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CJXander (EUNE)
: Rofl, you're a massive keyboard warrior. And unless this chatlog is edited, i don't find the case suspension worthy. But i would be really annoyed to be in a game with you. Contact the [support center]( No hard feelings.
yeah no i get that, but 3 premades were flaming me that whole time..
dyáblo (EUW)
: Chat restricted for 10 games unnecessarily.
Game 1 In-Game Stealthzy: wp rengo Stealthzy: awh Stealthzy: can i get a gank please Stealthzy: sry rengo Stealthzy: didnt think lucian would be there Stealthzy: ok? Stealthzy: not getting camped enough lol? Stealthzy: yeah blitz? Stealthzy: yeah, 6 ganks from heca Stealthzy: do you think that changes anything lol? Stealthzy: liss w r q all cc, heca r q Stealthzy: 'omfg' Stealthzy: first time league of legends hearing what cc is? Stealthzy: or hwat Stealthzy: just stop Stealthzy: blitz Stealthzy: premadesl ol Stealthzy: ??? hes flaming me for going 1/5 Stealthzy: and apparently im flaming lol Stealthzy: what did i say blitz go on Stealthzy: haha he says 'stfu' in our chat Stealthzy: i didnt blame anything on anyone else Stealthzy: i didnt speak. Stealthzy: what are you on about? Stealthzy: blitz spam pinged me for dying then called me a '%%%%%%', tolld me to stop inting and use my w Stealthzy: i pinged missing on bot once Stealthzy: after i died Stealthzy: ???? Stealthzy: 3 man rpe Stealthzy: as u can see Stealthzy: ok Stealthzy: but does it help being flamed? Stealthzy: yes i am first time Stealthzy: ? Stealthzy: brp Stealthzy: i cant dodge 5 cc;s Stealthzy: with one move Stealthzy: use your brain Stealthzy: right Stealthzy: and can i dodge heca q and r and lissandras q w and r? Stealthzy: okay Stealthzy: and u shouldve ganked Stealthzy: before 15 minutes Stealthzy: you just gonna tilt me more lol Stealthzy: ? Stealthzy: just keep flaming me all game Stealthzy: really makes me wanna do good Stealthzy: lol Stealthzy: you realise after 9 deaths and no kills you get no gold for my deaths right twitch and rengar/ Stealthzy: bruh Stealthzy: ur pre Stealthzy: flamed me so hard Stealthzy: u want me to do good no? Stealthzy: yeah Stealthzy: after ur flame Stealthzy: lmao Stealthzy: who doesnt? Stealthzy: yeah bc i killed heca lol Stealthzy: maybe dont flame? Stealthzy: why should i mute just so u guys can carry on flaming xd Stealthzy: why are u flaming and crying about me over a norm? Stealthzy: or what fam Stealthzy: acting like your road rofl Stealthzy: you gonna spark my jaw fam Stealthzy: low it Stealthzy: not surre what hold kaft means Stealthzy: you germans trying to become english roadmen? Stealthzy: 'ae' Stealthzy: kaeft Stealthzy: thats a german accent is it not Stealthzy: oof Stealthzy: but its german too Stealthzy: ah okay Stealthzy: why are u saying fam lol Stealthzy: lol Stealthzy: can we ff? Stealthzy: big danish fam Stealthzy: gg Stealthzy: for bneing flamed Game 2 Pre-Game Stealthzy: me Stealthzy: jk In-Game Stealthzy: stop wasting ur r on me :( Stealthzy: why are u ring ;-; Stealthzy: because i thought ud block for me lool Stealthzy: instead of just go invulnerable and make me tank Stealthzy: okay Stealthzy: i baited her for you Stealthzy: but u decided to let me die for no reason Stealthzy: and burn r Stealthzy: so why am i dpoin better tha nyoU> Stealthzy: hey boss Stealthzy: u guys are 1v3ing Stealthzy: an unfed ornn Stealthzy: yeah bc u got fed from 2v1s lol Stealthzy: ok Stealthzy: and i was talking to you Stealthzy: and i was talking to you Stealthzy: xayah just dislikes me for being more fed than her ;( Stealthzy: /doing just as good as her* :) Stealthzy: bruh Stealthzy: senpai please Stealthzy: senpai Stealthzy: senpai Stealthzy: can i seek ur attention senpai Stealthzy: i like when irrelevance teams up to fight the good fight with personal matters Stealthzy: wp Stealthzy: yikes Stealthzy: you keep talking Stealthzy: omegalul Stealthzy: lOL Stealthzy: yeet Stealthzy: dab Stealthzy: rick rolled Stealthzy: haHA Stealthzy: yikes Stealthzy: the adc takes all my camps so i can be irrelevant Stealthzy: OMEGALUL Stealthzy: YIKES Stealthzy: what do u mena lol Stealthzy: lux Stealthzy: u want me to sit there and not def myself? Stealthzy: see Stealthzy: i stalled :p Stealthzy: look Stealthzy: the adc dies and loses baron buff when he could back and win the game Stealthzy: yikes Stealthzy: *dab* Stealthzy: calling me a whore btw Stealthzy: okay Stealthzy: explain it Stealthzy: id like to hear Stealthzy: so ur claling me a slave? Stealthzy: im a racist? Stealthzy: you called me a slave lul Stealthzy: '~put chains round ur wrists' Stealthzy: how can u attention seek for using the chat lol Stealthzy: jesus Stealthzy: wp guys Stealthzy: xayah Stealthzy: friends? :) Stealthzy: sorry lux Stealthzy: not my senpai :( Stealthzy: just fwend Stealthzy: u like that heal bud?
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: I have the same issue
Saw another thread with this too but..
Hannsen (EUW)
: Cannot craft golden Chroma
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Kippiiq (EUW)
: or you play 10 games and each win gives yu a division 1 WIN BRONZE 2 WIN BRONZE 3 WIN BRONZE 4 WIN BRONZE 5 WIN BRONZE 6 WIN BRONZE 7 WIN BRONZE 8 WIN BRONZE 9 WIN SILVER 10 WIN SILVER
> [{quoted}](name=FuGiTiVeZ,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=7Ai3ZeEF,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2016-10-08T13:14:43.967+0000) > > or you play 10 games and each win gives yu a division > 1 WIN BRONZE > 2 WIN BRONZE > 3 WIN BRONZE > 4 WIN BRONZE > 5 WIN BRONZE > 6 WIN BRONZE > 7 WIN BRONZE > 8 WIN BRONZE > 9 WIN SILVER > 10 WIN SILVER completely wrong i won 7 and got silver 2
: Don't edit your chat logs. Now we can't even trust it. Better use pastebin now..
Here you go then - Game 1 Stealthzy: lb what move u start with? Stealthzy: voli can u check/ward my blue? Stealthzy: Ok w the raptors from lane for me :p Stealthzy: do it before i attack so u dont kill some small one Stealthzy: voli can u ward?? Stealthzy: xD ty lb <3 Stealthzy: ty Stealthzy: stfu voli Stealthzy: what a %%%%%% Stealthzy: wooahah Stealthzy: just win ur lane mommas boy Stealthzy: keep going Stealthzy: use that anger on the acmille Stealthzy: this scrub Stealthzy: can u report voli pls Stealthzy: hes trolling ;/ Stealthzy: could u not kill him xD Stealthzy: let him die to turret Stealthzy: camille are u that scrubby Stealthzy: bro ur flaming peoples mum when i asked for a %%%%ing ward Stealthzy: i asked for a ward how baddd Stealthzy: allow it dude Stealthzy: come on Stealthzy: we didnt %%%% up shit Stealthzy: he has no life either? Stealthzy: Atleast stfu fapper92 Stealthzy: cuz i said scrub 5 mins ago now u say scrubber Stealthzy: wow your good at getting fed off feeders camille! Stealthzy: for what? Stealthzy: how? Stealthzy: in anyway Stealthzy: its fking lost Stealthzy: doesnt matter Stealthzy: towers r done Stealthzy: not sure how you feel about urself rammus when ur killng feeder Stealthzy: yeah bc the league community is amazing Stealthzy: just killing feeders Stealthzy: but why are u killing him? Stealthzy: veigar no ult Stealthzy: with this voli ofc Stealthzy: just ff20 Stealthzy: and report voli Stealthzy: yea Stealthzy: told u Stealthzy: it was obvs Stealthzy: what? Stealthzy: he probably one of those 20 year olds who lives with their mums and is obiese Stealthzy: yes pls
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TTekkers (EUW)
: Is just "Kayn" still available? It maybe early enough that no one's taken it yet.
Nah not even CandyKayn was available at the time.
: I've made a Club named "The kayndashians" if any of you want to join ;){{champion:141}}
xd My club is NoKaynNoGain
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: It'll be on an early sale in a couple of months.
Alright! Thanks.
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dyáblo (EUW)
: Problem is it doesnt let me sign in at riot games support
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Write to the Riot Support and a special Blitzcrank Bot will grant you the skin instantly (instant reply).
Problem is it doesnt let me sign in at riot games support
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