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Pyrosen (EUW)
: {{item:3123}} Only 800 gold, pick up one today!
I'm not talking that I don't like sustain. I'm actually winning only cause of this. If you would read properly you would understand that I want a divercity. I want my usefulness of strategic hamster back. When people not swiping all over the place for shrooms destroying everything I done and then gap closed one shotting me cause I can't do anything to them as an AP Teemo. I found that only thing I can do now is just farm till I have wits end, cutlass, hextech revolver and mercs. and then I'm ready to melt everything. And I do that. but it's BORING. Teemo isn't about AA till the end of the game he is about shrooms. But they are useless now cause everyone has this stupid red trinket or dusk blade or just few MR items that completely negates everything AP Teemo does.
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: Why do you play ranked ?
To get up to MMR ladder. I don't see any reason to play any game if it's not RPG if there is no competition.
: At first I wanted to recommend to not mute everyone for no reason. But then I've seen that you main Teemo... that's a good reason. Anyway, muting everyone isn't great because you miss out on what your team is up to. So adding a button for more convenience is counter-intuitive really.
I literally see only flame and blame and that I losing their game alone by picking Teemo. I don't need that. I'm almost always muting everyone cause if not. I will down myself to their level and become toxic and start flame as well. This is not what I want so I need less time to mute all. Muting everyone by hand via tab window is just plain long. Typing /mute all in chat is faster but still. U need get away your focus for few seconds. And I don't like that either. I need simple one button above all buttons in tab score window that will mute everyone from chat. I don't mean pings they are valuable (not really for me cause I'm not blaming others for not mia or something) only chat messages.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: /fullmute all /mute all
Can you reread my message?
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: > [{quoted}](name=eXtreemo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AL1WMNsP,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-03T18:49:25.944+0000) > > ... triggers aggro from creeps? Read the patchnotes please.
God. dangit. And what AM I suppose to do now? Teemo's lane become more shitty per season.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Support who get aggro. Oh snap cannot play anymore. Care to run in bush to disaggro? Too effort. I get it
I'm not supporting I'm playing top. Before season I could play Support (I can actually now with mostly same results) but 90% f the time I'm playing Top. ANd that aggro is ruining my lane. I'm AA oriented squishy champion. I never had experienced aggroing creeps with Q. Now I do. I feel that it's a bug, the same was long time ago when Teemo could turn invisible while backing home. ANd it got fixed. I hope this is not intentional, cause if so riots DIDN'T give him something in return to all this "avoid being you little HP sucked out by a creeps before you got killed by any TOP/jungle" laner. I hate the hate and I hate this struggle while playing Teemo in platinum/diamond. People buying red trinkets HAHAH I said buying? It's freaking FREE. They just changing wards to 3-4 swipers and done - Teemo can't plant shrooms and cant even surprise with sudden attack. NOW this Q aggro. What I need to know else? god dangit my life is shit and I choose most unlucky champ to main through this shitty life on mine.
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: > [{quoted}](name=hauress,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OxI1uEL8,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-28T11:52:03.072+0000) > > does his W gets countert by wards? if u dont have his w pasive up? I don't understand, why would his W be countered by wards? Do you mean it will shoot wards? I don't think it will, as 1) it doesn't reveal wards, and 2) wards technically don't count as enemies. You normally can't target them with abilities. Try activating his W when you find an enemy ward. I'm sure it won't target it. I did find though that his W will not proc deathfire or sorcery. Which I guess makes sense as its actually a modified AA. Of course, that could also mean that blinds will completely negate his W. So Teemo would now counter Urgot. Not sure I like that. I also noticed that his Q is really easy to avoid. It takes a while to detonate, has a fairly small blast radius (I've seen people barely get out of it just before it explodes while they were in the center of it) and seems to deal little damage. The detonation time could be reduced, I think. Its a lot like Galio's old Q, except his exploded instantly.
Teemo doesn't counter urgot tho. Cause Urgot is fat and tanky now. More tankier than before. ALso this is really a problem to kill him in late game, cause of his shields and constant nonstop damage. I didn't like old urgot cause his auto rockets. if you fell for the explosion you could only back, nothing more. There isn't any counterplay to this. Now you at least can understand the pattern of new Urgot to avoid all shit he throwing at you. I still lost against him tho. Cause he is fat.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Riot tested it internally and came to the conclusion not to implement it. The queuetimes were too long.
Well. People need to choose what to do. I can't play jungler. I just can't You DON'T want me on your team when I'm filled as a jungler. ANd I don't want to play jungler with four people who require ganks which I can't give them, cause I suck at this role. I can fill any role except jungler. So I need that option to exclude it from my filling roles. I still can fill support/adc/mid (as a top mainer) Riots can't be serious by pushing me to be toxic as a player by playing what I can't.
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pug12 (EUW)
: Want to climb? Stop banning Leblanc.
Lol. Don't ban my main. I want to win too. Seriously?
Eveninn (EUW)
: Last time I checked sexually attractive and cute weren't that easy to mistake with each other. A more likely conclusion to this disagreement is that cuteness is subjective. ;)
well yes. But I meant cute as "fluffy, gurgly, bubbly, huggable and small-childish" something you want to hug/protect/and pet forever. Almost all yordles are cute. But No humans, monsters are. Also Robots... we need at least one cute robot thing. We have only two robots and one of them even gurl.
: Implying {{champion:203}} isn't cute.
No it isn't You are seeing this thing as a sexual object more than as a cute thing. Same as Dude above seeing in Taliya potential fantasy girlfriend more than cute thing.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Teemo is not broken. It's just a meme that everyone hates him.
I never said he is broken. He is underpowered for sure.
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: Great Job Riot, You Made a BIG Success with 1 Champion!
At last the champion which low elo can rise with doing completely same stuff as with any other champion (mash buttons) but with greater impact. I hate new Kat, cause Riots broke her. They shouldn't let one champion has everything - survival, mobility AND damage. And tell you what - katarina has freakishly A LOT of those.
: Oh no, Kat is no longer a keyboard stomp champ, now you need to think about her very carefully, esp mid-late game.
: Build full tank teemo, even red trinket won't help them against that.
Well. Tankmo also doesn't work well, since of lack of damage ,lack of range and lack of anything useful. Blind? Can be removed by QSS, shrooms? can be switched off by a lot of things. All Teemo can be in this build - soaker. But it isn't very fun to play. His whole kit is being tactician and make proper decisions, but it SUCK when your 5+minute tactic is fully destroyed by random trinket sweep.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Ikusaba Mukuro,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KKncuV5b,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-01-29T18:08:10.091+0000) > > Okay, let me get this straight, you expect me to get a Runaan's or waste my mushrooms while other champs press one button, waste absolutely nothing, and clear an entire wave with ease? > That, and mushrooms are risky to use as a waveclear. Runaan's is good on Teemo, always has been due to 3 lots of poison at once.
Runaan isn't boosting Teemo's damage in teamfight. No sane player will let Teemo attack more than once-twice or even get in range. Teemo would be very strong though if he had the same range as others marksmen. But he hasn't his range is most short of all marksmen as I know. Buying attack speed on Teemo helping only some lane phase against some none caster/non burst melee champs. And against some mages Teemo also has a nice chance to win. But generally Teemo can do nothing against ganks and red trinkets/wards. It's just so stupid when you can easily counter champion with something that free or costs 75 gold. They changed akali cause of this. Why Teemo is different I don't know.
: Reworks that are coming soon
Hantusa (EUW)
: Teemo winning cause of mistakes of others and not cause people are good at playing him.. I'm sorry, but what?- so you're saying people can't play Teemo well, but others can play their champs? Winning cause of enemies making mistakes virtually describes 80% of all games, I mean, name your favorite; Enemy doesn't ward being caught out, enemy goes baron while not dominating any part of the map, flaming each other, etc etc..
I mean that if both player playing well and have the same exact understanding of the game and each other's champions - Teemo has less chance of winning, cause he is easily countered by free/buyable items. Yes there are some champions that Teemo can play well against (Singed, Nasus, Garen, some other not bursty melee maybe) but overall if other regular meta champions (but hell even non meta) laning against Teemo it is so easy to shut him down or make his lane phase worst. Lack of mobility, lack of reliable CC and lack of defensive skills giving Teemo hard time with champions that always were in a meta brackets through all last seasons (from 5 to 7). And since Teemo received only one good buff (and that was his fling the shroom buff, all others "fixes" and changes was a nerf to him - _Blind being able to cleared with QSS, nerf of shroom damage, red freaking trinkets which completely shutting down everything you do or trying to do in any fight if enemy isn't dumb_) he will lose most of the time against ANY good opponent. But since it is not 1vs1 game its more determined by junglers and laners for whom Teemo is a easy peasy gan target
Hantusa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ikusaba Mukuro,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KKncuV5b,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-29T18:17:20.080+0000) > > Search up &#x27;Teemo is underpowered&#x27; on Google. > I assure you: you&#x27;ll find posts that say the exact same thing as me. Of course I'll find other postings about <insert weekly champ here> being underpowered, that's how league works. Fact is, Teemo isn't underpowered by any means, people are just utterly stuck in their build paths. Seen the very same with people complaining about ADC's being weak and easy to jump, while there's some truth to the ADC hypocrisy, a lot of it stems from people building the exact same items every game, instead of looking at items that are useful for each new game. I'll do an example, GA is utter garbage if the enemy team always focuses you in team fights and your own team can't stop them, the hourglass would be miles better in that situation even if you have no ap scaling abilities. Why?- because as soon as they blow something on you, you decide if you want to die or not, and chances are they now have 1-2 players deep in your team, meaning your team have 2 isolated targets while you are ready to rock. _Still, many on these boards don't see that as an option, because you "waste" one slot, they would rather die repeatedly than buy the item that keeps them alive!_ It's the same with Teemo, assuming equal skill, he's by no means underpowered, yes his shrooms is easily countered by the pink + sweeping, but you don't need to build for max shroom dmg every single %%%%ing game, if the enemy team isn't allowing it.
The problem with Teemo he isn't very anything in this game. You can't do much in teamfights if enemy team decent as you are. I'm playing Teemo throughout all seasons and I was in mostly every scenario. Teemo winning cause of mistakes of others, not cause you actually good at him. Teemo falls off SO much at the end of the game, when two+ people on enemy team have trinkets against your ultimate and their adc has QSS against your blind. You are utterly seless then. But Teemo also is easily destroyable by few early ganks. Only flash will save him but its flash - 4 minutes CD you need to be super cautious when other champions can just stun/slow/jump and avoid ganks by any means of their ability kit.
Perilum (EUW)
: Toxic is Toxic.
Excandar (EUW)
: Think I'll go for option three: the 7/3 nice guy
You mean 5/5 average silent guy?
: Teemo help
1 - Teemo uncounterable by stupidity. When you playing Teemo throughout bronze-end of the gold. You mostly carrying the game, cause people don't buy wards and red trinkets and they always dying on shrooms. You don't need to build anything except ap and you wining games. 2 - Teemo suck balls after gold cause people know how to counter him (QSS on ADC and red trinket on two+ people in team). Teemo one and only champion which can be countered by items, one of which is FREE. You might be bad on him, but despite that Teemo is very very underperforming, especially in late cause he can't do anything without dying. It's like a Murky in HotS, but without his death sewn in gameplay design. At least Murky SUPPOSED to die a lot to win. ALso no defensive abilities or escapes deals it's bad deed in a reign of gap-close champions with hard CCs Ritos should really look at him next after some older champions they have in line for update.
: Please, for the love of God Riot, get rid of this dirty foreign tactic!
Any tactic is a good tactic if you won. There is no actual rules about how this game should be played as soon as there are 5 people against 5 people overall. And how they can play and what they can use for achieve that win is up to them.
: Teemo's (potential) buff
I would like to get buff as a Teemo. Cause throughout all these years from second season I felt myself as a beating bag most of the time. People were hating me, reporting me, flaming me from the start. And actually they still doing this after 7 years of this game Cause Teemo is like a meme now. Teemo = useless piece of crap no matter your stats, no matter your experience. And know what? Most of the time I agreeing with them. Cause Teemo despite being cute and sometimes really deadly. Can't do things that other champion can. He can't be bruiser with defensives stats and kill things staying alive. He can't get away when caught in a crossfire in teamfight. He can deal HUGE amount of damage but this damage is DoT and it is mostly not killing damage, it's just prolonging the game and making fast teamfights into long returning, cause everyone playing more passive or just buying red trinkets. Teemo now is ONLY ONE CHAMPION that can be completely negated by Items. No other champion can be countered by any means in game. His W is useless in teamfights and useful ONLY on lane phase and in jungling (if you brave enough to jungle with him, where almost every champion can invade your space and kill you cause your early damage suck) His E is AA range (which is most %%%%%%ed range for ranged champion without escapes) and no one will ever let you use more than 1-2 AA in teamfight with all their stuns, slows, and huge damage. His R completely negated by FREE trinket in a middle of fight. No matter how smart you go with your planting with your tactics and knowing map it's all will be erased with one single trinket when enemy will push together. One and only reliable ability of his is Q which is very easy to use and has nice scaling. But even so anyone can by QSS to get rid of the blind effect and you will be left with only one DAMAGE ability against full synergy of any other adc, bruisers or junglers. So Yeah I want Teemo to get some buffs, cause if you look at his "fixes" and changes - he mostly only got nerfs (shrooms damage, shroom duration, Blind being CC and thus getting countered by QSS etc) And I actually do not believe that riots will make shrooms so much imbalanced (cause if they will make shrooms immune to trinkets it will buff Teemo too much) I hope they will look at him at last and make a good rework preserve his kit as a shroom miner. Cause Teemo without shrooms - not a Teemo
: > For those that haven't read it, Riot are potentially looking at stopping his shrooms being made visible and disabled by Control Wards. Personally I think this is a much needed buff for Teemo This might be too much of a buff.People in low elo do not put many control wards and from my experience neither do people in high elo.Teemo's early game is quite powerful,though if not played correctly will become useless late game. Overall,I agree with you.Teemo really needs a buff. {{champion:75}} mains are already having a bad time against early game Teeto.LET'S MAKE THEIR LIFE MORE MISERABLE!
If people on low elo are not using red trinket than this buff will have no impact on them. But on high elo teemo is meaningless cause whenever he is in game at least two-three people "buying" this trinket to completely shut down his tactics
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Skins that affect gameplay...
I remember when Pulsefire Ezreal had a longer skillshot range than regular one. Also as a Teemo main I have all of his skins and I can say that Astronaut skin is very slow and heavy. I like its animations and VO echo effect. But overall aa is very slow (projectiles flying kinda a bit slower than on any other skin) and his movement much slower than others (maybe cause of his unique animation of walking). I'm very pleased with VFX and animations of cottontail/panda and regular Teemo skins. Cause they have this STINGY effect that I believe flying a lot faster as a projectile. Also by playing astro teemo I canceling my aa much more times than on others skins, maybe cause of windup animation of astro skin. Best of all by animation and VFX for now is last two (Omega squad has a godlike rig/animation/vfx but overall I don't like this war theme) and Devil Teemo just a super cute and his VFX very nice. On another related topic I can say that when I first time saw battlecast Chogath, I was like "what the hell is that champion? I've never seen this before) but then I realized that it was a chogath. And I remembered that Riots stated that they will never make a skin which changes champion completely and they always must be preserved as recognizable. But I can tell about few dozen skins that COMPLETELY changing appearance of champions in game and if you see this skin first time - you wouldn't understand that this is old champion.
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DarkRedje (EUW)
: so you wanna be against a top teemo that blinds you 20 times ? and you think you can beat him where is the proove ? give account name and video else hushhhh the reason he is broken is quin can Q and blind graves can W and blind where is this coming from ? low votes but most are for teemo main so are you also teemo main or what ? Prod0x (EUW) - about 4 hours ago Teemo is just useles amen {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} btw for real ? gg forums cant even put a photo in this but press the link Raiyou doessent do ranked and then he says im a bronze 5 lul ( means %%%% in dutch where i come from ) so bruh dont talk trash
What is this response? Are you 12 yo? Dude stated that champion isn't broken, you just can't played well. cause you are silver. Teemo is stomper throughout bronze-silver-sometimes gold. But he is struggle on platinum and diamond. VERY MUCH. Cause junglers know that he is free kills and helping their lanes. Teemo lack escapes and defensive stats. Pick any fat bruiser top and farm, make him do a mistake and kill with your pal jungler. Pick something that not relying on AA. Buy MR, QSS and red trinket and teemo will perish in late game. Stop making bad out of people who have a lose streak on completely unrelated champions only cause you don't have any arguments.
DarkRedje (EUW)
: FIx TEEMO update to old shen , soraka ( without giving mana but self healing )
I'm a teemo main gg. and WHAT THE FU... Seriously? Teemo broken? Woah. **Good to know that champion** which is getting me reports over and over cause I'm just picking it and losing a lot of games cause junglers ignoring my lane and not helping me ("you are Teemo lol") and getting all the blames from every lane for the loss even if it wasn't my fault. And that this is one and only champion that COMPLETELY CAN BE COUNTERED by MR, QSS and one **free** item from the store, **IS BROKEN AND CANNOT BE COUNTERED!** WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. I SURELY MUST TELL this to EVERYONE IN MY NEXT GAME so I would stop being harassed and flamed for picking him.
Goldiax (EUNE)
: Actually i can't belive that some people are so immerse yourself in the some of champions that's funny tho..
There are a lot of things you do not understand yet. Well You have a long life ahead of you. You will understand someday that people are different and they want different things and they act differently. And this is actually okay. Cause if everyone is the same as you - you will lose your uniqueness and become grey and boring.
: if you keep teemo disabled for good, there won't be any future bugs with him.
There won't be good chunk of a player base anymore also.
314exeexe (EUNE)
: Jinx is cute too
No. Jinx is edgy, "sexy" and cool. Not cute. Cute is something you would hug and cuddle it to death. But you portrait Jinx as a sex idol. That can wreck things and be "wanted" cause she is so "bad". And that is okay, since Riots made a very good job to create Jinx for such target audience as you. Cute is Teemo, old tristana, veigar (somewhat I don't know he is mostly hat and hands-legs with a stick) and Lulu (I don't like her personality though). Cause they are huggable, fluffy and comfy. At first sight you will never say that Teemo is responsible for mass genocide of fellow yordles in LoL matches or kills demonic creatures from another dimension.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: you can, you just need to predict it. Of course you cant reactively hit it if she doesnt telegraph it, but annie is a rather telegraphed champ anyway ^^
this is so bullshit I don't even. There is literally NO telegraphed stuff in Annie's abilities. Yes it kinda "telegraphed" when she comes for you. You understand she will not coming for hugs and muffins, but otherwise if you caught in her range - you can't escape. and when you stunned - you cant counterplay. Cause you can't do ANYTHING. So there we go - annie no counterplay whatsoever. You can build MR though... Harhar I love those tips of the day when riots writing on a death board about mages "if you have hard time with <name of burst mage> BUY MR> WOW. REALLY? Is this all I can do? No other options? NICE! Big thumbs Riots. I would like to be useless piece of shit with a tons of MR at the late... AT LEAST I DIDN'T FEED RIGHT?
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: > Dodge... something that instant yeah, you know, cuz reactive play isnt the only thing in league. Its usually quite easy to predict her ult and dash/flash it, making her waste her stun and one of her biggest burst.
Her ult is like what 60 seconds? Your flash - 4 minutes. 4 minutes that you will wait around you turret when you do not know if her jungler coming or not and you don't have anything else as an escape. yeah I know some can handle her (like LB or Lux or as stated earlier Ziggs, since he can harass her from long distance) but all other characters? No they can't every 4-5 seconds (when annie has stun) they will wait till she use it on creep, and if she will not (and actually farming with AA - then woopsie, lets just pray she doesn't target us with it right? Also Lux ult is EASY to avoid if you have any kind of escape (even teemo can just run to the side), but when Annie throwing tibbers at you it comes INSTANTLY, there isn't any much of animation between pressed ability and actual damage+stun of a tibbers. So you need to be very STRICT to all what she is doing to react properly, but even if you reacted properly once and wasted your flash, then you should be aware of her next moves and hug the tower for next 4 minutes of the game. With constant backing, cause she will spam her stun on you.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: But there is. Outrange her, dodge her ultimate, build tanky enough to not get oneshot (which is possible for EVERYONE whilst not %%%%ing up his buildpath too much)...
> dodge her ultimate. ... Dodge... something that instant. U....huh. I personally can outplay some Annies. But overall I agree that Annie is a pain in the ass with constant stuns. SHe just need one more stack before stun can be casted and thus will balance her more. I don't care about that her damage is insane. I care about counter playing her and making my damage utilization when she come to stun me. But since she is spamming stuns all over its hard to do. She must decide what to do, stun me and damage me or lose a lot of creeps. Right now she is farming non stop and stunning me whenever she likes. And this is frustrating for player as me to play against her. It can't be counterable, cause when yous stunned you not doing anything = not counterplaying.
Eambo (EUW)
: Unfortunately it's not the quickest of processes to find the root cause of an issue, develop a fix for it, test that fix doesn't break other things (Normally a 2+ week process alongside other changes and PBE testing), package it up, and deploy it to 17+ regions worldwide :-( Our engineers are working on it, but as with every hotfix we want to ensure we don't break something more. In other news, I hear {{champion:157}} can frustrate your enemies almost as much - maybe worth giving him a try? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
I'm very offended by insinuation of you assuming that I'm playing Teemo cause I like annoy people (well... not only). I'm NOT aiming to annoy enemy team to death. I want my cuteness back (go away with your Gnar, he is not cute he is EDGY... nothing personel...) there is literally no other champion in your game that we as a Teemo mainers could play. He is one and only. OUR Lord and Saviour.
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: Now take a deap breath, (don't flame in chat, which you probably did) and just calm down.
I rarely flaming in chats. When I see VERY bad player I just annoyingly sighing. I know I can't "teach" this player by shouting or flaming them. But when I'm in some elo I expect other players to be the same level of "stupidity" (I mean skill) as me. I also kinda okay with fact when I facing stronger opponent and lose, cause this leads me to getting more experience and getting better.
: Which rank did you get from Flex queue?
: How is a player supposed to enjoy League?
agreed. But I think league in low elo will be like this forever. There is literally nothing Riots can do to fix it without spending of watching EVERY replay and open tribunal again.
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