MkdPro123 (EUNE)
: Till when do we have to reach honor level 2?
w8 you can drop in honor lvl :O realy …. i was thinking it was a bit slower to climb if you got banned but you can drop in that shit XD lol who knew
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: {{champion:2}} {{champion:36}} = get trashed everywhere competitive
> [{quoted}](name=galoisgroup,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=H2RgYmkE,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-08-29T09:09:51.794+0000) > > {{champion:2}} {{champion:36}} = get trashed everywhere competitive totaly true no one is realy playing them in chalanger however these 2 guys alrady have a buff they get when low on health (olaf gets the atak speed buff and mundo gets more atak damage using his E) and with this "new item " they wuld be overpowerd as hell and i think they wuld be viable in competitive and tolaly destroy the games of the other 95 procent of the players + thest 2 are just the first ones i could come up with at the top of my head that this item wuld be to strong on cus of the staking passives thing
Pixelbits (EUW)
: How do you solo carry a game as ADC when your support is a complete potato and there is no peel?
well to be honest …. you cant adc 's cant realy carry games that well they nead a team to protect them (most adc's) best thing you can do is just power farm is you know you cant fight then ward the shit out of evrything and just split most games where this happens is when your team just fights all the time and never wins they just waddle in there and die the other team is gonna like the kills and they wont realy mind you taking a few towers in the meantime and if they come to kill you run like a little %%%%% and hope your team kills a fewx this time take another lane and keep pushing i actualy won a lot of games just splitting and taking objectives wile my team just waddles around (yes i know i look like the aholes in this but i am realy just trying my best to win )
Player 00 (EUW)
: Invite friends to practice tool ?
i am all for this man i was wondering this myself it is best to practice with real players all you get now is a bot that is useless in evry regard and is so dam predicteble
: Riot games should bring back that " unskilled report" its a very good idea didn't know it existed. Players who got reported many times for being unskilled should never get matched with normal players in order to have a better quality games.
> [{quoted}](name=Electronic jihad,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Rlw9WdFp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-26T11:11:20.980+0000) > > Riot games should bring back that " unskilled report" its a very good idea didn't know it existed. Players who got reported many times for being unskilled should never get matched with normal players in order to have a better quality games. you do know mate that guys like me will have my friends report me on mass and make shure evryone els reports me aswell so i can play with "unskilled" players …. this sytem wuld be broken in les than 3 days its not a good thing
b4rtt3kk (EUNE)
: syndra should get removed from the game imo
meh she can be anoying sometimes but if we have to delete ao rework all anoying champs we wuld nead like 100 + reworks she is ok
: Update Amumu and his useless kit
yes lets make {{champion:32}} a 1 shot monser assasin XD i just love the logic of this a lot of champs nead tweeking but amumu is just a bit outdated and is still verry viable as a tank jungler brings loads of cc nice damage and is an overall decent champ
: shen is disgusting champ need nerf
{{champion:36}} you what mate ?
: Make more items
that item wuld make this game so dam unbalanced XD my god i mean can you imagine an {{champion:2}} with this weapon you wuld be dead in seconds XD or even a {{champion:36}} pritty mutch most champs wuld be op with this thing XD black dance XD
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Craziest lore that a lot of people don't know?
i just love {{champion:36}} lore just the way he was tortured from 2 years old to whatever age he was when he dicided he himself is a doctor and will now do as his docters did to him ….. total mutalation he is just a wolverine type over healing thing that loves to be in constant pain and help other feel the joy of pain aswell i mean read his burning agony abilety he sets himself on fire …. not magic fire not an aura just a mad man dousing himself in gasoleen and light it up and that thing is running at you wilth his massive cleaver saying mundo will cure you and to think that all mundo wants to do is make evryone happy XD ….. by hurting them the way he likes XD amazing
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Bot lane discussion: Low elo duo farm
honestly i realy hate that i main adc and i like playing strong late game champs {{champion:96}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:67}} and so on in lane i am pritty pasive i will poke i will trade i will come to the sup's aid but i will power farm the thing im best in as adc is outfarming my oponent and murdering them in late wile playing passive and not feeding early (bad is my warding is bad and i tend to follow my team around and i dont lead like ever just so you know) if a sup just starts taking all my farm i will be .... kinda useless and to be honest kinda pisses me of XD i just wasted 20 min powering myself up and all i get out of it is flame .... cus sup has 150 farm wile i only have 60 :'( and ya that happend ty sup yasuo ....
Nevlu (EUNE)
: Need help with finding my main
well a top lane monster hmm well {{champion:420}} : lane bully verry powerfull ,tanky , and she can own teamfight with that ult of hers {{champion:6}} : verry strong lane bully hard for annyone to 1v1 however kinda slow and eazely kited {{champion:31}} : not ad however if you want an unkillable damage monster cho is the way to go you can go full tank and still pritty mutch 1shot a carry this can win you games {{champion:58}} some good mob great damage can be tanky or if you want full damage is a pain to deal with and is a constant problem {{champion:83}} one of the most anoying champs to have on top cus you can just keep pushing and pushing and no one can stop you you can eazy 1v1 most champs and you will be anoying {{champion:48}} of kinda the same style as yoric but this thing owns towers in seconds and is an overal prity strong fighter and can turn the game {{champion:75}} shure your aerly is pritty meh but you WILL be a big problem as the game progresses strong overall champ
Asention (EUW)
: Do you think AD Assassins are too strong?
i just realy dislike {{champion:238}} he to me is the baine of my existence ... if you can see him your already dead his 1 shot combo has to mutch range and there is no worse thing in the world then being a lets say 15 -0-8 {{champion:21}} having a random zed ult you you killing him in 2 shots and just w8 crying in a corner for that ult to bring you from 1.6k hp to 0 i think that is why i hate him so mutch press r and no matter what happens after you WILL die (as an adc with no {{item:3157}} )
: new death recap
half of the time it tells me my teammate killed me .... with like 900 000 true damage on a toxic shot .... wile i was killed by zed and it tells me garen of my team killed me point is it neads some fixing
: urgot is disgusting
yes he is strong but his mob is .... well bad realy bad .... look at this wat if that urgot can waddle his slow *** over to you hit his dash with has more windup time than a toaster that guy desurves some damage on you XD and if you dont like that just go no urgot i will just walk away from you NO bad boy leave ..... urgot will be like ..... :'( but a wanna hurt you ..... NO!
: automatic runes (or bring back the old runes)
mate just instal blits it autmaticly changes your runes and gives in depth analasis of your matches btw havig this is in no way ilegal and you cant get banned for this cus 1 no one will know you have it and 2 it doesn't do annything to your game just takes your match history and you can look trugh it and what lanes your teammates usaly play and a little bit of there playstile
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: zero tolerance words give you an instant 14 day ban next is going to be a permanent ban If that censored word is the K word, you 100% deserve the ban 'cause joking about that stuff isn't funny or appropriate
If that censored word is the K word, you 100% deserve the ban 'cause joking about that stuff isn't funny or appropriate had to look up the k word xD ty now i know a new one to cal my sup ty :)
939756 (EUW)
: When losing.
i have a golden rule ... yes i get frustrated we all do my rule is i can yell at them all i want rage as mutch as i nead to but never ever type annything in chat be nice suportive and helpfull in chat and yell at them as hard as you can thay cant hear you flaming wil NEVER lead to someone playing better
: How much is Pyke hated as a champion?
il tell you exacly whats going on here i do this to its a verry good low elo strategy... you see the type of players who play champs like {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:245}} and ofcorse {{champion:555}} in lower elo especialy have a "i am the epic playmaker carry and my team is trash " mentalety so if and when you kill them 1 time all you have to do is say something it might be gj it might be gg it might even be XD and you just made him useless these type of players will blow up if you show enny kind of disrespect to there skills and they will go on and start the blaming game and destroy there team's chance of winning and play like an idiot on steriods and i think they were dong it to you maby on the extreme end but its a viable strategy to take the weakest mental link and fiddle with it untill it breaks picking one of those chaps will make you the first target XD
Omi Khan (EUW)
: i m not gay
lol cant w8 for your ban mate XD hope to never meet you in game o and btw (something nasty about your mother) ..... cus you see im not gay.....
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Special anti low plays/trolling system
bad idea verry bad idea.... evryone who plays leage has lost there lane evryone has tryed a new chap and lost evryone by this law is permabaned .... great system
: Here is a good question to the community
dont permaban... just dont .... ip ban them
Noctiss (EUNE)
: People value their life more than nexus
thats usualy cus they have already given up on the game and dont want all the blame cus they fed....that 1 death doesn't matter i know but they have just given up
: Ranked Queues Ban System
mate XD if i want to ban a champ i will i dont like playing with or against the type of players who pick this champ if he trolls after i baned his champ it only proves my point that i dont want playest that play that kind of champ in my game (note if thay are %%%%s in pre game i will not let them play there precious {{champion:157}} if they are normal guys i dont mind XD its the only thing i can do that isn't banable let me be a %%%% sometimes to i have never flamed :'(
Drupu (EUNE)
: How can non-smurf trollers and inters be above bronze?
prob a 1trick .... if he got a role he didn't want in the first place and he made a mistake in the first seconds of the game he wuld already know the game is lost cus HE cant carry it and if he cant then no one can usualy see these guys more in normals tho XD
Voldymort (EUNE)
: /facepalm
i dont get is was he like on fire ... as in realy good or ... red hot in anger .. or ....wut ?
: Why do people say 1v1 me and then back out?
well they see it this way they tell you 1v1 me scrub meaning that they wil own you in a 1v1 .... witch btw has little to do with a team game but if you do the thing most guys do and ignore it they think they won the 1v1 and they now proved they are better in evry way and if you say ok mate i feel like a 1v1 lets do it :) ...... ofcorse they know they are the best in the game and they are going to win eazy but they arn't compleatly delusional and know somewere in there twisted minds that they might lose so they just dont go trugh with it but they already won cus they are the best
: i dont give a %%%% anymore tbh never playing league again they just ruin peoples main champions
> [{quoted}](name=Royal on cocaine,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JrLLcNOG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-06T15:02:39.204+0000) > > i dont give a %%%% anymore tbh never playing league again they just ruin peoples main champions well they did it to me to .... alot {{champion:83}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:31}} i loved all of them alot maind atleast 3 of them ... now thay play like totaly difrent champs what i love about them is gone :'( but ya i still play
: I suck at my main. Should I give up?
if you know your champ as you claim to do the prob is prob not that you shuld rethink the basics - farm: you can show of all you want if the other laner has more farm then you you are lozing your lane the lozer mundo just died cus you are agresive as hell what a noob .... stop and think w8 i have been anoying him non stop i have 10 farm becuse of that ... he has 130 .... whatever i got a kill what a noob for some reason this hapens alot on high agresion champs you zone out and try for the kill wile lozing farm -dont expect you are the strongest one : if you dont know for shure the damage output of your laner assume he will beat you up if you come close use the im a %%%%% combo of dash stun and leap to poke him down and avoid long fights riven kinda sucks at that compared to other brusers/tanks + its ok to leave lane with 0 kills you dont have to dominate you just have to make gold and get stronger so meany rivens just want to get the kill that they end up overextending and feeding -dont be the carry : i feel you want to be the legendary fighter well most games your not and thats ok know your damage know the team sometimes its way better to have a tank riven then a glas cannon wanabe assasin (again im asuming you are that riven ) - this game is not about you : its a team game you are riven a bruser/tank that exels in cc and burst damage be the thing you team neads a front liner that is ready to dive the adc /mid the one that can defend your adc with your high cc and damage .... not the lone warior edgy kid that just 1v5 evry time and then gets mad at the team they are not there when you die be a team player note : this might be all bs to you but i see rivens do this all the times (and yasuo's....) and its cus i know this i can beat a riven top 90procent of the time they are agresive inpacient and will make mistakes if you are the one being pasive .... and after they die just once they usaly start to flame...
radetari (EUNE)
: The reason why LoL messes up your mentallity
what are you talking about XD if i feel frustrated in game i yell allkinds of stuff i scream this yi is an idiot he is useless this muid had 4 farm we are 20 min in game how even ..... wile typing in chat ty for the gank yi we didn't get the hill but gj :) btw zed i love your agresive playstile its amazing how he cant take a single minion without you harrasing him XD and thats how you are suposed to play flame the hell out of them if they cant hear you and be nice and suportive when they can youl win more games XD
mrboom110 (EUW)
: Champs for climbing
we cant tell you that mate it totaly depends on your playstile .... and what your team neads all chaps are strog for there lanes its just what type of player are you the agresive type who takes out a high damage treath or the one in the frontline who blocks that guy from doing that you want a bit of bolth you want to be in the back healing your carrys up you wanna be the carry yourself ? i have no idea what you want XD tell me what champs you enjoy now and i can give you a list of champs you might also like and if you like them and practice abot that champ can help you climb
: Sylas will be perma banned next patch
true his heal does get a little ..... verry high but there are items for that and even a handy spell {{item:3076}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3165}} {{summoner:14}} ....
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What is this matchmaking?
well i was unranked for 4 seasons cus i just didn't rank and i play normals i have a normal mmr now that is way higher then my rank mmr and evry few games i get blamed before the game strats by guys like you understand that you WILL be put in a team with players of your level in the gamemode you are playing in ranked it will be in your rank (taking into account your mmr) and in normals a iron 4 is more then welcome in a diamond 1 team cus if he is set there it means that in normals he is on par with the rest of the team
: 5 more days
its fun to play sometimes to unwind or just lol at the brokenness of the whiole idea but not realy on par with the normal game no "skill" involved all luck based and mostly you know when you see the enemies champs you already know who is going to win
: Good bye Riot!
i hate to be that guy but .... get some friends togeather hell make a team if you have a duo partner .... and yes i know duo's and teams in general have a verry bad rep cus they all feeders and flamers i know i know if you have someone you can play with you can chat have more fun get less tilted get sinergy,.... and as an adc main i know how frustrating ti can be to feel alone in a duo lane or know your "help" isn't helping or just not on the same wavelenght with 2 difrent playstiles .... dong get angry you dont wanna be the im the only good sup or the im the carry hail to me adc gust get along if you can manage that you can have fun even if you loose
: which champs should get nerfed in 9.6
hmm no {{champion:238}} hate am i realy the only one that finds him plain discusting XD
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: Why Can't I Play My Favourite Champ? Why Do I have To play OPs To Even Have Fun In This Game :(
well riot actualy does do alot to try and keep evrything balanced now i know sometimes they nerf to hard or buff to mutch some of my favorite champs are in the gutter aswell now but never is a champ totaly useless never is a champ without a counter never is a champ just unbeateble if you know the champ you play and the champ your up against you shuld play acordingly and if your champ is a bit to weak now well he will get buffed soon
Kinerpi (EUW)
: Stuck in 2 of a high rank.
just keep playing it happens to me sometimes to i am on a winning steak and riot just thinks well he seems to be way to good lets bump him up a rank or .....12 and then for a few games you play hopeless games where you know you are the major problem feels bad :( after those games riot will say well now he sucks lets ram him back hmmm 25 ranks XD (note this is mostly in normal mmr not ranked)
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Haze97 (EUW)
: Well are you out of Bronze yet? Coz things will get difficult once your MMR settles. I had an 80% win rate on Jax going from Iron IV to Iron I after my placements and that was because I kept coming across sensible teammates. That does not happen as easily once your MMR settles unless you're queuing with a low MMR duo or something.
naa i am what you call i casual i dont rank all that mutch the last time i ranked was in season 3 i think i am just ranking now cus my "team" wants to they are all about gold so i think i might clime some more lets just try to get to silver or something .... dont realy want to leave bronse tho it will get my supprise factor down in normal games XD you know the thing look at this bronsie we are gonna have an eazy win XD gess again mate
Irarius (EUW)
: Champion Idea, Aiden the Master of Arts
sooo .... what you want is {{champion:82}} and {{champion:157}} to mate and create a demon child .... this is not a good idea not at all
Void Vel (EUW)
: i'd really appriciate some help with the basics
nead some general help add me in game il try my best :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: They removed the ability to see premades from the API due to people getting abused for being premades. It wasn't really causing a good experience.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MLvPGA2z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-23T16:04:24.175+0000) > > They removed the ability to see premades from the API due to people getting abused for being premades. It wasn't really causing a good experience. realy i didn't know that XD but it is true i have been getting less flame for being premade XD and here i was hoping i was climing past the flamers ty for dashing my hope XD
Profitzer (EUW)
: Parties of griefers and wrongful suspensions. League ends here for me.
1 game of griefers shure it culd happen 2 maby 15 hell no +if you got banned you were flaming so ya ....
: 52% winrate, +13 but -20 ?
it means that riot thinks you are to high in rank for your preformance your winrate has nothing to do with this you can win a game where you go 0-15-0 doesn't mean you were at your lvl off "skill" short awnser riot thinks you are placed to high
Haze97 (EUW)
: It is next to impossible to carry most low elo teams.
meh i had to start out in iron 4 .... took me 1 day of playing like 3-4 h to get to bronse 3 still low i know but hey im having no truble climing at all
: Voice chat bug
i have the same thing cheked evrything sound setting volume mixer and all that i have all the leage sounds but i cant hear the chat
NeoEñvý (EUW)
: Jungler Champions for beginners?
why does evryone Always forget {{champion:56}} try him XD he is awsome oterwise go {{champion:19}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:59}} or something depending on what playstile you like most
Welland (EUNE)
: thats my strategy but with starting mid. ill wait for laning pahase to be over and just go to the oposite of my team and enemies. if they are all spread out i go for the drake or ward.
> [{quoted}](name=Welland,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=qfQqNGAU,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-03-03T15:13:20.717+0000) > > thats my strategy but with starting mid. ill wait for laning pahase to be over and just go to the oposite of my team and enemies. > if they are all spread out i go for the drake or ward. sounds like you shuld be playing top lane instead mate some top laners are meanth to do this .. if you do this with a mid laner it can work but your team realy neads you to mutch in team fights for you to be splitting try out champs that are made to do this strategy champs that can push fast and fight 1v1 or 1v2 if needed champs like {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:27}} and champs like that i onestly think you will have more fun they work better with your playstile and you will get less hate try it :)
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