!]( Also; they don't know if they will implement it. They haven't said no, but they also haven't said yet. They simply just don't know yet.
Aidfella (EUW)
: Ping Displayed on League Client
Open CMD.exe (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) and type in: ping Other servers: * NA - * EUW - * EUNE - * OCE - * LAN - I know this isn't the solution you was waiting for, but it is the only one so far. This feature has been requested since years, and hasn't implemented yet and I also think it won't be implemented for at least a long time.
: No need to be bitter about it. You are not a victim here. No, I didn't do any hard work. I did report a few things that I noticed and made a few comments on the Alpha discussion board but that is all. There is nothing 'unfair' about not being randomly selected for something. I didn't win the lottery this THAT unfair? Getting selected was not a 'reward' (as you put it) it was purely chance. I know that most people who took part in the test did so without any incentive; they just wanted to take an early look at the client and to help make it better. The icon gift was just an added bonus that Riot decided upon at the end of the Alpha test.
> being randomly selected They do select tho, depending on you OS and system specs. They need a wide variety of computers for best testing. So if you have spect 90% of the people have, the chances are small you do get invited for the alpha. So finally having a Mac was a good thing for me :^)
KsaBrkan (EUNE)
: can't log into league of legends ??
Click on '?' at the upper right corner. Click on 'Repair'.
KsaBrkan (EUNE)
: i would actually agree with you , not only with ultimate skins , but with chosen champions , like i'd love to have my profile banner to be for my main champ or a certain skin as an example , and if riot is willing to go further with it , it could be nice , but riot never listens so ...
Choosing your banner (or in the new client; choosing your backdrop) it a perk that gets with an Ultimate skin, not with other skins. That is a bit of the €20,- you pay for. It is advertised as an option for Ultimate Skin only. I do agree however that I'm just able to choose my Utimate Skin background an wear any icon I want separately.
: AM having a little Problem whit Upgrading to New Client
Just let it finish upgrading. If you mean it is stuck with upgrading and getting into a upgrade loop: Click on the Settings gear > General > Initiate Full Repair
: client upgraded ... but
Yes. Click on the 'Add Friend' icon. You will see a list with ±80 recent player.
: resolution issues with the new client
Press Ctrl - to make it smaller. Or go to Settings (gear icon) > General > Window Size
: Alpha tester icon
November [29th]( you get it. It also has been said on the NA boards before.
: Sound levels during Champ select
[Patch notes 6.23]( >We’ve revisited default audio levels and improved audio settings in the client. We believe these will address the champion VO levels being super loud in champ select.
: I did read that. I said in my post I read that. It didnt answer my question. Thank you for your input
As far as I know, I replied to StormbringerLoki about pinning a thread. I didn't reply to you. Thank you for your input
: what i think about this new client
3) See [ACE]( It's not officially supported. Riot employees only know about this since yesterday. They will take a look at it with the development team monday. See [this reddit]( and [this one](
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