: your backstabbing your friend... Well first of all WHY ARE YOU CALLING HIM YOUR FRIEND? your not a friend. You are a loser if you do that to your so called friend.. And let him brag.. If he is your friend you wouldnt do something nasty like this
he is no friend if he spoiler infront of him and friends with a rank gotten from eloboost!! Someone who lie there doing lies evrywhere!! thats not a friend!! btw. iam 36 and you know that we dont speak about something important to a friendship? friendship is, if his friend go to him and play together to get better rank!
: My IRL friend paid for an elo boost and started bragging about climbing, so I investigated...
report him!! 110% he isnt your friend if he is doing things like this and dont hear on guys like SaddamHussein72!! Guys which do Eloboost and then SPOILER with RANK ?! WTF ?! Go to your friend tell him oyu have reported him!! If he is raging about, start LAUGHING ON HIM!! and tell him: I DONT NEED YOU AS A FRIEND!! YOU LIE PEOPLE WITH A RANK, THEN YOU LIE ON OTHER THINGS TOO!!!


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