Ehhhh (EUW)
: Just because you haven't been toxic before, Doesn't mean riot should remove the punishment. That's not how it works. And maybe don't say %%% twice, even if you are just repeating what someone said
Why on earth shouldn't Riot remove the punishment? I didnt do anything wrong, in fact I called someone out for doing something wrong?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I'll NEVER understand WHY y'all repeat 0 tolerance worlds when it's WELL KNOWN that they're an instant ban Just why? What do you get from repeating their words? Let me rephrase that, what GOOD do you get from repeating their toxic words? Because you sure as hell will be banned when you repeat their 0 tolerance words TECHNICALLY you did break the rules because you did say a 0 tolerance word. Sure you didn't say it to anyone, you were just repeating what they said, but you still said it Maybe they will take away the punishment, maybe they won't. Dunno It usually takes around 24h to get a response depending on the traffic and the number of workers
Im really surprised you think that? Feels like punishments should be applied to people who have done wrong, not those calling out something as wrong? Also having skimmed through the summoner's code there, there isnt any mention of being entirely unable to say certain phrases or words? If it was true they absolutely need to have that in a much more visible place.
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