Rhasta (EUW)
: Have you tried repairing your client? Launch League of Legends, but before you click on the large "Launch" button in the middle, go to the question mark widget at the top right, and click on "repair" on the popup. Hopefully it'll find whatever's corrupt in your files!
thanks for the fast reply, it randomly fixed it self, weird bug
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: Just because they have negative score doesnt mean they are trolls. There is no game EVER that banned/punished bad players. Especially in such low elo like Silver 4. U expect them to play good in silver 4? If they were any good they wouldnt be there. Yes, flaming is punishable. NO, playing bad is not punishable. Punishment for being bad player is dropping to Silver or Bronze
i think you misunderstood the situation there is a different between playing bad, and straight up running into the enemy team on purpose, if you think going 2/19 is normal, or having 24 deaths is "normal play" you're an idiot
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