: I can already see how my Urf is going to look ;)
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: 6300 IP - champion recommendations?
: Windows 10 and League of Legends
1 nope 2 nope 3 is good 4 yep You can always go back if you make a back-up
: Literally everything, kills/deaths/assists, farm, wards placed/wards cleaned, dammage delt in general.
Turrets destroyed, inhibitors destroyed, dragon assists, baron assists
: The Best System in the world
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: counters to jax
someone like malphite/rammus, who can use a randuins omen or frozen heart champions with mobility/ranged poke i personnaly have a lot of succes as jayce against him, because the knockback/jump from jayce :P
It's an unstoppable force {{champion:54}}
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idemowa98 (EUNE)
: game recording
Like people said replay.gg works.....but not always. LSI works for me as long as it is running in the background.
: It used to be a good item on him, but changes to Morde's Q, W and the removal of AP from Trinity mean that too many other items are better, now.
: Oh, and finally, try to lose the 'all mid' and 'focus ADC' mindset that every silver and bronze game seems to include. There's a time and a place for this, but mostly you take and kill only what you can. If you can kill the ADC, then by all means, do so.
I remember that i once 1v2 a pretty fed yasuo and graves ( i ran towards their minions while they chased me) and i didnt even lose HP because the shield could keep up with it. Now i just dont really get how his shield works, and how to use it the most effectively. Any tips on that? And what to get after rylais? Or is that totally different every game?
: I will happily give you tips, but I need to know where to start. Where do you find that you struggle the most? Laning phase? Where to be during mid-game? Which lane do you want to play him in? I think the most important tips for all aspiring Morde players are: 1 - Think twice before trading with your opponent; you don't want to push the wace for a little damage. 2 - always bring a pink to lane when you have space. They reason these are the most important is that you're Mordekaiser, and he has a large 'come and gank me' sign on his back.
Laning phase is very difficult, as i kindof lose all trades. What i try to do is get some shield by casting e on minions and then try to poke with q, but i cant stick on them enough to get that 2nd and 3rd proc off so i have to back off. That is why i start with rylais, after that it gets easier. Idk what starting item you choose? Dorans shield for hp regen and less poke, shoes so you are a bit faster, or that ap book thing? Also i have some trouble finding my place in teamfights. Where do you pick him? As adc replacement, top, jung, mid, supp?
: So, you want to know how to play Mordekaiser?
Please if could give me some tips on morde that would be great :D I have tried to play him but with not a lot of succes.... I did indeed hear such things from people so that made me not really enjoy trying to play him more unfortunately....
ido1531 (EUNE)
: MUST SUGGESTION: make league screensaver as a wallpaper for desktop!
But if you areplaying league you are not looking at your wallpaper as well :P But indeed great idea!
ido1531 (EUNE)
: MUST SUGGESTION: make league screensaver as a wallpaper for desktop!
But if you areplaying league you are not looking at your wallpaper as well :P But indeed great idea!
x1 Lixo (EUW)
: New Talon skin PLEASE RIOT !!!
Its not the amount of skins, its the quality. No skin feels awesome to have/use and no skin really stands out. So maybe not a new skin but a skin v.u. like alistar, nocturne, etc.
: Draven Draven
It is 500 rp because it is not really a big skin. They just say it is 5000 rp just for fun, it will never be 5k rp
Sokari13 (EUW)
He is the 2nd champion i bought Can you imagine a young little league boy who saved up to 6300 ip farming with jax (the 1st i bought) but then not being able to choose from darius or draven.... Then i bought draven, one of the hardest adc and i played him top lane with the same build as jax (trinity force, frozen mallet) because my friend told me to build those (he said that about jax but how should i know that it isnt the best build on draven right?) I was low lvl so it didnt matter, won lane most of the times anyway
Phyrz (EUW)
: So I moved to Jhin now and I'm curious what are his weaknesses ? (Champions on lane)
"vs which champs is jhin bad and needs to struggle with while Lucian isn't ?" DRAAAAAAAVEENNNNNN Not just for the joke, ita actually true.
Jéi (EUW)
: Nostalgia! The new Club where you can have fun!
I was S3 last season but didnt have time to finish placements and dont really feel like doing it very quickly, only when i feel on my best so im sure that i can win....:p Can i join or not? I do play almost every day
Terrizzle (EUW)
: MID vs Jumpy Champs?
Yellow card, rylais, boots of swiftness Besides akali amd yasuo all of those have a cd on their movement abilities, Yasuo needs enemy minions and akali needs to recharge after 3 times. try to work with that.
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: The trouble is I have all champs and I don't wanna get a champ :<
If you don't open you have 100% nothing nothing If you open you have 66.6% something new, 33,3% someyhing you already got.
: Should I open chests?
You have them anyway. It doesn't cost IP or RP to open them. Your question is just like: should i open my birthday presents or not? Offcourse you shoudl! the only difference is that you don't get cake and a nice party hat.
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: An intro isn't very important when you're just starting off, but if you're going to have one, please change it. It's so loud and obnoxious, which just annoys people and makes them not want to watch your video. Secondly, the video is too slow. There's gaps in between the speaking, lots of 'um's and 'err's, and it's too long. If you look at popular League Youtubers - Sp4zie, SivHD, Foxdrop, their videos are all around 3 - 8 minutes. People normally don't have the attention span to watch a 20 minute video, so if you want to commentate over a gameplay you're better off speeding it up more than 2x. That way you don't have to talk as much to fill so many gaps.
Thanks for watching and giving feedback. Ill get rid of the intro, i wasnt exactly happy with it either. Speeding up 4x would make the fps too low to handle for my laptop and i wouldnt be able to talk about certain scenarios, so any other ideas to shorten the video?
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Zirve (EUW)
: - Real question is whether you like Aurelion more than the other champ c; - Not sure honestly :/ I tried :3
He seems sooo cool! I bought vayne instead, the next ones are twitch and bard
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: Any clubs for playing ARAM? (EUW)
That would be cool! 90% of my games lately have been aram
Smol Roll (EUW)
: Draven Main Name Help Please :D
: Champion Diversity.
Well people seem to find more joy in killing people than having a diverse game And being in a high elo is more rewarded/satisfactory than finding that special build on that unpopular champion
: Getting out there as a Youtuber
Maybe we can help each other out, i have a channel as well. Also very new to league videos, and sometimes its kinda boring to do it alone :P I will check out your channel when i am not on my phone
Heriondus (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Rito, PLEASE create a Game Mechanic that balances games when players go AFK
As i do think something has to be done, your ideas are just over the top. Lets say one of the bot laners is afk. The one left is in a 2v1, but when he is playing safe, he will get a xp advantage fairly quickly. Maybe your top laner is afk. Enemy top laner wont get that essential killing gold to get ahead. Jungler can go bot to kill/defend lane and get a gold/xp advantage It is very much possible to win a 4v5 as long as you know how to get a lead and how to keep it, and by emding it asap before they can catch up. I do suggest maybe somewhat shorter death timers for the team with the afk
: Back in my day; we hadn't any help on the map by using abilities (Nocturne's R - Paranoia) and items (Zz'Rot). Well I don't think it's something bad, but I think there could be an option to enable / disable the feature of minimap help, because some people doesn't like it (or only I don't like it). Brofist! {{item:3025}}
Well i think most people (like me) dont know all ranges etc so having this added is a nice thing to have. Some people indeed dont really need/want this
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Kageryu (EUW)
: > Now i actually wonder: if you mute a player, can they still hear you? If you hold your hand over someones mouth so he can´t talk anymore, does that magically make them deaf?
I didnt know if riot codes muted as: no chat text from A to B or remove all chat text between A and B
Rioter Comments
: Unlock ENTIRE Champ Roster Temporarily for ARAM
There are mostly 10 extra champs availably because of free week You get less ip and xp so smurfing like this doesnt really help with getting lvl 30 It is a gamemode where the meta is very different than on SR It is a fun gamemode where you shouldnt really care about winning or losing With a small pool you are more likely to get champions that you want Conclusion: no need for the entire champ pool available At least this is how i see it as an aram enthousiast
Slaavi (EUW)
: Why Riot destroyed Veigar?
I once played an aram game. You know, a short gamemode where a veigar cant really stack up his AP as well as on summoners rift. I just got out of base, veigar missed his q but ulted me. Without the stacks his ult was enough to kill me. I was cassiopeia, but didnt go full ap with the high ap items but got items like abyssal, rylais, lyandrys i think. (ap pen) So the title should be: Why Veigar destroyed sortof squishy?
Stell (EUNE)
: Happy Pi Day!
Lets celebrate it with some pi(e)
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
I play support and i hate it when my adc says i have to block all skillshots and im like bruh you can also just dodge, its not hard!
Rayz01 (EUW)
: I hate on-hit Junglers
Kill fire with fire and kayle them
: Why?
Misschien moet je ze het land uit sturen
pipimi ye (EUW)
: is this flame?
How did you get the chat log?
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