kkwelll (EUW)
: The game interface is always showing spectating
Same here buddy, happened the same thing yesterday after a game, tried to repair it using the tool with no success, this is getting %%%%ing annoying rn. they don't even give a %%%% about this issue since it seems to be in the %%%%ing client itself, yesterday I was stuck loading a ghost game, now after spectating a friend's game i'm stuck like this again, but i bet you that if you try to buy RP or skins, no bug will ever happen EVER
: Game is %%%%ing Free. What you expect?
King Mid (EUW)
: Unlockend Qiyana, Kled and Velkoz
Is this the new way of getting free champs?
Zexxen (EUW)
: Can/should we expect some kind of compensation?
Unfortunately we all know this is not going to happen and Riot will act like nothing happened
: Servers are up - you may now start queuing
Mine jumped 2-6-10-18-22 and is now at 17 minutes. Tomorrow I'm gonna play these numbers in the lottery
Chanpurü (EUW)
: game still down chill and jump on the hate train
my beard grew 2 meters and i'm still waiting to log in into this garbage of a game
: Stuck in Game Client and Game after finishing it
Same here, what is going on Rito? Stop chasing money from skins and fix your game for crying out loud
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efr nevermind

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