: FPS Problem: An everlasting story and becomes worse with nearly every Patch, when does Riot react?
240 fps in spawn, 110-140 fps in lane. It's better than last patch, for sure!
Fajerk (EUW)
: Back in fall 2k16 when I bought GTX 1060, I used to have over 300FPS in LoL. Unfortunately these days it is absolutely possible to have 90 fps during teamfights, in fact I often do get such values. It's pretty much getting worse every year. So should you expect such low framerate? No. Is it currently normal? Yes, league runs terribly even on non-toaster machines.
I'd be okay with 90 FPS in teamfights. The thing is get 40 FPS, maybe even lower in some teamfights :/
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draikz (EUW)
: Yes. 51 staple for 500 games. Sitting in ranked right now with 51.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=IIIIIlIIIl,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=2oiVHQuh,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-11-10T19:36:08.361+0000) > > Here you go: > https://pastebin.com/endut3Tw > > Thanks for the reply, That looks pretty clean at around 30ms, are you getting 50+ right now? (if you test a custom for example :-) )
Yes. 51 staple for 500 games. Sitting in ranked right now with 51.
Eambo (EUW)
: https://i.imgur.com/eWsaMLj.png From the looks of this, I'd definitely expect you to get better than 50+ compared to others in your city. Do you get this consistently, or is it lower sometimes? Can you provide a traceroute? * Press the [Windows Key] (that is the key on the left side of the space bar, between ctrl and alt) + R * Type cmd in the search bar and click "Ok". You should now see a black window with white letters * Highlight and copy the following commands one by one: > (tracert > "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TracertEUW1.txt" or > (tracert > "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TracertEUW2.txt" * Paste this into the cmd window (black box with white letters) by right clicking and selecting "Paste". Do not use the Ctrl+V shortcut as it will not work! * Depending on your connection, the trace may take 5-15 minutes to complete. A text file with the Tracert log will be created on your Desktop when it finishes * Open it using notepad or a similar program * Select everything (ctrl + A) and copy it * Go to [pastebin.com](http://pastebin.com/) and paste the content there * Set the expiration date to 1 week * Submit it * Share the link with us Thanks!
Here you go: https://pastebin.com/endut3Tw Thanks for the reply,
: the speed test pings the CLOSEST server with data packages which will tell you, "you have 20ping" but thats to that server specificly not to a league server so thats totaly difrent and your ping is also dependent to your ISP on which way he connects you to that server is also important not all connections are the same +55 ping is a decent ping tbh
I see. So I guess I'd have to buy a better connection in order to get lower ping ingame? Or is it simply not possible to get a lower ping from my location?
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