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Fang (EUNE)
: I did do that, but it'll give a much less accurate picture imo. I'd do the 1-5, 5-10 etc, then make averages afterwards based on people's answers (if necessary).
Since I know a bit about that, I gonna try to explain why he probably chose numbers instead of ranges. Short answer: Clear numbers contain more information. Long answer: In statistics variables can be put into rankings. Nominal for variables with no ranking between the answers e.g. gender/haircolour. Ordinal is for rankings, like your league rank. All above is metric, e.g. size. The higher your variable is ranked, the more information it contains. So if you decide to ask for "1-5" and "5-10" games per day, your variable has lost information, because it can't be expressed in exact numbers anymore. You would have to calculate a ranking for the possible choices and while doing that you would lose information you could otherwise be able to use for more specific and comprehensive calculations. You always have to determine, whether you want to make it easier for the subjects or if you risk information and validity of your study. Usually you should aim for the highest possible scale -> numbers would be the better option.
: Where and how do I write a ticket?
You log in right [here]( and then you click on submit a request. Just choose the topic which fits the most, you propably won't find a perfect match for your request. You can find the link in the top bar right here in the boards aswell.
Riryz (EUW)
: you"ll never know.
If they check the normal reports for valid reasons, they do the same with "inappropriate name". I don't think that "DouchebagTeemo" really gets changed, no matter how often you report that name. And he would've received an email telling him about his name change in this case. But the support will explain that anyways in the ticket.


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