: Greetings. You have to remember that you play the game to make yourself happy. Playing ranked is not mandatory, many people have just as much fun in normals without the highly competitive environment. If you really desire to play ranked however, I suggest you try to relax a little more. Try to start every game with the aim to learn something new instead of simply winning it. Look at what you could've done better in a game that you lost. Do not get mad at your teammates because you lost a game. If you do that, you will just put yourself under more pressure. It is also important to take breaks. Especially after a loss it is good to get the game out of your head before you start the next match. Go outside, Eat something or simply watch a stream can be really helpful.
I'm already trying to help my teammates and give them insights of dangers etc, that's most of my goal at the moment. But people don't care. Regarding my gameplay, I really do tend to focus a lot more on what I do, what I should be doing, what I should've been doing than I even did before and I think I'm making progress. Of course, I mess up, have bad games. Happens to everyone. On regular days I only play 2 games. I aim for winning at least one but it's not a bad day if I lost both (unless I had those uber-terrible teams with no brainers, that bugs me). When you get almost a week full of loses, well.. It sucks ;) I play ranked because I need some kind of competition. Just winning games is fun, also achieving something (in the best case) is even more fun. It shouldn't matter much which queue I join, these games happen everywhere. While I love the fact LoL evolved to a more team-play based style, that's exactly what bothers me now because I'm at no luck with my mates at the moment.
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