: Will sending RIOT a replay help?
Yes it will, awhile back i had a veigar trolling just dancing, while the enmy team pushed in, we were all trying to def less him just dnacing and trolling, so i tooke a replay and anexed it to ticket, guy got 14 days vacation
: Weird Report System
Well riot doesnt really cares whos starts the problem, you both pay Talking from experience kid, better mute him and go on with your life
: So, what solution(s) will you suggest? I am not supporting the idea that toxic players shouldn't be punished, but like you write players create or buy smurfs and how exactly can the toxicity be reduced without having the ban hammer?
Reform programns once a player has reached a negative "karma", my ideia was getting honor 5 um an alt account would unlock your " banned main" account , one stage before perma and then you would have another chance to play your original account. This would be a one in a life time thing. Or instead for a perma it should be a year or 2 year ban
: How is your "Permaban for toxic players" experiment going Rito ? Reality check
Hmm I couldn't explain it in a better way myself , since this system came in riot just abandon any further Research in this matter, because it"works" Don't understand why the hate tho, this man made some important question/arguments
: How is it not allowed to even call someone a bad player in this game
Who the hell are you to decide if somoene is good or bad? Hemight just have a bads streak of games happens sometimes, you cant complain because it might also ahppen to you and people just trying to trash talk yopu only get you more tilted. I f you can handle others "playing bad" you should take every key in your keyboard wich is not necessarey disable chat mute pings emotes and players just for xtra safety You deserve getting perma for flaming
: So how come Lee has avoided nerfs for so %%%%ing long?
well he does fall out late very hard
: Proof that intentional feeding detection does not work via in-game reporting.
Gotta talk with riot directly , i had a guys doing that, he opnely said he was gona hinted and went diving well he hasnt +played for 6 days wanna see if it was 14 or if it was perma
: Scripters in every game of Arurf
Well have you maybe though about how bad are you at landing's skillshots
Mazginoo (EUW)
: I've heard people say worse things
: let me explain what is happening There is alot of Games Out there with bad Devs and Publishers But With amazing Communites People that are amazing To Stay with But here in league you have Amazing Devs and All but you are Playing With Vile Scum Disgusting Grass Eating Animals who should be Locked at a Barn ....... Anyway The people you play with are what ruins the game and people End up hating on the game instead
: Do people actually like this game??
Well I think some people are just addicted to this game , I play since pre season 2 so I saw your his fame grow, and sometimes I do get tired of it so I take a week off gone play something else to play,
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Can't login...
Problem for me was time and date
dino0 (EUW)
: Having the same problem
Corrected time and date
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Can't login...
Having the same problem
Sazir (EUNE)
: Permaban needs to be FIXED
In my opiion none of the ways are right. permabanning for flaming is stupid, and permabanned chat is frustrating, there should be a way for players who ahve been banned in the pass to prove they have changed, i after getting permabbaned in an account i spend 9 years plus all the money involved i tried to chnage myself and i did it now i am a player who got to lvl4 and 3 chcek points last year and this year i want to get that 5 lvl honor Theres is currently no way to show you have changed, okay nice you got anew account but your old one is banned, no to speak the money you wasted, i psent around 800 euro and truth be told unless riot comes up with birdie bags i wont be buying anything from them ever again.
0megon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=dino0,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jfwlcc1W,comment-id=000200010000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-14T12:27:29.678+0000) > > Lol this ain't chess mate, and believe me if you start flaming me you getting afk laner, or a kda player I love doing that It is not chess but it is far closer to it than many players believe. It is strategy game of sorts and good macro wins more games than good micro, but a lot of you are so proud that you can press your buttons well that you miss what the game is mainly about.
I know it's a strategie game, but what greatly differs is 5 people have to work together,
0megon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=dino0,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jfwlcc1W,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2020-01-13T00:08:30.457+0000) > > Is it or not frustating , having to play a team game alone? I was tilted like only then to have people blaming and flaming nah mate , they can go eat candy ,I am surrendering this game and if not don't count one me Well sometimes the best teamplay you can do as jungler is to leave that losing lane alone. And the best that laner can do is to not feed much. I know it is not fun, but rankeds are not really about fun but about winning and what your jungler did might be the best way to win because you would loose any 2v2 fight and depending on enemy pick you might even loose that 2v1 since he is that ahead of you. If the other two lanes are winning hard then snowballing them even harder might be far better option than trying to bail you out of your problems because at that point you have 4 people who are doing really well against 1 player in similiar position on enemy team. Guess who will win that match if they do not make too much mistakes? Just bite your ego down and let your team carry you. Or as I said go play normals and have fun and int as much as you want. LoL is strategy game and sometimes the best move is to sacrifice some pieces so other pieces can get better position and advantage...
Lol this ain't chess mate, and believe me if you start flaming me you getting afk laner, or a kda player I love doing that
0megon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=dino0,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jfwlcc1W,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2020-01-12T21:21:57.258+0000) > > So lets imagine hapopened to me i am 2/5 and lsoing in cs the enmy is a counter pick i keep getting dived by 3 enemies and my jungler jsut say don help losing lanes, do you think i wanna play that game i dont i surrender at 15 Why do you play ranked games then? Why not stick to normals when you do not want to win but just enjoy game? There is nothing wrong playing normals.
Is it or not frustating , having to play a team game alone? I was tilted like only then to have people blaming and flaming nah mate , they can go eat candy ,I am surrendering this game and if not don't count one me
Bæka (EUW)
: You are right. I think many people lost what ranked is about; WINNING the game. Do you ever see pro players surrender when they are going badly? No. They don't give up. You always have a chance to win the game, that's why it annoys me when people surrender so early in Ranked. I'm sure everyone has had at least one game where they were losing really hard and then turned the game around and won. Ranked is about winning and getting LP, why would you feel the need to carry? If you win you get LP.
So lets imagine hapopened to me i am 2/5 and lsoing in cs the enmy is a counter pick i keep getting dived by 3 enemies and my jungler jsut say don help losing lanes, do you think i wanna play that game i dont i surrender at 15
The1One (EUW)
: Matchmaking for placements is rigged against certain players?
Riot tries to achieve 50% chance of winning how so? Imagine you have 65% winrate your team mate will be 35% winrate =100%but them you divide by 2 and your around 50% winrate This not by any means fare the fact the better you play the more apes you gotta carry And if you keep winning well you get banned for scripts hacks and othe types of tom%%%%ery
Hananim (EUW)
: To answer your first question, its because riot put in role finder which means you have to be able to play 2 roles. Not everyone is gods given gift to lol like you are, some people simply cant or dont want to play certain roles. Being the prodigy that you are im sure youll find it hard to understand.
> [{quoted}](name=Hananim,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UGqNHd1t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-12T11:13:41.856+0000) > > To answer your first question, its because riot put in role finder which means you have to be able to play 2 roles. Not everyone is gods given gift to lol like you are, some people simply cant or dont want to play certain roles. Being the prodigy that you are im sure youll find it hard to understand. I say at least know 2- champions on every role that you can play decentetly Me Top- Fiora,Maokai,Renekton Jung- Vi, Skarner, Amumu Mid- Ahri, Annie , Lux Adc- xayah, Ashe and Mf Main supp- Thresh, nami, Nauti
Semaka (EUW)
: You are a good person in real life and you lived a life of peace and obeyed the rules so far, am I right? Now go and rob a bank, break the law in the worst way. See if the judge cares if you were a model citizen up until that point.
Since it was your fist real infraction some times judges go for the lighter of the spectrum robing a bank 5 to 15 they try to put you up in the 5-10 bcs it was the first timeyou went haywire
: RIOT have a read.
Dude jesus Haven't gone to school Try different sections with different ideas nobody want to read this BCS it looks like shit You need to learn to formulate A text wich is easy to understand and not to boring to read You see how I use spaces to accommodate different things and it looks a lot better
: your banning system is DOGSH!T
Well congratz ,you just went through the league of legends experience, were they give absolutely no %%%%s if you have played 1000 thousand game carried 5000 apes in ranked, but that one time you snapped and went haywire it's coming to destroy your carer. Do as I do after being banned, perma mute everyone the moment you start in game, simple and then you get reported for refusing to communicate with team;)
: It doesnt matter what champion you use. If you dont know how to proper impact the game as jungler its lost...
It does try go a hard champ jungler wich needs clear paths or play style to succeed, in my case amumu it's easy just do blue wolfs, raptors,red, krugs: gank bot or top depends were you finish, with him biggest impact is a good ult
ChrisXP (EUW)
: Ban appeal
Well mate you are kinda screwed riot doesn't really go back unless it's proven to be a mistake, and believe me I tried my main ac got banned about a year ago over the same type of insults, well let's say I contacted them multiple times, and nothing. since then I usually don't use chat and if I do I use very few times. Now I am almost honor 5 and they still refuse to accept that I changed.
: ChrisXP: which one i should take? ChrisXP: red or blue? You know its gonna be a great game when the jungler says he doesnt have an idea how to play jungle lol
Autofill happens I usually let them know I a shit tier jungler, so I use easier champs like amumu shyva and warwick
Alatharia (EUW)
: **_TL;DR: For the safety of your account, your password should: 1. Be UNIQUE (don't use it for any other account). Password managers are easy to use (and free) and can help you with this. 2. Be 10 or more characters long. 3. Contain numbers (1234567890) and symbols (`~!@#$%^&*()_+-=[]\;',./}|:"<>?).** ------------------------------------------- Do some research and download a password manager (Some decent ones are available for free). Use it to generate and store a strong and unique password that includes digits and symbols. A 10-character password (with digits and symbols) is basically highly unlikely to get broken (it takes nearly 3000 years to brute force on one computer) as long as it's unique (not used for other accounts). With every extra character in the password, the time required to break it scales exponentially (a 11-character password would take approximately 100x more time to break than a 10-character password; a 12-character password would take approximately 100x more time to break than a 11-character password, and so on). A League of Legends password can be up-to 128 characters long.
: This ain't fantasy, you're gonna snap in a blind range, get sucker punched to the face and boom you're on the floor again The victim of bullying typically has absolutely no combat experience while the bully typically has fighting experience, it just, doesn't work It's completely irresponsible to advise that people do something that will work in very rare cases but has been proved many times to just lead to increased violence and worsened bullying Talk to actual bullying victims, fighting back doesn't work and makes everything worse
Tell that to the asshile I to trew over a flight of stairs, got a cracked skull and became the victim of bullying, I was 13 1,65 60k he was about 1.80 60k aswell, let's say he got the worse
: No they don't. Fake report have no consequences.
Yep there no consequence to take but, it might just caught some guy flaming which he didnt knew
: > do you know what works against bullying? Hitting them straight in the face and breaking a nose or two That works for only a handful of people getting bullied, and for the rest it's only a way to guarantee it gets worse because now the person bullying them knows that even if they try to defend themselves they won't be successful in doing so and you can just beat them up as much as they want without any risk I'm not gonna read beyond that point tho since u have no concept of what a line break is
Not if you blind the motherducker ina. Rage moment when hes not expecting it, my advice if your Gona stand up to a bullie make sure they either get the message or are unable to touch you
Valarion5 (EUW)
: Quitting character screen penalty
Lol autofill happens Gona telly ou got auto filled once every 30-40 games
Forsan (EUW)
: Is lol-skin generator banable ?
: Hell no. The permaban is the last punishment, when all reform attempt failed (because of the player and only the player). Reform is meant to be done before the permaban.
But wouldnt be better have a yearly ban? People right now havbe no reason to change make another acc and lets go with it simple
: >So one of my ideas I've thought about is this: How about restricting chat for longer periods of time, rather than completely just locking people out of their accounts. You could even completely disable chat, or give players a permanent chat ban? I think this might be a more fair solution than the current very harsh system This was trialled and it failed miserably - these players tended to resort to trolling or inting instead for venting their frustrations. The reason toxicity and trolling / inting generally go hand in hand is because the issue is more due to a mindset than the tools you've been given - these sorts of people will find anyway they can to continue displaying their behavioural issues. Basically funneling them to one choice, by removing chat, actually made things worse.
How about your opinion in yearly bans? Would like to hear it if you dont mind of course.
: Ban Suggestions
I agree with this man, lonegr period bans (yearly bans) would ahve more impact in someone, how so? Right now you only have a way wich is make a new acc but if you lose taht one does it matter?, but getting the account you spend so much time on and have money in might give some people hope to change behaviour sincve there a chance to them to retrieve the account Permabans do nothing, yearly bans have the same effect but they can actually make some player rethink twice about talking garbage in chat. I have 1 perma and since there i change , but now i see why should i chnage ? Waht did i gain from becoming a good player, in my case i am honor 4-3 checkpoint (unfortunatley cant reach 5 before seaosn ends), but i dont see why i shoudl keep being a honorable player if theres no away to recover my acc
Çhip (EUW)
: Tilted players don't help you, run away the moment you're in trouble/doing a fight.. etc.. they have to build a system around that.
If you even behind start shit with someone who more ffed than you you deserve to be left alone to die
Yellowrsh (EUW)
: To much bots recently
Thing is people only play ranked and blind, nobody cares about training.
: If the account got permabanned as a result of being hacked, you will never get the account back. Getting an account hacked means that you did something to get it hacked. Downloading a 3rd party program (which Riot stated 3 years ago that that is no longer allowed) [You can technically use 3rd party programs BUT they operated in a gray area which can one day be approved by Riot and the next day go against Riot's Terms of Service]. Hacked accounts are never given back to the player because Riot doesn't kno who the real owner is. And that means: - The "owner" bought an account at lvl 30 - The hacker is pretending to be the owner - The owner gave their account to a rank boosting service, and the booster is now pretending to be the owner. - etc Riot cannot determine the origins of the account, who created it. _____ TL;DR you lost the acount forever. Riot will never give you the account, no matter the reason (money spent on the account is not a reason either).
Stop lying mate
Gdynam (EUW)
: What are my chances?
Go wrtie a ticket supp if they see it had some weird IP entrance something like from another country it's possible they give you aacc back
: The first step to rectifying toxicity entirely from this game.
Gona tell you it would roll out , forgot to ss,lost first blood, did not follow rotation took a few minions failed to do objectives All of that would be considered soft int and reports would fly everywhere
: Do you have a moment to talk about your Lord and Savior, the mute feature?
I prefer the poke the bear and get them banned feature which consists in taking the flaming person in a spiral of hate so you can repor them directly to riot and get them permaban that's my lord and savior
: Why do you use such a positive word for that?
In order no to offend any involving parties, since when i did refer someone and told he was suck up i got my coment deleted and a warning from boards, since you can really say somethign harsh without upseting some karens sherryls and snowflakes
: How do you specify a white knight?
Defends riot over any and all rational toughs :D
: What is wrong with LOL community??!!!
Riot policy made snowflake community just say something in chat get reported
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Well, there goes another person not understanding what free speech is.
So I mentioned someone was a suck up to riot , Got isnta deleted
Canc3rMains (EUNE)
: I just went on your profile and checked if you reply with any normal opinion. Seems like you only like to write poor quality comments so I'll pass on your opinion
got my previous coment shut bcs i said someone white knighted to save riot Well there goes free speech
: Dear Riot games .
Riot needs a 1 vs 1 gamemode
: player agression
Up to draft okay but then comes a daft %%%% try syndra jungle in ranked ? Really ive seen random stuff like jesus, i had people try out first tiem champs in ranked get stomped rage and quit ?
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