: Loading Screan and in-game fps drop, and freezes
I'm having the same issue, 20 minute timer, 100% loading and lost my first placement cause of this. I don't care about the placement but i'd rather not have to wait 100 minutes (or more) to get into games simply because of loading issues.
: Hard stuck silver
Personally, I feel that supporting at lower elos isn't a good way to climb, I personally got outve gold using kennen top (big ult lots of play potential) and while some supports do have similar play potential, you don't want to have to rely on your team to follow up...... Just my opinion.
: Nexus blitz feedback and suggestions
They also need buffs to certain victory events, some are really good, Shield and GA mainly, but some are just meh, The canon and blitz ones, I would buff them a bit or nerf the other ones. Probably buff them.
: The issues with TT and suggestions for how the map could be improved
I've noticed quite a few of the problems that you mentioned. A few of these problems (such as the balance of bruisers) are quite hard to balance with it's current state from my perspective, for example the reason I believe bruisers and tanks are strong is due to the lack of champions in game and therefore a lack of damage. Vilemaw is a really unsatisfying buff, although I don't find it hard to take down, it does deal a lot of damage and if you get the sweep necessary to kill it (without as much risk) it's easier and probably better to simply take a turret/inhib. Because of the shortness of the map, maybe decrease the time you have it, but increase the dmg dealt to turrets/minions health Decreasing the time it's active also allows them to implement a quicker back mechanic. The 2nd alter is pretty much useless, because generally by the time you're capturing it, the game is already in it's later stages (or if you get an early sweep, but they normally recapture it as soon as it comes back up). The reason I feel that they don't make the 2nd alters effect that strong is that it's too easy to take and they don't want games spiralling out of control if one mistake is made. In order to fix this I feel they could increase the difficulty of taking it, maybe by increasing the amount of time taken to capture or instead making it a bit more unique and making it necessary for a certain jng camp to be cleared to take it (Just an idea). This would allow not only strategic play to be given to a jng (should I take this camp and have the risk of our alter being taken easier) but would also allow them to buff the effect. They could also make it easier (than it is) to capture an alter on your side of the map. They already have a few different items, for example zhonas isn't in the mode (instead it's a mixture of zhonas and dcap) so I don't see why they couldn't remove the typical bruiser/tank items and replace them with other (weaker) ones. This could deal with some of the balance issues. I also found that waveclear champs were quite strong, such as anivia and made it pretty much impossible to take turrets (especially the top ones) unless they made a serious error, this was especially true due to the damage that turrets deal. This could be countered by a direct nerf, but instead I would prefer to see something more like a buff to vilemaw that enables minions to take reduced dmg from aoe spells. That's my take on the issue
Kailis (EUW)
: ***
''there's not really any clear second after Korea'' When did he underestimate Korea? He clearly said he thinks they're still the top region and he only said that if it wasn't KZ then they ''have a chance'' please read and think before you post.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: They are being given out in valid game modes, i've had some myself
Rumkatten (EUW)
: You dont get a mastery 7 token automatically with an S. Its random if you get one or not :) I got my second for Nami a few days ago on normal draft, so they drop.
That's not true, I'm not sure where you got that idea from......
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: I just received a 14-day ban over 1 a game chatlog, for something I wrote in Danish
Riot is very serious about %%%, just don't use phrases that can easily be misconstrued in the future. Anyway, it's a 14 day ban during preseason, shouldn't matter that much, just don't ever type %%% again if u don't wanna get banned, remember, most bans are done by a bot.
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P0larBear (EUNE)
: "It's always junglers fault,gg."
I understand your frustration, and while this is a problem it's a problem posted on boards probably on average about every 5 seconds, i know it is true but can i just say one thing.... junglers aren't beyond reproach :) (just my opinion). But yeah that guy is out of line.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I've been hoping for a new, longer tutorial for so long! I've played other MOBAs before I started playing League, but other newbies may not be as lucky and there's a lot of players that still don't know when to push, how to freeze, how to cancel animations etc. and even though there's a lot of tutorials online, it would be much better if this important info was in-game. It would also be pretty cool if you could earn stuff by completing different parts of the tutorial, that could make it much easier for people to get into the game.
The thing about alot of what you mentioned, is that alot of it is more advanced, such as freezing. However, i agree that the tutorial should have more, also riot never likes giving out free stuff, hextech crafting is a small exception, however giving out free boxes for parts of the tutorial? Never gonna happen
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: Patch 6.9 bug?
I know what you mean, i havent got a key in ages, however it might just be a low drop rate and us being unlucky, im not sure about the ip tho.
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Tyde DV (EUW)
: That's pretty much how everyone sees it tho, When you hear UK you don't think Wales or Northern Ireland, you'd automatically think of England. Besides that, they are British uni's meaning it's a event in the UK which England is part of so it's totally fine to state it that way. Also, as a citizen of London, I have never heard of any good or popular Uni's outside of England besides maybe Glasgow ?
> [{quoted}](name=Tyde DV,realm=EUW,application-id=EcLQbP23,discussion-id=a2FKTo5t,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2016-02-16T18:00:18.951+0000) > > That's pretty much how everyone sees it tho, When you hear UK you don't think Wales or Northern Ireland, you'd automatically think of England. What planet do you come from? No one sees the UK as being only England, that's why its called the UK! i live in England btw. Plz get yourself together before you start throwing offensive comments about.
fairpaddy (EUW)
: Is this just me?
Can't open any kind of custom game, feelsbadman
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AznaktaX (EUNE)
: League of Thunderlords
Nah this is a hidden nerf, they've nerfed precision if you read the patch notes through. HAHA rito u don't fool me
MiIan (EUW)
: RIP EUW servers
Ah this is funny one of friends isnt working but mine is XD
MiIan (EUW)
: RIP EUW servers
And its working again ????
MiIan (EUW)
: RIP EUW servers
Ahhh i was trying to 1v1 someone i was afraid he would think i was scared of him Thank god its the full servers But anyway {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} rito
McM4ster (EUW)
: yep i asked the same and..since they said we wont be having them..ITS A BULL****..dude its like this: most of the players are under 18 years old teens and stuff and, its just stupid from riot because the bigger part of these kids dont have money to buy skins..and then, riot gives discounts and stuff..HOW CAN WE BUY IT WITH NO MONEY?...srly riot ur just trowing League of Legends..maybe thats why theres rumours u sold it to a chinese company..pfff
God sake, Rito didn't sell themselves to a Chinese company.... Yes they have bought the majority of stocks but the game is still run by rito. To be fair this is how a lot of things work, people buy stocks in you and someone has a majority. The reason they bought these stocks is because they want to get used to western markets. NOT SO THEY CAN CHANGE THINGS THAT HAVE PROVED THEY WORK.
: no it makes you an idiot :) my only smurf account was for NA to play with some american friends despite having like 200 ping more friends over there than here in my own country :P
Meh?... i wasn't talking about you, my point was that if people use this to say that u are pretty much rubbish isn't this the same as someone saying EZ which riot has said can get u banned.
: Taking the kills as support on purpose or by accident my point still stands. Yes taking kills on purpose isn't good but rarely happens, taking kills by accident isn't good either but happens alot, doing it accidental can't be helped so thats fine, but as soon as you start flaming your team for not doing enough damage then that's the real problem, not whether you took all the kills or not.
If your flaming you should be reported... and don't blame your team if they don't do enough damage because you took kills i agree with you totally. But my point was that many adcs see it fit to flame their supports when their supports may take a kill by accident even if you type something like sos it was an accident. Yes damage supports suck in my view and i hate people who blame others when they've taken kills but you have to remember this goes both ways. Don't just criticize some supports also look at the behaviour of the adcs who have driven many supports to have this mentality
: Hey fairpaddy, This indeed looks like a scam or more specificly a phishing attempt. You can find more information regarding these kind of scams in [this post](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/events-tournaments-en/ndsehojK-free-skin-links-scamming-and-phishing). You'll also find a list of all the official domains there, never blindly trust any domain that isn't one of those. If you wish to report this player please go ahead and submit a ticket to [Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new), they'll take a look at it. I removed the summoner name and the phishing link for security reasons.
Sorry but thanks for the info :)
: I think what Shirasaya was trying to say was, if you're the support and you take all the kills and lose, then you shouldn't be allowed to blame your team, as you have all the kills.
Oh god yeah i agree with that totally, i never said support should take their kills but im sick of people overdoing adcs role and attacking supports. What a lot of people seem to forget is that supports are people too and they make mistakes. the first post was about accidental ksing and his rely was that it was the wrong thing to do. It was an accident, get over it you get a cs lead and assist gold.
: its funny u say that since you seem to not be able to either read properly or understand english. Im clearly talking about information here to make the right decision. If your adc might die its obvious to prevent that, just like when the enemy would have summoners to escape or his support ready to save him. You should try thinking with your brain instead with your keyboard... think before you post... geez...really? ironic
Oh god.. im not getting into an argument about my first language as you can hardly talk. If you respond (which i advise you not to) ill tell u why XD. (plz dont cause im bored of ur childishness)
: its funny u say that since you seem to not be able to either read properly or understand english. Im clearly talking about information here to make the right decision. If your adc might die its obvious to prevent that, just like when the enemy would have summoners to escape or his support ready to save him. You should try thinking with your brain instead with your keyboard... think before you post... geez...really? ironic
I'm not getting into a 'is English your first language' argument as it is beside the point and rather petty. I wasn't even replying to you..... look at the boxes. So before u start critsizing me think XD.
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Zookeepr (EUW)
Name :Patrin IGN :fairpaddy Skype :patrinmad Age :15 1st and 2th Role :support and mid Prefered Champions : morgana, thresh, kennen, sona, soraka
Sorcio84 (EUW)
: http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/611/059/e3e.png :P
1lam (EUW)
: Exactly , Rito need money whore {{champion:79}}
Nah rito stopped doing rip off skins lately. They might get sued #lessmoneyforrito
coolbe (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=dublelift,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EEbVvdYR,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-27T19:15:12.177+0000) > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} > > XD {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=LovroLox,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YZ8ANRtu,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-12-28T10:42:52.571+0000) > > New champ is mentioned, his name is Jhin,The Dead Eye.I have read that Garen{{champion:86}} ,Sona{{champion:37}} ,Vi{{champion:254}} and Zed{{champion:238}} are connected(like,they all have been dead eye or something).They only miss an adc(garen top,vi jungle,sona bot zed mid)..Maybe new champ will be adc. I don't understand the connection. What should "dead eye" mean?
The connection is that all of these champions are in the notepad version of the zed video on his site next to the word deadeye
Razdiel (EUW)
: Poppy Charges into uselessness
Are you joking? Poppy has not been nerfed, this is a buff. Poppy has had her skill level heightened, yes but when you look at most sites with 'most rewarding to master' and things like that you will see poppy in both jungle and top. Yes her r may be pretty bad... but Poppy has become a great champion from most players views. Riot did a great job of ironing out her problems. (her q doesn't do enough damage XD are u joking???)
: Irelia, the rito dirty children , is broken
meowsuo (EUW)
: Sadly, exactly this. Katarina can only really fight when she's already ahead by a lot and then every champion could do what she does. Apart from that, she's just sacking the money by killing champions that would've died a few seconds later anyway. Katarina, PLS. {{champion:157}} meow
This was similar to the old fiora, (no cc or utility, only damage) this is why rito reworked her. Could we be seeing a kat rework in the next season rito?
: EUW bronze 2 looking for a duo/team
Hey im a silver 5 player and i would love to play with u. Add me ingame (i main support)
: looking for a group, partner
Hey add me ingame i would like to know someone of your experience :) and have fun :).
: new ranked tean looking for members
IGN: fairpaddy Age: 15 Role: support main (can play mid) Rank: silver 5 :( Champion pool: morgana, thresh, alistar, nautilus, sona, blitzcrank, lulu, kayle (jungle), soraka, kennen, tahm kench and bard :) Teamspeak3? : sure :) Times i can play: most nights at around 9-10:30 (Saturdays from 3 onwards and Sundays pretty much all day)
meowsuo (EUW)
: Every champion is designed to be unique, so it's not really special in that aspect. ^.^ I also don't know if it's a new champion, an event, new lore, a rework or a combination of these. Someone linked a video where some code says 'Jhin' and people assume that's the name of a new champion. It could also be the name of the event or a project referring to a rework. For sure, we don't know. But i think the champion name is the safest bet right now. I don't know anything yet about the robotic voice you mentioned, maybe i will see more of it later. Also don't mind posting a similar opinion as long as you put your own touch on things into it, then it's commonly fine. {{champion:157}} meow
Coming from 'the icebox'? from this post? http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=769230
Yo Im Dan (EUW)
: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884-Champion-Update-Schedule here is the champion update schedule. It's Shen's rework. In the pic coming out when you open Zed's page, the blue light coming out of his helmet stands for the power of the Eye Of Twilight AKA {{champion:98}} . The flowers stand for Ionia's peace and balance. In the little animated splash art, Zed doesn't have red eyes, maybe.. But there are flowers dropping around him. Blue light, flowers, no red eyes.. It's like Zed's been purified. But, in the video's codes, there is a name: "Deadeye". We've already this name in our memory: Dimitri Deadeye, a champion concept created a while ago.. but we also know that it's an ADC, and I personally think they won't create an ADC right now, after that marksmen rework. So this is what is happening: we will know more when Riot will post something else, but.. Thinking about it, there's a fight between the Shadows and the Kinkou order. The Kinkou did a surprise attack at Shadows' temple, where Zed cut Shen's father head off when the old guy was trying to make him destroy the "Shadows box". There's a fight, Akali and the Kinkou's soldiers think about the Shadows guards. Shen thinks about Zed, while Kennen tries to find the box. The fights keep going, Zed and Shen move out in the forest for the fight and Kennen finally finds the box. Kennen, while trying to break the box, accindentaly drops it and the shadows start coming out of it, trying to take possesion of the little yordle. Kennen can't do much.. He goes on rage, and ults. (The thunder sound in the beginning of the animation) Zed gets weak and Shen doesn't wait a second more to justice him, judge him and purify him with the power of the balance and the stars. This is what was coming out of my head, maybe I did some english errors, sorry about that. Cheers {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I dont think so, if u look at the video on zeds page on notebook, it has loads of references to 'deadeye' and other champs such as Garen, Sona, vi and zed. Your idea is good but i dont think it applies in this case :).
Noctius28 (EUW)
: Ok so here is my opinion all the filed champs for teaser fill up an entire team excluding ADC (Vi jungle, Garen top, Sona support, Zed mid) Riot as a tendency to release a champ related to the recently added changes (Illaoi after Juggernaut for example) So far all of this indicates a teaser for a new ADC champ for me Now here is the part I find confusing Deadeye... This sounds like a Sniper name to me but that niche is already filled by Cait So what can they do to make it different? Also in the champs marked for teasers I notice a great lack of magic damage Could Deadeye be a AP based marksmen like corki? The teaser also shows what appears to be a headshot but not in the "bullet in brain" more on the lines of metaphorical headshot The petals do remind me of Ionia so maybe an Ionian ADC? And about this http://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.lolusercontent.com%2Fapi%2Fembedly%2F1%2Fimage%2Fresize%3Furl%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252F1.bp.blogspot.com%252F-xF9mk5f_H-s%252FVn8ZFo4HZrI%252FAAAAAAAA2Us%252FKD60CMELA_w%252Fs1600%252FZed.gif%26key%3Da45e967db0914c7fb472fd4381e6c85b%26width%3D150&key=a45e967db0914c7fb472fd4381e6c85b&width=425 He doesn't look so much as "purified" or good as some people say, he just looks... well... dead Not sure what to make of this I am very curious to know where this is heading and speculating with the community
http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=769230 maybe what the idea is taken from? :)
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