IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Fizz be trolling...with fish puns
i am happy that i wasn't in the team of Fizz. wouldn't be able to play at all I would miss every skill shot because i would laugh to hard
: Tales from the rift: Episode 4 - Final Spark
really loved them i hope you will one day write a sequel. i will keep an eye on your board activity
: {{champion:136}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:267}} can have {{item:1001}} but {{champion:104}} can't have his cigar!... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
no i think of it it is pretty rediculous that cassapia cant have boots because of her tail thingy while nami can (like velkoz and ao shin (yes i still refuse his name) i can imagine them wearning socks but cassa and nami thats just fish and snake
: from 2015... to this performance..The elohell is real.
did anyone expect for intz to win of edg how is that even possible
Najns (EUW)
: >Personally on Mid I pick TF everytime I can but if it gets taken from me I have Orianna, Karthus, Fizz, Ekko and Pantheon all to fall back on. You play Pantheon mid? xD
i wish Kartus was a viable pick but no assesins on mid everywere
Maribari (EUNE)
: Dynamic queue is terrible experience
i still think it is not completely the faulth of the dynamic que. the game itself and the difference in power level helps allot . there are now way tomany champs that are way to easy to play (there always have been but now these champs are so op that you see them every game in one way or another or just make people get angry and strat flaming #basicually every assesin ever) you used to see kata or leblanc every game but they couldnt one shot every champ in late game
Sevixys (EUNE)
: Everyone speaks turkish there - I think it could work but well.. you know.. :P
well in euw way to many speak only french or spanish
: Tales from the rift: Episode 3 - An inspector calls
#love the graves refrence at the end (ps thanks for the link )
: Tales from the rift: Episode 2 - Fading light
damm you forgot to notify me XD (or i just mist it ) luckly i found this but now it is time to wait for part 3 hopefully teemo makes a reaprence. i have one comment i think yasuo would be better than gragas in meaning of giving advice. (but that is just my own opinion still loved it) cant wait for part 3
Soup (EUW)
: Anniversary icon
havent heard that one before i did receive the icon but not the mystery skin jet
: Tales from the rift: Episode 1 - Champion select
can you please. reply this comment with a link to the sequel. (when your finished with it) i really liked it. and i dont want to miss the sequel
: Problem with the 10 year anniversary gifts
: Question about the free riot kayle skin
i have exactly the same thing so i hope i will soon get the mystery gift
i wonder why riot always gives away riot kyle this is the third time they give her to me and the first time was at gamescon 2 or 1 year ago ( the year before worlds was in europe).
: Either {{champion:157}} or {{champion:238}} both have high kill presure, are way too mobile and never run out of resources so they will always be first to push you into the turret when you have to recall. And even you manage to push them, they can get each creep with ease because of their AD and kit. I miss the old mid laners that actually had to think before using their abilities.
exactly i wish the old mages were back remeber kartus havent seen him in years or midlane nidalee
LA Losty (EUW)
: Lux is fine and you can technically play what you want, but some champions are better than others, thats just how meta works.
it shouldnt. all champs should be balanced . i dont mind champs being a counter to other champs like i like counter picking. but currently what is in meta just means over powered and so champs that are out of meta which can still be fun to play cant compete with the inmeta champs just because they lack power (or something else) and not because they are countered by the in meta champs because of their kids and ways you can play them.
LA Losty (EUW)
: LB and Kat arent meta atm actually, and Yasuo is easily shut down in the midlane so he is mostly played top as a bruiser aswell, also Yasuo isnt nearly as bursty as those two.
i still miss the time i i could play champs like kartus, lux and heimer, without being insta killed when enemy reaches level 6 i now have the feeling that the only place where people accept kartus in their team is in aram. havent seen one on the rift in almost 2 years. and i dont play him because champs like leblanc an yasuo can just instakill him under his turret
ST Paws (EUNE)
: Am i the only 1 ?
i dont really notice less space (as a support) but i do notice that it is allot easier to hit skill shots and jump away from enemy skill shots when i am playing blue side than when i play red side. so there might be some truth in the space question but it might just be something in my mind
BenatPro9 (EUW)
: If you could "delete" any champion...
definitely{{champion:157}} since he was added to the rift the hole midlane became boring and now you only see champs like kata leblanc nd yasuo i loved the time when you saw mages and such in the midlane and there were long lasting battles of skill on the midlane and not who can insta kill each other the first. ( i dont say you didnt see any kata's or leblancs but defenitly allot less and werent ale to instakill mages at lvl 6 jet.
L1ghtNeZz (EUW)
: Which Champions are worth maining?
i would go for the campion you have the most fun with and preferably a champ with which you will get better with time (some people call it difficulty or skill levlel of the champ) so i dont advice sona because when maining her you wont really improve allot
: Ivern. Friend of the Forest.
so when i look at this video i think he will probably have a snare/stun and maybe he will have something like an akali pool but than in the form of a bush which also works for your allies. sounds like a nice idea.
: I think (and hope) it is actually a jungler. Supportive jungler, but still meant to be played as a jungler.
i dont think it will be a jungler because he values life and actually saves the wolfes in the vieo so i think if it is a jungler it will go against its lore. therefore i think it will be a support that protects its adc with everything he got and wont do much damage.
: Why again poroking?
i think they should go back to their old schedule and have each lets called a mini game just 1 once a year a few weeks and not random in a weekend. for example i loved looking forward to the winter to play a snow themed game like poroking and the 1vs1 thingy before that. and i loved the hype around urf like special urf skins and special posts on their website. now it just feels like the sepcail modes of smite not that special anymore
Sindya (EUW)
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
derpystin (EUW)
: please make tarics life jacket a toggle so he can take it off, just like heimer can toggle his walk
: What i think when i see each champion is chosen- the mind of platinum player
: Exiled Morgana Splashart (PBE vs. Current)
not all the splash arts are new there just a colection of skins from all the servers. but i agree not for every skin did they take the best looking splash art
Nogardz (EUW)
: Rework or Lower RP of Demonblade Tryndamere/Other 1820rp Skins
i think the price for gentelman cho'gath should remain the same just because it is gentelman cho'gath even though i dont play cho gath i still think the skin is amazing and would be its price worth
: Karthus Support is fun
{{champion:74}} he is secondary support but you never see him as support which is kind of strange because you almost cant get ganked because turrets block the river. and you can take dragon really fast during early game.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
was i the onlyone who thought about the frozen song. ice stairs building taric sounds horrible
Faca4 (EUW)
: Legues in Season 6 is no longer balanced
dont forget tunder lord heimer. One every W activates tunder lord which means allot more damage
Larry (EUNE)
: Adc's have the worst decision making. 10 points made from a support's pov
my biggest problem is that some adc's think i as support should jump infront of every attack to block them for them even when i am a supp like zilean. while they easily can step one tinny bit to the left to avoid the attack hitting them. i know sometimes it is un avoidable and then yes i try to take the hit instead of them but most of the time they can avoid it verry easy themselfs.
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: After spending thousands of euros on this game
im still going the miss the dancing {{champion:55}} but they should idd also update this screen together with the enitre shop update.
Stingy (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol harsh criticism for Riot to read
i love how aurelion sol looks and i cant wait for a Chinese new year skin. in my opinion making a true eastern dragon would **** up the movement because turning and moving a long body will make turning and avoiding skill shots hard. making a European dragon would be nice but would also be impractical because he will be way to big (see {{champion:102}} ult ) it is to big to be practical all game long. what i dont like of aurelion sol is its kit. what idiot thought of a ability with which he can fly over every wall in the game as long as he flys straight. and his never ending passive which i already think will be hell to handle with when you are a mellee or short range champ because he can poke you with out any effort.
: SoloQ : the skilled queue
the problem will probably be that que's will become even longer when they add soloq because 4premades have to wait for someone which plays alone but doenst play solo q and chose the class the 4 premades are still searching for (imagine trying to find a lone support in the non solo q). also finding 3 premades when you are duo queing wil probably take for most people to long. while in the solo que their will be just less players queing and so the que will be longer aswel. therefore i think riot will wait (or atlest i hope that they wait) with adding solo q till they found a way to solve the current long que time you have (when you dont play support)
: Strange things happen in bottom left corner
this is normal when you played with 3 screens at the same time and so expanded your vision dramatically but your left and right screen show 20fps feeling while the middle shows normal 60 fps. so maybe riot changed something with the rule from which point it starts to change
: Sometimes I uninstall league for a month or two and still read the boards.
i sometimes uninstall te game and dont play it for a couple of months aswell but that is just because i am to busy with my school projects and LoL would distract me to much but i dont call it quiting i call it a forced pause.
: This is why I left league at the start of preseason...
why are you sill on the board if you stopped playing
: > [{quoted}](name=doemsdagding,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VMfj5oMa,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2016-01-18T11:04:12.597+0000) > > if they know they have lag before they join the que they should not play at all. if you dont know yet if you have lag please test it in a aram domion or atleast a normal game. dont start with a ranked game if you dont know if you have lag to day or not thats all i ask. In my opinion is should be like some fps game I use to play where the server wouldn't alow you to join if your ping was high. If you have retardedly high ping the game should drop you from the pregame lobby. You have no right playing such a game on trashy unstable connections.
like darksouls where you also can get banned for a sertain time if you try to often to play multiplayer while your computer cant handle it or your connection is to weak
D1onys1us (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=doemsdagding,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pEXGq11x,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2016-01-18T14:02:01.545+0000) > > i personally like the new queue system allot I also enjoy going in a queue on my own facing 5 challanger premades after waiting for 40 min to lose before 20 min cuz everyone on my team is another soloque player. /s
40 minute wait mid + top main?
D1onys1us (EUW)
: I'm master on EUW, maining Karthus and yes his last nerf was a complete joke & obviously not needed. Karthus is, unlike what most people might think, very hard to play because most of his damage comes from landing Q's which are quite easy to dodge & he has loads champs who naturally (hard) counter him in lane & there are loads of items /spells that counter most of his damage especially his ult which happens to be one of the longest ults in the game. So yes, completely unsure why they nerfed him even if it's a little. Was expecting buffs but after the whole "dynamic queue" idea I lost hope in any actual good updates.
i personally like the new queue system allot
duckarp (EUNE)
: If people know they have connection issues and still decide to play, they're not ruining the game only for themselves, but EVERY SINGLE TIME for 9 other people. Sorry, but that is just utterly selfish. Fix the connection or play a game that isn't so heavily dependent on all people be present and playing. I know it's harsh, but it's the only way.
if they know they have lag before they join the que they should not play at all. if you dont know yet if you have lag please test it in a aram domion or atleast a normal game. dont start with a ranked game if you dont know if you have lag to day or not thats all i ask.
SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: Tryhard Does not exist, Not in Ranked, Not in Normal... It just doesnt exist.
me and my friends call peopole tryhards when they play only no skill champs (for example yi) and do nothing but trying to get every kill in the game. which involves allot of kill stealing most of the time and has the need of spamming that he is the best and his team are noobs. thats for me a tryhard someone with a big ego while playing a no skill champ. if i see a {{champion:61}} doing the same thing i mind it a hole lot less if you brag about your kills just because it needs actual skill and experience to play and be good with such a champ.
: The best option is to just go afk when it's obvious when a game will be a total waste of time, cause people feed or troll. I gave up on playing pointless games now. Afk is the way to go! If I get punished with 5 games on lower priority queue, I just do some work while waiting. NP.
sadly enough some people allready go afk when the slightest thing goes wrong and so ruin the chances to turn the game around and so ruin the fun for the players who dont feed or troll but actually try to still turn the game around and try to win (and off course try to have fun) it might be better to discuss a strategy with the none trollers feeders and so help turning the game around.
candoodle (EUW)
: I think a lot of the "smurfs" are just toxic players who were banned starting new accounts i think there definitely seems like there is more flame in the climb to 30 than when i first started playing
not just in the climb. there are more flamers in general than 4 years ago.
: What type of champions do you hate to face the most ?
{{champion:36}} whatever lane i play he always is my opponent somehow.
: I'm not a fan boy, but I just want to point out he gives proper credit to whomever deserves it. He never claims he found something out himself when he didn't. But I do certainly understand why you would not like him. Only his opening sentence is already... well...
i love that he gathers some of the information their is on the web so i dont have to read everything my self but just litsen to him saying the theorys he thinks might be true
Nichodemons (EUNE)
: A Message to Riot
i still miss the splash art speed draw videos like they uploaded when i started playing lol i love drawing myself and these videos gave me great inspiration for my own drawings and i learned allot of them. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
candoodle (EUW)
: [SKIN SUGGESTION] since we have void illaoi can we get a kraken velkoz?
Smerk (EUW)
: Favorite champion and you can't even write his name correctly? Either way he will receive full rework and not just visual
he needs some tiny adjustments idd but a entire rework no. and the visual isn't that bad
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