sitatsofa (EUW)
: Hi I'm hard stuck s5/S4 had coaching alot and they think I deserve to be higher ranked. I can play syndra Ryze ahri or talon mid and then Tristana Caitlyn Miss Fortune Ashe bot lane and for support I can play blitz taric and Alistair add me my ign is sitatsofa
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: u changed your only hdd with a ssd? no other storages? did u reinstalled everything ?
It was unexpected so I lost all my data at the time, my dad brought the laptop to tech support but they said there was nothing we could do. All the data was wiped out so I doubt there's some kind of corruption (I tried using the Full Repair button in the settings but nothing found) I reinstalled everything the day after getting the SSD and everything looked fine except for league (the client works perfectly but I get a black screen during game loading and then the bugsplat window pops up)
: bugsplat of 500mb? looks a bit sketchy to me
lmao why would I post a malware on league boards, and anyways that's a freaking tmp file so why would it ever "look sketchy"? Want me to re-upload it?
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faek koearn

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