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: Hey ! Those people don't always use the indicator. It seems like there is button you can press to see an indicator just to make sure of the range. When they need to pull a fast combo, it's quickcast. Also, youtubers are generally high elo with great ping and fps. So they can pull things much faster with their high skills and predicting enemy movements.
Ah okey, thanks for the insight :3
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Did you report the name? If nobody reports it, how is Riot to penalise it? First offense will normally result in a forced namechange. Second offense may cause bans.
I did report the name :)
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: 50% starting dmg for her ult and shield from 5 sec to 3 sec, not that major tbh
the ult damage nerf makes no sense tbh... have you ever heard someone say: UMGGGG POOPY ULT DAMAGA OPPPPPPPP RITO NURF THAT SHIET !!! Personally I have never seen someone say that...
: when is poppy getting nerfed?
her ult doesnt matter imo, its her freaking passive and her early on damage... and her base health 0-0 a poppy went trinity-IE-statik-bt and still was tanky
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: Who is stronger as a champion ? darius or volibear ?
hmmmmmmmmm, I think ill buy darius now but when i reach 4800 IP again ill buy volibear :D
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: Lux is latin for light
Brand means fire in my languace ( dutch){{champion:63}} } I CAME IN LIKE A {{item:3902}} !!!! {
chill22518 (EUNE)
: lux is a unit to measure light intensity too :D
Okey cool i didn't know that :D
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