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: Where did my ward placement sounds go :(
yup that cute sound was like 60% of the reason why i bought those ward skins Q_Q
: One for all is over soon - overall experience
Maybe they should have deactivate every day, 1-2 champions with the highest winrate/banrate to stop that tryhard or go afk style. On this way you would be excited (mad) until this game mode comes again if you missed some of theses champions. Not the best solution but this way, i wouldnt have to play 8 from 10 games same champ because premade and op izi win {{champion:122}} {{champion:53}} >_<
S7venUp (EUNE)
: When is Gangplank coming back online?
sooo riot can kill champions ?! so could we now kill Teemo instat of this buffs that he will get ? Ps: i want my gp back Q_Q

drives me mad

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