: Here is a tip,free of charge - If you gonna play instalock modes,try and learn more then one role. You know,the basics. People don't have to respect role call order,or pick order so they don't it's how instalock modes work. You are not entitled to ''your'' role
Like I said to my reply to the other guy, its not an inability to play other roles. He stole it point blank. And also for your information, since the Nightblue incident, Riot actually stated that it is a ban-able offence. So technically you are entitled it. I made this post to highlight that prevention systems have to be explored
: You are level 38 and should have enough champions to play draft pick so I suggest you go play that and make sure you can play at least 2 roles one of them being support or three roles with one being support. That way there is little chance you'll be auto filled to another role. I don't know what happened but if you only want to play one role and someone else in your team does too and you both can't play nor are willing to play anything else you are just as much at fault as the other person.
This was ranked and I had pick order. He was last pick. I already spent the time to set up my runes. Specifically to lane. He was suppose to be in the Jungle. I picked Heimer, which for 1 is already bad in jungling, only made worse with the wrong runes. He didnt communicate anything prior to the game and just decided not to take smite last second and walk to my lane. This isnt about not being able to play a certain role, I can play all the roles. I cant play this role at this time because the champion and the preparation isnt made for any other roles. Which ruins user experience
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