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: > [{quoted}](name=eisenburg,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oQcobAfL,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-09T01:32:58.285+0000) > > I started this season from Bronze 1, now i am Bronze 3 and still diving to the bottom. I get **consistently** horrible matchups where enemy team is way better at coordinating ganks, and calling objectives, on the other side, my teams are **consistently** bad at "teamplay", diving for kills and get killed instead, early jarvan gank that gives a kill and a blue buff to enemy laner, preferring to back instead of pushing turrets after an ace, etc ... > > What am i supposed to do to climb from bronze ??? is it now mandatory to have multiple duos to win a game ??? You are still bronze for one of the following reasons, if not all: 1. You play too many champs -> you need to focus on max 2 champs / role and ONE ROLE ONLY 2. You don't farm well enough, your CS is probably under 5.5 every game which doesn't give you enough gold to purchase powerful weapons faster 3. You play support instead of carry champs, hard split pushers 4. You focus on blaming team instead of improving your own gameplay 5. Your lane management is bad, ergo your enemy gets ahead of you in lane even though you killed him several times => after you get a kill in lane, push the minions into enemy tower fast, THEN back, it's the fastest way to get ahead in XP (levels) There surely are more reasons but follow these 5 and you'll get out of bronze soon enough, before the season ends. Good luck!
thanks for the advice, i do play too many champs, that is a fact, but even if i manage to dominate my lane, it seems that enemy team have far more better communication and coordination, and i'am talking 4 games out of 5. Sometimes i try carry champs, but team especially bot lane and mid just start to feed non stop, making me useless later on. thanks anyway !
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: You could pick a strong solo split pusher. In low elo players are not good at paying attention to their inhibitors.
problem is, i tried some tryndamere tp "cheese", but still i couldn't split push properly because of feeding bot and jungler, they can't 4v5 even under their turret. Split pushing needs some half decent team members to keep enemy team busy
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: Swain is glitched
same here, i was against a swain mid who abused the glitch, fortunately we had an afk so we could remake.


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