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: I would reduce the LP gain and increase the LP loose with growing afk time. The spike would be at 10 min of AFK time. You would receive no LP for a win, if you are in game in the last 8 minutes of a game and loose a heavy amount of LP if you are not there in that time frame. In case of a loose the LP loss is encreased under similar circumstances. (Times are just examples)
Yeah something like this is really nice...maybe the no LP is a bit too extreme but still better than losing LP. The thing is I am pretty sure I remember a game from like 2-3 years ago that I d/c-ed at start(before remake was introduced) and made it back at min 10 or so and when I came back and we won the game I got victory rewards normally(I got my low priority queue though). So I am mostly kinda annoyed cause it feels like the system has changed for the worse on this part...
: "there's no point anyway" I absolutely hate that statement. This game is meant to be a team game. You should come back to try and help your team win instead of ruining a game for 4 other people.
While I'd like to agree I just can't. I personally am as selfish as it gets, I couldn't care less about the people I don't know personally and I still come back anyway either cause I am hoping the 4-5mins timer hasn't passed or even if it is I just try to practice returning a lost game; with that said, aren't you being even more selfish by asking that? I'mma be rude enough to assume you had never have this happen to you to say that but anyway going through your point of view you are asking someone to play a game in a rather most likely frustrated team(they've been playing 4v5 for at least 5mins) with a really big disadvantage just to be treated as a toxic player even after going through that; that's like the biggest slap in the face by riot. Don't get me wrong I 100% agree that the player should return but I say that it's on riot to encourage that and with the system as is, it's like the system is telling you that if you afked for 5mins you are better off doing whatever else.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: YEah cuz most of the time problem is with server.. .It is not them who coudn't connect. Even Half LP is LP.BUt they should definetly get LP form it.
Exactly, the people that ragequit either come back soon enough anyway for the afk timer to not trigger(hate that type they like pressing alt+f4 or something) or just don't care enough to come back anyway; the system as is only punishes the people that actually had a problem happen to them and decided to come back anyway just for riot to be like "Nope, you ain't getting anything"
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